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    Hello hello…. Sorry I have been MIA….. I’ve been down and out with flu….. and yes I took the test over the weekend and there were 2 stripes!!!!! Went for my blood test results yesterday and according to that I am 7-8 weeks already…. OMG!!!! I did not expect that because I had a normal period in May. How accurate are blood tests in…[Read more]

  • I totally forgot about my increased appetite….. I’ve been having that too. This will be my 3rd…. My boy is 7 and my girl is 4. Do you have any kids?? If so what are their ages? It’s winter on this side of the world and i’m spending a lovely day eating and watching tv under a blanket 🙂

  • Thanks babe…. My boobs have been like basketballs since last week…. On 2 occassions I’ve randomly got that metallic taste…. I’ve also had slight cramping. I’ve also been exhausted…. falling asleep instantly. I haven’t told anybody yet…. planning to give husband a positive pregnancy test for Father’s Day 🙂
    How are you feeling and…[Read more]

  • Hello Babylove5…. I am in the exact same situation…. I am soooo nervous….. My period is due on the 17th but I know I’m pregnant…. I can feel it

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