• Bixgirl- congrats! I have lost 3 pregnancies, even up to 13 weeks, but went on to have 2 boys and am 12 wks now. Every preg def is different and books don’t always have the answer. I think they can give an estimate, but I can’t rely on everything they say bc my body is different. I was overweight my last pregnancy so I couldn’t palpate my uterus…[Read more]

  • BigBellyJess- How will u know what size diapers to buy and how much of each size? Babies grow so fast and u never know when they’re movin up to a bigger size. What if u get a bunch of one size and they outgrow them? If u purchased them months before, can u still exchange them?

  • GinAgain replied to the topic Blighted ovum in the forum Group logo of PregnantPregnancy Forum 3 years, 6 months ago

    With my first pregnancy I had an ultrasound at 10 weeks. The doctor saw a sac with a septum, meaning there were twins, but something in one and nothing in the other and no heartbeats. She sent me to the perinatologist to confirm the blighted ova (plural). Then I had to have a d&c.