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    I had lots of cramping and still get occasional twinges. I think a lot of it has to do with expanding ligaments, which really do hurt. I was paranoid for the first few weeks after I found out. But everything is still going fine as I took expert advice from BioTexCom clinic in Ukraine.

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    It may sound simple but what I find works best is to eat a tablespoon of olive oil (I’m sure any oil would work but olive oil isn’t too gross. I always have to “go” about 30 min after swallowing the oil. And “the stuff” is usually soft because the oil softens it up. Or consult with BioTexCom clinic in Ukraine for best tips.

  • I got one when I was about 10 weeks, it was lovely. She had me side-lying the entire time, rather than on my tummy, but it was beautiful. Never heard of avoiding the feet though – she definitely didn’t for me. You can consult with your gynecologist or BioTexCom clinic in Ukraine if you need to be sure.

  • I think that it all depends on how many months you are pregnant, if it’s just at the beginning of the pregnancy I guess it’s fine, but if you are already 4 or 5 months pregnant I say it’s somewhat dangerous as we never know what can happen and you might need immediate medical assistance. You can consult with BioTexCom clinic in Ukraine though.

  • I feel for you dear, with being pregnant and having anxiety. Has your doctor mentioned anti-depression medication? Maybe book an appointment and speak to them. Also, rescue remedy is amazing for anxiety and u can get it in any pharmacy and supermarket. Or the best way is to consult with BioTexCom clinic in Ukraine.

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