Meaning and origin

Micheline is a French girl name. The meaning of the name is Who is Like God.

Where is it used?

The name Micheline is mainly used in French.

How do they say it elsewhere?

Meical (In Welsh)
Mikhailo (In Ukrainian)
Miguel (In Spanish and in Portuguese)
Mihael (In Slovene)
Micheil (In Scottish)
Mikael (In Scandinavian)
Mikkel (In Scandinavian)
Mikhail (In Russian)
Mihai (In Romanian)
Mykolas (In Lithuanian)
Michele (In Italian)
Mihály (In Hungarian)
Mikko (In Finnish)
Mikelo (In Esperanto)
Mihhaelo (In Esperanto)
Michaela (In English, German and in Czech)
Micheal (In English)
Myghal (In Cornish)
Miquel (In Catalan)
Michal (In the bible, Polish and in Czech)
Mikel (In Basque)
Mitxel (In Basque)

If it's too long people might use

In English: Mike
In English: Mick

For the opposite sex use:

In Ukrainian: Mikayla (F)
In Scandinavian: Mikaela (F)
In Russian: Mikhaila (F)
In Romanian: Mihaela (F)
In Polish: Michalina (F)
In Italian: Micaela (F)
In Italian: Michela (F)
In French and in English: Michelle (F)
In French: Michele (F)

See also

In Russian: Misha (B)
In Italian: Michelina (F)
In French and in German: Michel (M)
In Esperanto: Michjo (M)
In English, German, Czech and in the bible: Michael (M)
In English: Miles (M)

What Micheline`s say about their name

The best thing about the name Micheline:
No one has it and the meaning of my name is a reflection of who I am.

The worst thing about the name:
The Tires of Michelin

If my name wasn`t Micheline....:
I would have like michelle but like to be different so i'm in LOVE with my name.

Extra information:
I love God for knowing I resemble to live up to His desire over my life.

The best thing about the name Micheline:
its uniqueness, everyone says its a beautiful name

The worst thing about the name:
being called michelin tyres, oh well that was back in primary school

If my name wasn`t Micheline....:
i'd be nameless, it suits me best i wouldnt think of any better name the'd have given me.

Extra information:
i love my name and the meaning...perfect. thaks to my parents for the great choice!

The best thing about the name Micheline:
No one has it :)

The worst thing about the name:
getting picked on Beacause of the brand of tire michelin

If my name wasn`t Micheline....:
I have no clue what i would do. i like my name

Extra information:
Its a great name with an awesome meaning :) no one can beat it lol

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