Meaning and origin

Marija is a Lithuanian girl name. The meaning of the name is Bitter.

Where is it used?

The name Marija is mainly used in Croatian, Slovene, Serbian and in Lithuanian.

How do they say it elsewhere?

Máirín (In Irish)
Mary (In English and in the bible)
Marilyn (In English)
Mariamne (In Other languages)

See also

In Welsh, Finnish and in Hungarian: Mari
In Welsh: Mair
In Spanish: María
In Scottish: Màiri
In Russian: Marya
In Russian: Masha
In Muslim: Mariam
In Muslim: Maryam
In Manx: Moirrey
In Jewish, English and in the bible: Miriam
In Italian, Portuguese, German, Scandinavian, Dutch, Greek, Polish, Romanian and in English: Maria (F)
In Irish: Máire
In Hungarian: Mária (F)
In Hungarian: Mara
In Hawaiian: Malia
In Hawaiian: Maleah
In Hawaiian: Mele
In French and in Czech: Marie (F)
In Finnish: Maija
In English: Marylou
In English: Maryanne
In English: Mamie (F)
In English: Rosemary
In English: Mollie
In English: Marian
In English: Molly
In English: Maryann
In English: Marilena
In English: Marion
In English: Mariel
In English: Marilene
In Dutch: Marijke
In Czech, Slovak and in Hungarian: Marika
In Other languages: Melle
In Other languages: Marian
Alternative meanings ( ) Also Slovene, Serbian, and Croatian

What Marija`s say about their name

The best thing about the name Marija:
Being unique I guess.

The worst thing about the name:
Nobody can say it it's annoying!

The best thing about the name Marija:
Sounds classy to me

The worst thing about the name:
It's a very common name here in Serbia

If my name wasn`t Marija....:
As much as I hate it, I wouldn't feel like myself and it would be weird having some other name

Extra information:
As Marija above me said, not really nickname potential

The best thing about the name Marija:
It is easy for everyone to read, similar to Maria, known worldwide.

The worst thing about the name:
To me it sounds somehow DRY.

If my name wasn`t Marija....:
I'd probably like it better.

Extra information:
Many men have said to me that all Marijas are passionate ;)

The best thing about the name Marija:
Nice length and very feminine.

The worst thing about the name:
I guess the spelling and pronuciation. As you basically say the name the same as Maria, so I'm constantly spelling it out for people or correcting their mispronounciations..

If my name wasn`t Marija....:
I think I wouldn't be me, I don't personally know any other Marija's at all so it's unique

Extra information:
I think it's a nice pretty name and have been complimented on it's spelling and the way it looks. Not much nickname potential.. Parents used to call me Mimi when I was younger, I go by Rija alot now (Ria)

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