Meaning and origin

Juan is a Spanish mixed name. The meaning of the name is God is Gracious.

Where is it used?

The name Juan is mainly used in Spanish.

How do they say it elsewhere?

Evan (In Welsh and in English)
Iefan (In Welsh)
Ieuan (In Welsh)
Siôn (In Welsh)
Ifan (In Welsh)
Jon (In Swedish and in Icelandic)
Janez (In Slovene)
Jovan (In Serbian)
Ian (In Scottish and in English)
Iain (In Scottish)
Ivan (In Russian, Czech, Serbian and in Croatian)
Ioann (In Russian)
Ioan (In Romanian and in Bulgarian)
João (In Portuguese)
Iwan (In Polish)
Ean (In Manx)
Jonas (In Lithuanian)
Janis (In Latvian)
Eoin (In Irish and in Scottish)
Sean (In Irish)
János (In Hungarian)
Keoni (In Hawaiian)
Yannis (In Greek)
Ioannes (In Greek)
Ioannis (In Greek)
Xoán (In Galician)
Jani (In Finnish and in Hungarian)
Juhani (In Finnish)
Juho (In Finnish)
Juhana (In Finnish)
Joni (In Finnish)
Juha (In Finnish)
Jukka (In Finnish)
Jussi (In Finnish)
Hannu (In Finnish)
Jouni (In Finnish)
Johano (In Esperanto)
John (In English and in the bible)
Johnny (In English)
Jan (In Dutch, Scandinavian, Czech and in Polish)
Jens (In Danish)
Jowan (In Cornish)
Joan (In Catalan)
Yann (In Breton and in French)
Yehochanan (In the bible (Original))
Ion (In Basque and in Romanian)

In combination with other names:

In Other languages: Elian (M)

For the opposite sex use:

In Spanish: Juana (F)
In Romanian and in Bulgarian: Ioana (F)
In Romanian: Ionela (F)
In Italian: Giovanna (F)
In English: Jan (F)
In English: Johnnie (B)
In English: Jonelle (F)
In English: Jonie (F)
In Dutch, Polish and in Czech: Jana (F)

See also

In Spanish: Juanito (M)
In Spanish: Juanita (F)
In Romanian: Iancu (M)
In Romanian: Ionel (M)
In Norwegian and in English: Jonette (F)
In German, Dutch, Scandinavian and in Late Roman: Johannes (M)
In Esperanto: Jochjo (M)
In English: Hank (M)
In English: Jack (M)
In English: Johnie (M)

What Juan`s say about their name

The best thing about the name Juan:
It's the name of a champ

The worst thing about the name:
Too many ppl named Juan And they make jokes also suckaz like the one who made the other post swear they're the only ones...

If my name wasn`t Juan....:
I just wouldn't be me

Extra information:
It also means the son of gods thunder or god is almighty.

The best thing about the name Juan:
it rhymes with number one cuz i am number one!!!!

The worst thing about the name:
everybody took my name

If my name wasn`t Juan....:
everything would be the same cuz i am the one destined to be called juan only me copy catters

Extra information:
quit taking my name suckaz

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