Meaning and origin

Johnie is a English mixed name. The meaning of the name is God is Gracious.

Where is it used?

The name Johnie is mainly used in English.

How do they say it elsewhere?

Evan (In Welsh and in English)
Iefan (In Welsh)
Ieuan (In Welsh)
Ifan (In Welsh)
Siôn (In Welsh)
Jon (In Swedish and in Icelandic)
Juan (In Spanish)
Janez (In Slovene)
Jovan (In Serbian)
Ian (In Scottish and in English)
Iain (In Scottish)
Ivan (In Russian, Czech, Serbian and in Croatian)
Ioann (In Russian)
Ioan (In Romanian and in Bulgarian)
João (In Portuguese)
Iwan (In Polish)
Ean (In Manx)
Jonas (In Lithuanian)
Janis (In Latvian)
Eoin (In Irish and in Scottish)
Sean (In Irish)
János (In Hungarian)
Keoni (In Hawaiian)
Ioannes (In Greek)
Ioannis (In Greek)
Yannis (In Greek)
Johannes (In German, Dutch, Scandinavian and in Late Roman)
Xoán (In Galician)
Jani (In Finnish and in Hungarian)
Juho (In Finnish)
Juhani (In Finnish)
Jukka (In Finnish)
Juhana (In Finnish)
Juha (In Finnish)
Jouni (In Finnish)
Joni (In Finnish)
Hannu (In Finnish)
Jussi (In Finnish)
Johano (In Esperanto)
Jan (In Dutch, Scandinavian, Czech and in Polish)
Jens (In Danish)
Jowan (In Cornish)
Joan (In Catalan)
Yann (In Breton and in French)
Yehochanan (In the bible (Original))
Ion (In Basque and in Romanian)

For the opposite sex use:

In Romanian and in Bulgarian: Ioana (F)
In Romanian: Ionela (F)
In Italian: Giovanna (F)
In English: Jonie (F)
In English: Jan (F)
In English: Johnnie (B)
In English: Jonelle (F)
In Dutch, Polish and in Czech: Jana (F)

See also

In Romanian: Iancu (M)
In Romanian: Ionel (M)
In Norwegian and in English: Jonette (F)
In Esperanto: Jochjo (M)
In English and in the bible: John (M)
In English: Hank (M)
In English: Johnny (M)
In English: Jack (M)
From Old English.

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