Meaning and origin

Jens is a Danish mixed name. The meaning of the name is God is Gracious.

Where is it used?

The name Jens is mainly used in Danish.

How do they say it elsewhere?

Evan (In Welsh and in English)
John (In English and in the bible)
Jack (In English)

For the opposite sex use:

In Russian, Czech, Serbian and in Croatian: Ivan (M)
In Greek: Ioannes (M)
In German, Dutch, Scandinavian and in Late Roman: Johannes (M)

See also

In Welsh: Iefan
In Welsh: Ieuan
In Welsh: Ifan (M)
In Welsh: Siôn
In Swedish and in Icelandic: Jon
In Spanish: Juan
In Slovene: Janez
In Serbian: Jovan
In Scottish and in English: Ian
In Scottish: Iain
In Russian: Ioann
In Romanian and in Bulgarian: Ioan
In Romanian and in Bulgarian: Ioana
In Romanian: Ionela
In Romanian: Iancu
In Romanian: Ionel
In Portuguese: João
In Polish: Iwan
In Norwegian and in English: Jonette
In Manx: Ean
In Lithuanian: Jonas
In Latvian: Janis
In Italian: Giovanna
In Irish and in Scottish: Eoin
In Irish: Sean
In Hungarian: János (M)
In Hawaiian: Keoni
In Greek: Ioannis
In Greek: Yannis
In Galician: Xoán
In Finnish and in Hungarian: Jani
In Finnish: Juhana
In Finnish: Juha
In Finnish: Jouni
In Finnish: Juhani
In Finnish: Joni
In Finnish: Jussi
In Finnish: Juho
In Finnish: Hannu
In Finnish: Jukka
In Esperanto: Jochjo
In Esperanto: Johano
In English: Hank (M)
In English: Jonie
In English: Johnny
In English: Johnie
In English: Jan
In English: Johnnie
In English: Jonelle
In Dutch, Scandinavian, Czech and in Polish: Jan
In Dutch, Polish and in Czech: Jana
In Cornish: Jowan
In Catalan: Joan
In Breton and in French: Yann
In the bible (Original): Yehochanan
In Basque and in Romanian: Ion

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