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    Need Help! im currently 9 days late for my cycle (even when stressed im never more than 2 days im like clock work) and have some minor pregnancy symptoms. Ive taken 2 Pregnancy test and both were negative. I just have the feeling i am (maybe its because i want to be). i just dont want to get my hopes up any advice or stories would be so helpful TIA!

    • Hi there, do you track ovulation… If yes, what are the methods? Symptoms are never a sure sign of pregnancy and your HPTs turned BFN already even after missing your period. So, chances are you’re probably not pregnant. It could simply be an anovulatory cycle, it’s common for women during their fertile years to skip an AF or two… all of a sudden. There’s is a minute possibility it’s the rare kind pregnancy that cannot be detected unless a blood work is done. It’s because the HCG forms a metabolite before being expelled in urine which does not work with the strip reagent to show test-line even if you’re pregnant, the active form can only be found in blood. It’s random though and doesn’t really depend on anything, However, you cannot be overoptimistic over that minute chance. I’d say wait for another week to consider and if you’re convinced you can be pregnant then take a blood HCG test.