Meaning and origin

Meical is a Welsh mixed name. The meaning of the name is Who is Like God.

Where is it used?

The name Meical is mainly used in Welsh.

How do they say it elsewhere?

Michael (In English, German, Czech and in the bible)
Michaela (In English, German and in Czech)

See also

In Ukrainian: Mikhailo
In Ukrainian: Mikayla
In Spanish and in Portuguese: Miguel
In Slovene: Mihael
In Scottish: Micheil
In Scandinavian: Mikaela
In Scandinavian: Mikael
In Scandinavian: Mikkel
In Russian: Misha
In Russian: Mikhail
In Russian: Mikhaila
In Romanian: Mihai
In Romanian: Mihaela
In Polish: Michalina
In Lithuanian: Mykolas
In Italian: Micaela
In Italian: Michele
In Italian: Michelina
In Italian: Michela
In Hungarian: Mihály
In French and in German: Michel
In French and in English: Michelle
In French: Michele
In French: Micheline
In Finnish: Mikko
In Esperanto: Mikelo
In Esperanto: Mihhaelo
In Esperanto: Michjo
In English: Miles
In English: Mike
In English: Mick
In English: Micheal
In Cornish: Myghal
In Catalan: Miquel
In the bible, Polish and in Czech: Michal
In Basque: Mikel
In Basque: Mitxel

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