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    ya,lilpigz..Its me,Chrissy(we are FB friends-so u know its really me!!)Because of that faker,I deleted my account,..I lost ALL my pregnancy memories(on the blogs)I took off ALL my pictures..I knew Spook was a fake(same as Seraphim)..I just was sooo sick of the drama..I reupped my account..That person had wrote the most bizarre blog about her husband being tazed..very,very strange..My husband would never blog on my acct here..also..With CIA,anyone in it(even RETIRED)..its really something one doesn’t mention…


    LOL Kim..I know you from TTC after loss.. When all that went down,I took my account off because I was soo sick of the weird posts.And I did not like having all my pics there …I mean c’mon..To put adjectives like..My 6’4′ husband with ‘tree-trunk biceps’..The only ‘tree trunk anything’ my husband has is a tree trunk neck..LOL. My DH really is /was military.. I went thru one deployment while married to him..There is nothing to BRAG was the toughest time of my life..It is what it is..


    alicia..yes ,that is the one..and she claimed to sing it to her DH ‘s private parts.. I am sure that person is lurking..They follow the same MO..military/CIA( that was new-but I think the person thought-no one will question a CIA person)/always claims a 4 year old daughter,so that much seems to be truth,has a dog,always claims (after a while)to be pregnant with twins..It usually takes like 4-6 weeks for the whole ruse to explode and hurt people..About 2 yrs ago I was pregnant with Sophia when I made a friend with someone here who turned out to be fake..It really hurt me and made me feel dumb..Thats why I said something today..


    pink-stork -I had been a member here for over 3 yrs(With my last 2 pregnancies and 2 miiscarraiges..the support I received while TTC and the resulting babies,well,I made good friends that I have carried over to facebook.and my real life when Spookwife was on,I so much wanted to say something..but did not want to get booted off..I just was soo fed up,as I said before I deleted my entire account..I am never going to put as many pics on as I had. before..I am glad though,the truth came out and this site can be used for the support it was intended for!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)