• I cant begin to imagine how are you feeling. Im not in the same situation you are even when Im also struggling to get pregnant although im only been trying for six months. Im my humbly opinion It mostly depends how much your trust your medic, if you had been working with him for quite a while and he has a good reputation I think you should follow…[Read more]

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    Thank you Saurab. Im 34 year old and Im happy to know Im still on the timeframe to get pregnant and is still not really needed for me to check with an specialist. Im quite relieved to hear that as I had the fear of something going wrong with me and while I know this doesnt mean there may not be it at least allow to relax for the time being and…[Read more]

  • Hello, my husband and I been trying for around 6 months to have a baby. I prepared my body and we try quite a lot in this six months. I really though I would be pregnant by this moment so I can help but think there is something wrong with me. Is hard to talk this with my husband as he is the sweetest guy you could ever imagine. Even when he was…[Read more]

    • hi Angela, you are lucky your partner supports you. its time you did go to a specialist he will support you and will be there for you, for some of us it wasn’t that easy. best of luck

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