• Mamachka replied to the topic in the forum Babies Forum 3 years, 8 months ago

    @babybellybliss , not to bring a bad news but i ussualy get ewcm before af. It is like a never failing sign for me 🙁
    You ladies were right, my opk werent positive and I start spotting today, guess AF is on her way. Let me tell you that this month this b..itch showing up without any signs, no cramping.. nothing.. and we are moving into month #17…….

  • @babybellybliss, its my understanding do not hold me to it… that a positive OPK (a line equal to or darker then the control) is detecting a surge in your LH.. which will eventually release an egg somewhere in a12-48hr bracket. Check my profile for a comment from BABYDUSTED that posted some great information about it. GL girls!!!