Meaning and origin

Maaria is a Finnish girl name. The meaning of the name is Bitter.

Where is it used?

The name Maaria is mainly used in Finnish.

How do they say it elsewhere?

Maria (In Italian, Portuguese, German, Scandinavian, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Romanian and in English)

See also

In Spanish: Marisol
In Spanish: Maritza
In Spanish: Marita
In Russian: Mariya
In Italian: Mariella
In Italian: Marietta
In Italian: Mimi
In Italian: Mariangela
In German, Scandinavian and in Polish: Maja
In German and in English: Ria
In German: Meike
In German: Mitzi
In Frisian, German and in Dutch: Maike
In French: Mariette
In English and in the bible: Mary
In English: Mariabella
In English: Mariah
In Dutch and in Finnish: Marja
In Dutch: Mieke
In Danish and in Swedish: Mia

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