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    Well, there can be many different reasons for infertility. I think it varies from body to body. Genetic factors may affect the fertility. other factors may include obesity or too much less weight. A healthy lifestyle will definitely curb the chances of infertility. As far as genetic factors are concerned it is difficult to deal with them. You can…[Read more]

  • My son is turning 4 this week.I observe some speech problem in him. I consulted his pediatrician. He has suggested getting him tested for Autism. While I scheduled to be on the list of getting an appointment. It’s not for about 8 months that there are any openings, unfortunately. Anyways, I have our second on the way. My serious concern is if he…[Read more]

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  • Hi everyone ! I’m new to this group. I have five kids. I just had my youngest back in June. She just turned six months. I’m just going to jump into my little dilemma. I am exclusively breastfeeding. After having five kids I know about all the pregnancy symptoms. My period returned after my pp bleeding and has been on time since. A couple weeks…[Read more]

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