• l am so glad this site exists! l had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and was told my baby has SUA this is my fourth and honestly l have never in my life heard anything about this the tech said that l would need an extra ultrasound at 32 weeks to make sure bubs is growing well and not to worry ..but as soon as l got home l have been googling and…[Read more]

  • Hello Ladies just wanted to update my progress l had my beautiful baby girl with sua and she is perfectly fine she had an ultrasound done at 2 days old as the ped at hospital checked her over and sent her for an ultrasound of her kidneys and also her spine to check for spina bifida but all came back fine! she is perfect her birth weight was…[Read more]

  • Hi All, had my 32 week ultrasound this morning baby is weighing 4pounds as should be the sonographer said all was looking good can’t wait to recieve the report
    just wanted to let everyone know how baby is coming along with the SUA ,will update once she arrives!