• I found a lot of useful information about 10 weeks of pregnancy, maybe you are interested in it, so you can find something here. Good luck.

  • I found some useful information about the lactation without pregnancy and its stimulation. If you are interested in it, you may read it -here

  • A pregnancy test, of course, will be negative. It can’t be different if you are completely healthy and do not have problems with hormones. A pale and barely visible second line will appear not earlier than in 10 […]

  • I am 27 weeks pregnant and all my friends tell me that when they were 27 weeks pregnant the movements of their babies were strong, they felt it a lot of times during the day, practically every 10 minutes. But I […]

  • I’ve read a lot of resources about four temperaments; this information is rather interesting. Here you may find something useful.
    Temperament  characterizes the emotional and dynamic aspect of a person’s activ […]

  • After the birth of a child you may face with such a problem as – postpartum depression. I want to tell you some useful information about it. Any depressive disorder can be divided into several stages, which are c […]

  • What is a depression? It is often confused with sadness and low mood of one or more days, but it is a serious illness that can last for many years. Motivational quotes are one of the easy and effective ways of […]

  • Sometimes it’s impossible to find out the exact reason for a miscarriage. A spontaneous interruption of pregnancy during the early terms is considered a result of natural selection. There are a lot of possible c […]

  • What to choose: birth at a hospital or home birth? Did anybody experienced home birth? I’ve read a lot about it here but I want to listen to your opinion – are you for or against it and why.

  • The main thing for a successful lactation is a strong desire of the mother and everyone knows about the importance of breastfeeding. Here are some methods of induced lactation and tips on the stimulation of […]

  • Before my pregnancy I experienced such a problem as cystitis. Now I am pregnant and a few days ago I felt sudden urge to urinate and pain during urination. Please tell me something about the treatment of UTI […]

  • During my pregnancy I experienced such a problem as discomfort in the rectum area – pain, burning, and itching. These are the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids. So does anybody know something about the pr […]

  • Sometimes pregnancy occurs even in the absence of menstruation. On this background, a woman may not know about her pregnancy for a long time. Especially, if there are no signs of an early toxicosis. So is it […]

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    I want to talk to you about breastfeeding while sick. I have some questions such as – why can breastfeeding while sick be harmful to the baby? And what diseases are incompatible with breastfeeding?

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    There are a lot of ads about nursing tank tops for breastfeeding mums. As a future mother I have such a question – are nursing clothes necessary?

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    As a future young mother I’am interested in such a question – what food should I give to my baby? I’ve read some information here and hope that it’ll be useful to you.

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    Ladies, hi all! Did you have a strong desire to dring some wine during pregnancy? I still don’t know. To drink or not to drink – that is the question) What do you think about it?)

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    Ladies! i am 24 weeks pregnant. My baby is very quiet. There are some weak movements during the day and that’s all. Please, tell me, who has the same situation? is it normal?

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