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Age: 32
Country: USA
City: Scranton
Partner: Chuck
Children: Yes, 2
Pregnant: Yes
Due date: 12 Dec ,2012
Occupation: Accounts Recievable
Online: More than 3 months ago
Last updated: Nothing added yet.
Member since: 1443 days
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My profile

I am a 32 year old mom of 2 beautiful girls! We have just started trying to add to our family.

We started our TTC journey in November. Hoping that we are lucky again in baby making.

My girls are 3 and 22 months. I LOVE being there mom and think I am pretty decent at it as well. I would be overjoyed to have another child, as it will be our last. Whether I have a girl or boy does not matter to neither my husband or I, as we will be lucky enough to be blessed with another!

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Sydney-Hope (2009) Sara-Ann (2010)

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