Meaning and origin

Raymond is a French mixed name. The meaning of the name is Wise Protector.

Where is it used?

The name Raymond is mainly used in English and in French.

How do they say it elsewhere?

Raimundo (In Spanish and in Portuguese)
Ramón (In Spanish)
Raimondo (In Italian)
Réamann (In Irish)
Raimund (In German and in Dutch)
Reimund (In German)
Raymund (In English)
Ramon (In Catalan)

If it's too long people might use

In English: Rayner
In English: Ray

For the opposite sex use:

In Spanish: Ramona (F)
In Italian: Raimonda (F)
In German: Raimunde (F)
In French: Raymonde (F)
In English: Rae (F)

See also

In Irish: Redmond
In Irish: Redmund
Alternative meanings (Old English) Wise Protector

What Raymond`s say about their name

The best thing about the name Raymond:
it's not a common name. The meaning of this name is very cool, the 'wise protector' and I don't know why it quite influenced my character as a person. I love to care and help people, fix something or find solutions of some troubles around.

The worst thing about the name:
in my childhood some of my friends sometimes refer my name to a japanesse cartoon character, Doraemon. And I'm not really happy with that, altough Doraemon is a cat robot from the future, who has a magical pocket on his belly, which filled with many futuristic, fantasy tools to help his friend.. But it doesn't mean I don't love to be helpfull person, the matter is the way from how my friend make fun from my name.. hahaha

If my name wasn`t Raymond....:
It's fine, at least it still have a good meaning. Because I believe, a name is the parents prayer for our live..

Extra information:
Being named as Raymond, it's such a unique experience. Since I tried to understand the meaning behind this name, always made me try to be a wise, careful, and be a more understanding person for any situations. I'm not really an outgoing person, and quite hard to start a new friendship, but I never easy to give up, and always try altough it's hard.

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