• During my pregnancy I experienced such a problem as discomfort in the rectum area – pain, burning, and itching. These are the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids. So does anybody know something about the pr […]

  • Sometimes pregnancy occurs even in the absence of menstruation. On this background, a woman may not know about her pregnancy for a long time. Especially, if there are no signs of an early toxicosis. So is it […]

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    I want to talk to you about breastfeeding while sick. I have some questions such as – why can breastfeeding while sick be harmful to the baby? And what diseases are incompatible with breastfeeding?

  • There are a lot of ads about nursing tank tops for breastfeeding mums. As a future mother I have such a question – are nursing clothes necessary?

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    As a future young mother I’am interested in such a question – what food should I give to my baby? I’ve read some information here and hope that it’ll be useful to you.

  • Ladies, hi all! Did you have a strong desire to dring some wine during pregnancy? I still don’t know. To drink or not to drink – that is the question) What do you think about it?)

  • Ladies! i am 24 weeks pregnant. My baby is very quiet. There are some weak movements during the day and that’s all. Please, tell me, who has the same situation? is it normal?

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