Meaning and origin

Agnese is a Italian girl name. The meaning of the name is Pure, Lamb.

Where is it used?

The name Agnese is mainly used in Italian and in Latvian.

How do they say it elsewhere?

Agneta (In Swedish)
Inés (In Spanish)
Inez (In Spanish)
Neza (In Slovene)
Agnessa (In Russian)
Inês (In Portuguese)
Agnieszka (In Polish)
ágnes (In Hungarian)
Agnethe (In German)
Agnes (In French)
Aune (In Finnish)
Agnes (In English, German, Dutch and in Scandinavian)
Annis (In English)

See also

In Welsh: Nesta (F)
In English: Aggie (F)
Alternative meanings (Latvian) Pure, Lamb

What Agnese`s say about their name

The best thing about the name Agnese:
I don't know. That in the world aren't so many Agnese's.

The worst thing about the name:
Sometimes for no reason I want to change it. But I won't

If my name wasn`t Agnese....:
Really If I was a boy my name would probably be Renars

Extra information:
The one that give my name was mom. So tx mom...

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