Meaning and origin

Grigori is a Russian mixed name. The meaning of the name is Vigilant, Watchful.

Where is it used?

The name Grigori is mainly used in Russian.

How do they say it elsewhere?

Grigor (In Welsh)
Greger (In Swedish)
Griogair (In Scottish)
Grzegorz (In Polish)
Gregorio (In Italian and in Spanish)
Gergely (In Hungarian)
Gregorios (In Greek and in Ancient Greek)
Gregor (In German and in Scottish)
Grégoire (In French)
Reijo (In Finnish)
Gregory (In English)
Gregers (In Danish and in Norwegian)
Krikor (In Armenian)

If it's too long people might use

In English: Gregg
In English: Greg
In English: Greig

Variations on the name:

In Russian: Grigory (M)

See also

In Russian: Grisha (M)

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