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Aadi Beginning
Aahna To Exist
Aalase Kind
Aalecia Of noble kind
aali beautifull
Aaliah To Ascend, Highly Exalted
Aaliyaa To Ascend, Highly Exalted
Aaliyah To Ascend, Highly Exalted
Aalleeyaa To Ascend, Highly Exalted
Aaralyn With song
Aarona She Is A Sweet Girl And Most People I meet IS called this name it is very poular :) its a lovley name and This baby is born under a fall :)
Aaryn Ireland, Peace
Aasia Resurrection
Aastah Love
Abadine Hope, Joy
Abagael God is Joy
Abagail God is Joy
Abagale God is Joy
Abagayle God is Joy
Abaigael Gives joy
Abaigeal Gives joy
Abarrane Feminine form of Abraham father of many
Abba Born on Thursday
Abbagael God is Joy
Abbagail God is Joy
Abbagayle God is Joy
Abbegail God is Joy
Abbegale God is Joy
Abbegayle God is Joy
Abbey God is Joy
Abbi God is Joy
Abbie God is Joy
Abbigael God is Joy
Abbigail God is Joy
Abbigale God is Joy
Abbigayle God is Joy
Abbony Ebony
Abbra example, lesson
Abby My father rejoices
Abbygail God is Joy
Abedabun Sight of day (Chippewa)
Abegail God is Joy
Abegayle Gives joy
Abella child
Abelone Strength
Abena Born on Tuesday
Abeni Answered Prayer
Abequa Stays at home (Chippewa)
Abeque Stays at home (Chippewa)
Aberfa from the mouth of the river
Abertha sacrifice
Abey Leaf
Abgail God is Joy
Abha lustrous beauty
Abhilasha Music Lover, Beautiful Voice
Abhy Gives joy
Abia my father is the Lord
Abia my father is the Lord
Abiageal Irish form of Abigail brings joy
Abiba Child Born After Grandmother Died
Abichail Gives joy
Abigael God is Joy
Abigail father (i.e., "leader") of the dance, or "of joy."
Abigail-Nicole Father's joy-Victorious person
Abigale God is Joy
Abigayle God is Joy
Abilene Grass, a plain
Abina born on a tuesday
Abir Fragrant
Abira strong
Abishag father of (i.e., "given to") error.
Abital father of dew; i.e., "fresh".
Abiyona Born on a journey
Abrial Open
Abrianna Mother of Many Nations
Abrielle Open
Abrienda Opening
Abrigail God is Joy
Abril From April, meaning 4th Month, Blossoming, New Birth
Abryele open, secure, protected
Abygail God is Joy
Acacia thorny, naive
Academia Ciceros Villa
Acadia Paradise
Acanit hard times
Acantha Thorny
Acca From Acca
Accalia Mythical Mother of Romulus and Remus
Acelin noble
Aceline Noble
Achal Steady, Mountainous
Acheflow White flower
Achen twin
Achieng Born in the Day
Achillah Female form of Achilles Hero of the trojan war
Achit Separation of Newborn's Hair
Achlys mist, darknesss
Acidalia Mythical Name for Venus
Ada ornament
Ada Happy
Adah Beautiful Adornment
Adain winged
Adaira from the oak-tree ford
Adairia from the oak-tree ford
Adal Noble
Adala Just, Fair
Adalbeorht noble
Adalbrechta noble
Adalene Variant of Adela.
Adalgisa Noble Hostage
Adalheid Noble, Kind
Adalheida Sweet or noble
Adali Noble
Adalicia Of the nobility. Noble.
Adalie Of the nobility. Noble.
Adaline Noble, Kind
Adaliz Of the nobility. Noble.
Adalwolfa Noble she wolf
Adalyn Noble, Kind
Adamae Earth, Manly
Adamina Earth, Manly
Adamma Beautiful Girl
Adana Spanish feminine of Adam.
Adanna Father's Daugher
Adanne Mother's Daughter
Adara beauty
Adariah Virgin
Adda wealthy
Addeline High Tower
Addfwyn meek
Addie Noble, Kind
Addien beautiful
Addiena beautiful
Addy Noble, Kind
Adeen Little fire
Adela Noble and Serene
Adelaide Noble, Kind
Adelaine Beautiful girl
Adele Noble, Kind
Adelheid Noble, Kind
Adelheide Sweet or noble
Adelia Noble
Adelina noble
Adelina-May of the spring flowers
Adelinda Vivacious
Adeline Noble
Adelisa Of the nobility. Noble.
Adelise Forerunner of Alice Of the nobility. Noble.
Adelita Sweet or noble
Adell Noble
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