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    AidensMommy…I have been waiting for you to test again…sending you lots of baby dust!!! I hope you finally get your BFP!!!


    Danielle~ I just passed your comment while in the forum page and I just wanted to say congrats…what an awesome fathers day suprise!!!! Best of luck. Baby dust to all!!!!


    Danielle~ I just passed your comment while in the forum page and I just wanted to say congrats…what an awesome fathers day suprise!!!! Best of luck. Baby dust to all!!!!


    Erica~ I would talk to your doctor about this. I know that it may embarass you to bring it up, but it was an honest mistake and could have happened to anybody if they didn’t know for that long. I’m sure it’s not the worst thing that your doctor has dealt with either. I would accept all of the testing that they offer to look for abnormalities and defects, but even then, it may not catch everything. If you wouldn’t terminate, all that would do is have people prepared for if things were to come out against your favor. I’m sure your doctor would have the best information and advice. I wish you the best of luck, and a happy and healthy pregnancy…and baby!! 🙂


    I love that there’s a forum just about bellybuttons 🙂


    NO WAY!!!! Yes I am! 🙂 Although I’m not sure how proud I am to admit it. Lol. Did your grandpa teach at the highschool here? Seriously small world! ***Also, I sent a request with the help of a few girls sending me the link (thanks again), and it didn’t give me an option to put in my name. POOHS~ My 1st DD had that problem and I had to keep trying to find a pacifier that she liked. We finally found one (after trying about 15 different kinds) and never had the problem again. Maybe keep introducing her to different ones would help.


    Well it turns out I must be stupid, because I seriously keep getting nothing. Lol. If anybody would like to add me and send me an invite or something, my name is Danielle Swyear. I’m the only one, but my pic is an u/s pic.


    Well, looks like I popped in at the wrong time. Lol. But I really need some ideas and I figured you ladies would be the best to ask on here (and would probably be greatful for a subject change!). I am only 18 weeks, but I’m trying to study up on my breastfeeding this time. I have BF my two daughters and by 3 months both times, I ended up drying up to almost nothing and having to switch to formula. Is there anything that I can do to keep my supply good past that doomed three month mark? Around that time the girls would always stay hungry after feeding, so I would try pumping next time to see how much I was making, and it was about 2 ounces for 20 minutes each side. I stayed on schedule, and even tried pumping after her 30 minute feedings to try to increase it…nothing worked. I’ve heard of fenugreek or something, but I never tried it. I know it’s a little early to be asking this, but I kind of just want to be more educated if I can and be a little more prepared if this happens again. Thanks!!!!


    How do you ladies keep your pumped supply up for the times you have babysitters…etc if baby eats every 2-3 hours 15-20 min each side? Still trying to get everything together before he gets here and figure it out this time, because the most I ever had extra to freeze with my DD’s was 3 or 4 small bags at a time because they were constantly eating (well, until I dried up).


    Lawsons~ Thanks for the tip. I didn’t think about pumping at night. Since I’m SAHM I guess I’ll be ok to get up at all hours of the night 🙂 I also saw this pic on your page of the huge supply you got out with that oatmeal…job well done!


    I do know the name, but never met him. I think he was gone by the time I got into highschool.


    I agree, not offensive. JENNIE~ I’m pretty sure that they both have to be the same temp. I always leave the bottle in the fridge to cool, and once it gets cooled I just add it to the other. You may get a more definite answer though since it’s been a little under 2 years since I BFed my daughter.


    Lainee~ I have had two natural births, and I plan on having another with this baby in 29 weeks! 🙂 I have both of their birth stories on my page. They are a bit long, but they are really detailed. I LOVE labor…I know that’s weird to say, but I actually look forward to it. I initially didn’t want to get an epidural because I’m scared of needles…and so I didn’t. Nobody thought I could do it, and my doctor laughed at me when I told him that I didn’t plan on getting one. It takes a lot of determination. If you aren’t determined to do it that way, chances are, you are going to wimp half way through. Stay focused, and definately get a doula, they help me a million! My hospital offers free birth doulas, and since I’m usually the only one giving all naturally, I get her for the majority of the time. Another good thing I learned was the breathing techniques from ‘hypnobirthing’ I didn’t do so well with the relaxation methods (although many have), but the breathing patterns actually worked great. I learned also, don’t tighten your body muscles through contractions. If your face is all scrunched up during the pain, then that means your muscles are too…relax. It will bring less pain if you relax and breath. Just know that it will hurt, but if that’s how you want it, then the hurt is do-able. I actually like it. I cried while dialating from 8-10 (because it happened so fast), but that was the only time during the two births that I cried at all. If they will let you get away with a hep-lock (IV in, but not hooked up to fluids, they’ll let you if you don’t have to be induced), then I definately reccomend hot showers. Sit back and let the water hit you under your belly, or where you’re feeling the contractions. It is an AWESOME pain reliever, and I practically lived in the shower my first birth (had to be induced with second and couldn’t get in with that one). I do have to say…after my first birth, people stopped doubting me. I got MANY appologies, even from my doctor. He admitted he didn’t think I could do it, and he was proud of me (I was only 19 at the time). The nurses were all shocked that I handled it so peacefully. It is the most amazing thing ever. Just think ‘you don’t experience this too often, it’s worth enduring the pain to experience it all’. It really is amazing. Good luck and get ahold of me if you have any questions!! 🙂


    Dani~ TOTALLY normal!! With my last pregnancy, it was so much harder too. It took a bit, but it eventually went back to normal.


    Hey gorgeous mommies!!! Miss you all and hope you are all doing ok. It’s been a while since I could get on last, but I think about you still every day! Any new babies arrive in the last few weeks? Preggers maybe?!! 🙂 Loving all of the new names and BFPs in here!!! Congrats to all. Belly rubs, sticky glue, and a litle bit of labor dust to those who need it. Axton and I are doing great. He is huge, I can tell already. I have 50 days left….50 DAYS!!! Where the heck has time gone?! 7 weeks or maybe a little less (I have a feeling he will show early), and I will be holding my sweet little man. My ass bone will definitely appreciate the pressure change because it is definitely breaking in 12 right now. To the point that I can’t lay back, even in the tub…and if I do, I gasp and cry histarically trying to get up. Gonna try to find a good chiropracter to see if I can get it popped back into place or something. Rediculous!

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