• Hi everyone, I too am in not-so-great financial shape – looking for a job at the moment – ugh. But the positive side is that I get to spend a lot of time with my just-turned-two year old! I really wanted him to have a sibling too, but am second guessing and having fears now that I am pregnant (6 weeks), hoping that there will be enough of me to…[Read more]

  • I just POAS two days before my period is supposed to start and got a VERY faint line on the positive!! I am going to retest in a few days, but tentatively EXCITED!!!

  • Thank you, weber3! That does inspire me. I really appreciate you chiming in. =) I’m about 7 days past ovulation right now and my BBs are huge – for me anyway – LOL) and sore. Hmm…resisting the urge to POAS!! I know nothing will likely show up until about another week from now. It’s a cruel trick that early pregnancy symptoms are pretty…[Read more]

  • Hi ladies, Just thought I’d say hi. I turned 38 in December and we are starting to try for #2 this month. In the two week wait right now. I have a 3 year old and got pregnant the first time with him, but I was 34 then. I hope it doesn’t make too much of a difference! Baby dust to all!!

  • Thanks everyone! I have now taken three pregnancy tests and all were positive, so I guess it’s real! I called my doctor and she scheduled me for Monday, April 2nd! That’s so long to wait. I’ll be 8 weeks by then if all goes well!! Oh, I’m 38. =D

  • Thanks everyone! Mylouie1, my husband wasn’t supportive either, until the month before we started TTC (yes, I jumped on that before he could change his mind!) so don’t give up. He may just have fear to work through. I’m so glad to have this forum!! I think I’d burst if I couldn’t tell anyone for 6 more weeks!! Lots of baby dust to those TTC -…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone! I got a BFP a few days ago! It still doesn’t seem real, but I guess I’m really on my way now! Hoping all goes well and that my 2 year old son will be a big brother come June! I see my Dr. on the 21st. I’m 36. Even though I was 34 the first time around, I’m nervous about doing it again. Also really excited though. Anyway, just…[Read more]

  • OK, so which days are you supposed to do the BD? CD 10-16? (assuming a 28-31 day cycle) I actually don’t want to chart my temp until we’ve tried for a few months without. My DS happened the first week I went off the pill, so I’ve never really ‘tried’. I know my DH is looking forward to it! Thanks!

  • LadyJade, we just started TTC this month (this week, actually!) for #2. My son will be 2 on Oct. 2nd and I really want to have another before he turns three! I am 36. I hope it won’t take long – my son was conceived the first week I went off the pill. I got my period back when he was three months old (even though I exclusively breastfed for 6…[Read more]

  • YAY! YAY!! YAY!!! DH and I agreed that we are going to start trying THIS month! I’m so excited!!! For those of you who don’t know, I have been wanting to for the last several months but for various reasons, DH wasn’t sure. But we agreed today!! DS turns 2 October 2nd, so this is perfect timing!!! YAY!! OK, so which days do you really BD alot?…[Read more]

  • Anyone have experience with ‘convincing’ DH to have another (in my case, #2) baby? He doesn’t think we have time/energy/money for another although he loves DS who is 19 months old. We’re not bad off financially so that really shouldn’t be a factor. I want to TTC and am worried that either I won’t get DH to agree, or that by the time I do, the…[Read more]

  • JaguarEyes replied to the topic Breastfeeding in the forum Babies Forum 3 years, 7 months ago

    So I know there is a section on weaning but it doesn’t seem to get much traffic. Anyone have any weaning advice? DS is almost 2 and still nurses morning, naptime, bedtime. I finally succeeded in night weaning about 2 months ago so now he at least doesn’t nurse between 9pm and 7am. But he is seriously resisting any more cut backs! I’m trying…[Read more]

  • Hi there! Does anyone have suggestions for helping to get DH on board with TTC #2? We were talking all year about my birthday being the start date (12/21) and now he’s talking March. I know it’s not that long to wait, and there’s been drama about this issue that is too long to go into, but we agreed that we’d start trying this spring, latest…[Read more]

  • Hi ladies! I am 36 and had my son at 34 (he’s an awesome 15 month old now). I am pretty sure I want to have another baby, but want to wait until he’s 2 to try. That would mean I’d be trying/pregnant at 37 or so. I also have to convince DH that he wants another baby too. I was wondering, do any of you have advice on how to convince DH? He…[Read more]

  • JaguarEyes replied to the topic in the forum Babies Forum 3 years, 7 months ago

    OK, so I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced this? I should have gotten my period between the 30th of August and tomorrow the 2nd of Sept. I thought I started with some brown spotting on the night of the 30th and then some very very light bleeding on the 31st. Then nothing today. At all. The first three days of my period are always…[Read more]

  • JaguarEyes replied to the topic in the forum Babies Forum 3 years, 7 months ago

    I have an almost 20 month old son who shows no signs of wanting to wean. In fact, he would BF more if I let him. As it is, he gets milk in the morning, before nap, at about 6pm, to go to sleep, and however many times he (still) wakes up during the night. I’m fine with going until he’s about 2, but that means gradual weaning starting now. How do I…[Read more]

  • JaguarEyes replied to the topic in the forum Babies Forum 3 years, 7 months ago

    I just told DH we’ll be BD-ing (If my body can handle it all those times!!) on 9/6, 9/7, 9/8, 9/9, 9/10, 9/11/ and 9/12! Now, he’s REALLY on board with trying for #2! LOL!! We’ll be starting from the last day of my period and going until 2 days before ovulation since I read that increases your chance for a girl. We already have the best DS…[Read more]

  • JaguarEyes replied to the topic in the forum Babies Forum 3 years, 7 months ago

    Thanks, momentfrozenintime, maybe I’ll try solids if this keeps up. So many sources say wait until 6 months, so I’ll see how it goes for another week or so, and then decide.

  • JaguarEyes replied to the topic in the forum Babies Forum 3 years, 7 months ago

    I got pregnant with my son the first week after I got off the pill. My doctor said that’s fairly common, and sometimes even produces multiples because your ovaries are like ‘Woohoo, let’s ovulate! It’s been a while!’

  • JaguarEyes replied to the topic in the forum Babies Forum 3 years, 7 months ago

    I’m really excited to be joining this forum again, TTC for #2 as of this month!! Woohoo!! Just a few days past ovulation, and did the Baby Dance a few times during the right times, so I’m in the TWW now. Baby dust to all!

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