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Aadam Earth, Man
Aadan Fiery
Aakarshan attraction
Aapeli Breath
Aapo Father of Many
Aarao Enlightened, To Sing
Aaric Variant of Aric meaning rule with mercy.
Aarne Powerful Eagle
Aaron Arabic shining light, high mountain, messenger
Aart Like an eagle
Aasher Blessed, Happy
Aatami Earth, Man
Aatto Noble Wolf
Aatu Noble Wolf
Aayden Fiery
Ab-Owen son of Owen
Aba father
Abaddon Destruction
Aballach Father of Modron
Abarron Father of a multitude
Abas Simple, Primitive
Abban Son
Abbas Simple, Primitive
Abbot abbey father
Abbotson Son of Abbot
Abbott Father
Abd al Alim Servant of the all knowing
Abd al Bari Servant of Allah
Abd al Hakim Servant of the wise
Abd al Jabbar Servant of the mighty
Abd al Matin Servant of the strong
Abd al Qadir Servant of the capable
Abd al Rashid Servant of the guided
Abd al Sami Servant of the all hearing
Abd er Rahman Servant of the merciful one
Abd-Al Servant
Abd-Al-Aziz Servant of the Powerful
Abd-Al-Malik Servant of the King
Abd-Al-Qadir Servant of the Able
Abd-Al-Rahman Servant of the Compassionate
Abd-Allah Servant of God
Abdal Servant
Abdalla Servant of God
Abdallah Servant of God
Abdalrahman Servant of the merciful one
Abdel Servant
Abdiel Joyful Servant of God
Abdukrahman Slave of the Merciful God
Abdul Servant of God
Abdul-Aziz Servant of the Powerful
Abdul-Rahman Servant of the Compassionate
Abdulkareem Servant of God
Abdulla Servant of God.
Abdullah Servant of God
Abdulrahman Servant of God
Abe Father of a Multitude
Abedi Worshiper
Abednego Nebo's Servant
Abejundio relating to the abaje (bee)
Abel a breath, vapor, or vanity
Abelard Middle English resolute, keeper of the abbey larder
Abenzio Son of My Right Hand
Abeodan Announce
Aberthol sacrifice
Abhainn River
Abhann River
Abhay Fearless
Abhay son of Dharma ,Fearless
Abhijit Constellation Dear to Hari
Abhinav Very new
Abhinesh Actor
Abhishek Offering of Music
Abidan father of judgment; judge
Abidemi Born After Father's Absence
Abie Father of Many
Abiel God is My Father
Abihu father of Him; i.e., "worshipper of God".
Abilio Eagle
Abimael father of Mael
Abimelech Father is king
Abiola Born in Honor, Wealth
Abiram Exalted Father
Abisai My Father is a Gift
Abisha The Lord is my father
Abishai father of (i.e., "desirous of") a gift
Abishalom Peaceful Father
Able Breath
Ablendan Blind
Abner Father of Light; i.e., "enlightening."
Abooksigun Wildcat (Algonquin)
Abra Exalted Father
Abraao Father of Many
Abracham Irish form of Abraham (father of many)
Abraham father of a multitude
Abram Exalted Father
Abramo Father of a multitude
Abran Exalted Father
Abrasha Father
Abrecan Storm
Absalom Peaceful Father
Absalon Peaceful Father
Absolom My Father is Peace
Absolon Peaceful Father
Abu Father
Abu Bakr Companion of Muhammad
Abukcheech Mouse (Algonquin)
Abundiantus plentiful
Acacio the Lord holds
Acacius Innocent, Pure
Acair anchor
Acaiseid anchor
Acanthus Thorny Points on the Cactus Plant
Acario ungrateful
Accalon Lover of Morgan le Fay
Accursius to hasten
Ace unity, one, first rate
Acel Adherent of a nobleman
Acennan Brings
Acey Unity
Achaius friend of a horse
Achak Spirit (Algonquin)
Achan Troublemaker
Achar Troublemaker
Achazia The Lord Holds
Achille Pain
Achilles without lips, brown, dark
Achim Founded by God
Achimenes Purple King, Magical Flower
Achyuta Name of Vishnu
Acke My Father is Peace
Acker from the oak tree
Ackerley from the oak-tree meadow
Ackerman man of oak
Ackley meadow of oaks
Acton Oak Tree Town
Acurcio Saint
Acuzio sharp
Adahy Lives in the woods (Cherokee)
Adair Oak Tree Ford
Adalard Brave
Adalardo Noble
Adalbert Noble, Bright
Adalberto Noble, Bright
Adalbrecht Noble, Bright
Adalgar Noble spearman
Adalgiso Noble Hostage
Adalhard Brave
Adalia Yahweh is Just
Adaliah God is Just
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