Meaning and origin

John is a English mixed name. The meaning of the name is God is Gracious.

Where is it used?

The name John is mainly used in English and in the bible.

It is an abbreviated form of

Hannes, used in Dutch.

How do they say it elsewhere?

Evan (In Welsh and in English)
Ieuan (In Welsh)
Ifan (In Welsh)
Iefan (In Welsh)
Siôn (In Welsh)
Jon (In Swedish and in Icelandic)
Juan (In Spanish)
Janez (In Slovene)
Jovan (In Serbian)
Ian (In Scottish and in English)
Jock (In Scottish)
Iain (In Scottish)
Seoc (In Scottish)
Johan (In Scandinavian, German and in Czech)
Ivan (In Russian, Czech, Serbian and in Croatian)
Ioann (In Russian)
Ioan (In Romanian and in Bulgarian)
João (In Portuguese)
Iwan (In Polish)
Ean (In Manx)
Jonas (In Lithuanian)
Janis (In Latvian)
Giovanni (In Italian)
Eoin (In Irish and in Scottish)
Sean (In Irish)
János (In Hungarian)
Keoni (In Hawaiian)
Ioanna (In Greek)
Ioannes (In Greek)
Ioannis (In Greek)
Yannis (In Greek)
Johannes (In German, Dutch, Scandinavian and in Late Roman)
Johann (In German)
Xoán (In Galician)
Jean (In French)
Jani (In Finnish and in Hungarian)
Juho (In Finnish)
Juhana (In Finnish)
Juha (In Finnish)
Hannu (In Finnish)
Joni (In Finnish)
Juhani (In Finnish)
Jouni (In Finnish)
Jukka (In Finnish)
Jussi (In Finnish)
Johano (In Esperanto)
Joanna (In English, Polish and in the bible)
Henry (In English)
Jake (In English)
Jan (In Dutch, Scandinavian, Czech and in Polish)
Jens (In Danish)
Jowan (In Cornish)
Joan (In Catalan)
Yann (In Breton and in French)
Yehochanan (In the bible (Original))
Ion (In Basque and in Romanian)
Hovhannes (In Armenian)
Joannes (In Other languages)

If it's too long people might use

In German, Dutch and in Danish: Hans
In Other languages: Van

For the opposite sex use:

In Russian and in Ukrainian: Ivanna (F)
In Romanian and in Bulgarian: Ioana (F)
In Romanian: Ionela (F)
In Italian: Giovanna (F)
In German, Scandinavian, Dutch and in Hungarian: Johanna (F)
In French: Jeanne (F)
In English: Jane (F)
In English: Jan (F)
In English: Johnnie (B)
In English: Joan (F)
In English: Jonelle (F)
In English: Jonie (F)
In Dutch, Polish and in Czech: Jana (F)

See also

In Welsh: Ianto (M)
In Spanish: Juanita
In Spanish: Juanito
In Spanish: Juana
In Scottish: Jockie (M)
In Scottish: Jocky (M)
In Russian: Vanya (M)
In Romanian: Ionel (M)
In Romanian: Iancu (M)
In Portuguese: Joana
In Norwegian and in English: Jonette (F)
In Jewish: Yochanan
In Italian: Gianna
In Irish and in English: Shane
In Hungarian: Janika (M)
In Hungarian: Jancsi (M)
In Greek: Evangelos
In Esperanto: Jochjo (M)
In English, French and in the bible: Joseph (M)
In English and in the bible: Jonah
In English: Johnie (M)
In English: Jonny
In English: Jack (M)
In English: Shaun
In English: Shawn
In English: Johnny (M)
In English: Hank (M)
In Dutch: Joop (M)
In Czech, Serbian and in Croatian: Ivana (F)
In Breton and in French: Yannic
In Other languages: Yan
In Other languages: Elian
From Old English.

What John`s say about their name

The best thing about the name John:
People associate John with the Bible

The worst thing about the name:
nothing bad at all about John

If my name wasn`t John....:
then I would not be a JR. or father to a John III

Extra information:
I like my name

The best thing about the name John:
My dad picked it out

The worst thing about the name:
Got a bad spot

If my name wasn`t John....:
Michael or Angelo

Extra information:
Nice web site mom told me

The best thing about the name John:
Easy and everybody in other languages can remember it!

The worst thing about the name:
Everybody has ti!

If my name wasn`t John....:
Maybe Ian (John too :P )

Extra information:
It's a really cool name, everybody can write it!

The best thing about the name John:
It's short and to the point.

The worst thing about the name:
Being mistaken for Jonathon.

If my name wasn`t John....:
my life would of stunk!

Extra information:
You reap the greatest reward from the road less traveled.

The best thing about the name John:

The worst thing about the name:

If my name wasn`t John....:

Extra information:

The best thing about the name John:
every one knows how to spell it, and its easy to remember

The worst thing about the name:
that everyone has it

If my name wasn`t John....:
it would be something different

Extra information:
i dont know

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