Meaning and origin

Etienne is a French mixed name. The meaning of the name is Crowned.

Where is it used?

The name Étienne is mainly used in French.

How do they say it elsewhere?

Stephen (In English and in the bible)

See also

In Welsh: Steffan
In Spanish: Estefanía
In Spanish: Estéban
In Spanish: Estavan
In Scottish: Steaphan
In Scottish: Steenie
In Provençal: Esteve
In Portuguese: Estevão
In Polish: Szczepan
In Polish: Stefana
In Italian, Polish and in Romanian: Stefania
In Italian: Stefano
In Hungarian: István
In Greek: Stefanos
In German, Scandinavian, Polish, Bulgarian and in Romanian: Stefan
In German: Steffen
In German: Stephan
In French: Stéphane
In French: Stéphanie
In Finnish: Tahvo
In Finnish: Teppo
In Finnish: Tapani
In English and in German: Stephanie
In English: Steven
In English: Stephany
In English: Stevie
In English: Stephania
In English: Steph
In Czech and in Russian: Stepan
In Catalan: Esteve
In Basque: Eztebe
In Ancient Greek and in Greek: Stephanos
In Other languages: Stef

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