Meaning and origin

Xander is a Dutch mixed name. The meaning of the name is Protector of Mankind.

Where is it used?

The name Xander is mainly used in Dutch.

It is an abbreviated form of

Alexander, used in English, German and in Dutch.

See also

In Ukrainian: Oleksander
In Turkish: Iskender
In Spanish: Alejandra
In Spanish: Alejandro
In Scottish: Alistair
In Scottish: Alasdair
In Russian, Polish, Serbian and in Bulgarian: Aleksandra
In Russian: Sasha
In Russian: Aleksandr
In Romanian: Alexandru
In Polish, Croatian and in Serbian: Aleksander
In Polish: Olek
In Jewish: Sender
In Italian: Alessandra
In Italian: Alessandro
In Irish: Alastar
In Hungarian: Sándor
In Greek and in Ancient Greek: Alexandros
In German, Scandinavian, Dutch, English, Greek, Portuguese, Romanian, Czech, Hungarian and in Ancient Greek: Alexandra
In French, Portuguese and in Hungarian: Alexandre
In Finnish: Santeri
In Finnish: Aleksanteri
In Esperanto: Aleksandro
In Esperanto: Alechjo
In English: Zander
In English: Alex
In English: Lex
In English: Alec
In English: Alexandrea
In English: Alexandria
In Czech: Alexandr
In Bulgarian: Aleksandar

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