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Country: AU
Province/region: Western Australia
Partner: Stuart
Children: Yes, 2
Pregnant: Yes
Due date: 19 Jul ,2010
Occupation: Teacher
Online: More than 3 months ago
Last updated: Nothing added yet.
Member since: 2967 days
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Laura Ward - Sunday, 7 December
Message to all: This message is not intended for any one person, but a general statement to all members of the site. After hearing what you all think in regards to posting photos on the forums, we have modified the rules and ask that everyone familiarize yourself so that the site continues to remain friendly for everyone, including new members. In an effort to be respectful of all members of the site, we ask that members do not post more than ONE photo or video per person in the weekly, monthly and information forums. Your ONE picture should be small in size as well. Any large photos will be deleted. You are welcome to post as many pictures as you would like in the photo books, which were created for the purpose of sharing and viewing photos. You may also post as many blogs as you would like with photos in them. We understand that many members enjoy posting and viewing pictures on the forums, but this is not where they belong. We must keep the pictures on the boards to a minimum so that the written comments can continued to be written and read. Otherwise, the numerous amounts of large pictures squash the messages and they become missed. We ask that this modification be respected, therefore any member that continues to post numerous pictures a day will be deleted from the site. Thank you all for helping us keep the site friendly and welcoming for all members.

Dirk - Friday, 5 December
Message to all: In the last 2 years you all posted 1.1 million photos to the site, and that needs a little maintenance. We are currently renaming all photos from the personal photobooks in order to speed up the site. Some, or all your photos may not show while we are working on the photobooks. You don't have to do anything. We hope to have all photos sorted in about 24 hours from now. You can upload new photos to your photobook while the computer is working on your other photos. Thanks for reading.

Laura Ward - Wednesday, 5 November
Message to all: Message to all: Because of the controversial opinions and thoughts, please do not continue to discuss politics on the site. This includes private or public messages, comments, quotes, etc on ALL pages of the site, whether it be a weekly or monthly forum, your personal page or a friends page. If you choose to continue posting once this message has been posted, your account will be deleted from the site. Please report any member that continues to post these messages. Thank you all for your cooperation and help keeping this site friendly for everyone!

domsmom - Wednesday, 14 May
yeah i had stopped eating chocolate completely or having anything with caffiene in it but about 3 weeks ago i started a little chocolate again..but yeah now i eat alot of sweets..i should probably cut back! but yeah i love the kicks!!

Christy - Wednesday, 14 May
 Wow! he/she really favors it's big brother!!

Christy - Wednesday, 14 May
 That is his back/side view!!! His head is most defently all there!! You can even see his little ear to the left a little and it's like he is looking away!! Congratulations!

inb25 - Monday, 5 May
Hi tracy! yes I had the 20 week scan and we also decided not to find out the sex;) actually, my husband was the one who begged me to keep it as a surprise so I had to go along with it cause I know myself and I can't keep a secret if I was to find out behind his back hehe

Do you have names in mind? me and my husband agreed on a name for a girl but we don't agree on a boy and also, I can't really seem to like ANY boy's name! it's so hard for me because I am from Israel and I want my kid's name to have a somewhat Israeli name or at least a name that would be easy on the tongue for my parents and family in Israel to pronounce...

araya-sunshine - Thursday, 20 Mar
I came up with a bunch of really good names but my husband didn't like any of them!!! I liked Liam, Emery, Corbin, Harper, Landon just to name a few. After MUCH debate we have decided on Caleb Maddox. Before we knew we were having a boy we considered the name Salem Nicole for a girl. The daughter we already have is named Chloe Araya. :)

chell - Monday, 17 Mar
ive gave up, im crap in doing anythink with computers, im givin up lol.x..x

araya-sunshine - Monday, 17 Mar
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the name Amelie. Jonah is great too. I considered them both for this baby but my husband poo-poo'd on them. Have you seen the movie Amelie? Its great. :)

chell - Sunday, 16 Mar
quick question, how did u get the vote on my name thing in ur page???

stiltzsmokin - Monday, 14 Jan

mrskeeya - Sunday, 6 Jan
Congrats on being pregnant!!!

margysd - Saturday, 5 Jan

debsy21 - Thursday, 3 Jan
Hi, thanks. Wishing you a happy new year and a safe and enjoyable pegnancy too xx

inb25 - Thursday, 3 Jan
Hi trace! thank you for stopping by my webpage.... I just read your little blog and I wanted to comfort you that you're not alone in this-this is why this web site is awesome(!) where we can support each other:) I think everything will fall into place as far as relocating, work etc. What's important right now is your health! I find it that the more I stress over a thought and get really obsessed, the anxiety level starts to rise and the only way it ends is when I break down in tears lol... so just kick back, get something yummy to eat, smile and be positive! best of luck, InBaR.

amberrd - Wednesday, 2 Jan
Thanks for the message. Congratulations to you on being pregnant again. I pray you will have a healthy pregnancy this time! I wanted to wait to tell people but found it impossible, especially when they flat out aked me. Have you been experiencing any symptoms? The only thing I notice is fatigue and swollen breasts, no nausea yet.

rowan - Tuesday, 1 Jan
hi tracy, thankyou for the hello and glad to hear about your pregnancy.. yes, we're due about the same time! your lucky you've done this before... i'm so worried/anxious/excited. its hard also not to tell anyone. all the best for 2008 and hope you have a happy and well pregnancy x

ange39 - Sunday, 30 Dec
Hey Tracy,
Thanks for the hello on my page and HEY back! I have to admit this is a pretty cool place to meet people who don't mind hearing all the details of what we are going through. I think I am driving people at work crazy! I have to make a resolution to keep it down to an update once a month I think. Else they may run me off. I always feel though its a good thing people know because if something unfortunately does happen (and I will keep u and I in our prayers!) then they understand the sadness u may go through. So don't stress and enjoy spreading your news and just have faith that it is ment to be this time! I am here for ya girl, hope its the same in return! We will be blessed in 2008!!! I feel it!

Alicia23 - Sunday, 30 Dec
Yeh know how you feel lol dead tired all the time but mines with the morning sickness too which sucks!!! Keep me posted on how things are going with you and take care xx

Alicia23 - Saturday, 29 Dec
Congrats to you hun!!!

Spencerbaby1 - Saturday, 29 Dec
well i also just went off the pill so my af could be delayed due to that.. so the waiting game has begun lol

Spencerbaby1 - Saturday, 29 Dec
you have to copy the html link they provide you. then go into edit your page on here and click on the html button on the upper right hand side of the box. then paste it in! hope this helps. and i havent tested since the 25th but still no af. i dont have a doctor so i am thinking of going into a walk in clinic and getting a blood test

Spencerbaby1 - Friday, 28 Dec
congrats on the bfp!!! and welcome to the site

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