• Courtenay and Isla glad your princesses are doing well, Ryan is 11 weeks now we’re getting him weighed tomorrow but 2 weeks ago he was 11lb 5oz’s I’m expecting him to be over the 12lb more this time. Ryan still doesn’t ahve a schedule either and has regressed to eating 4oz’s every 2-4 hours, he was eating 5oz’s every 4 hours, he can be so…[Read more]

  • Hello ladies,
    My baby was also diagnosed with SUA at our 20 week appt. I, like all of you, was very very scared and did the worst thing I could have done and googled it. My doc assured me that he sees about 2 or 3 cases of this with moms every month and it is very rare for him to deliver baby with any major issue linked to the SUA. I had 7…[Read more]

  • Hi all, I was in the same boat as you last year and with no information I also researched the internet and freaked out but my pregnancy went well and I gave birth to a healthy 8lb 1oz baby boy, he’s now 7 months old and is in perfect health weighing 16lbs 12oz’s, once we had our last scan at 36 weeks the words SUA were never mention again and we…[Read more]

  • Hello ladies, just to let you know that i have had my little girl on the 2nd june. they left her umbilical cord long after she was born so they could do a few tests and every thing seems ok. she weighed 7lb 15 oz so was a good healthy weight and shes doing just fine, had a few major problems during labour though. i have written my birth story on…[Read more]

  • HI ladies – just stopping by because I saw this forum topic, which wasn’t here 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with SUA. Naturally I panicked as I had never even heard of SUA before and all the ‘potential’ complications listed on the net about drove me crazy…Just to let you all know, my daughter is now 18 months old and perfectly healthy. She…[Read more]

  • Sara lou and Momaha – It depends where you are I’m in the UK and my little monster had SUA, as there were no further complications starting from 28 weeks we had scans every 4 weeks until 36 weeks plus we saw the consulatant (only because we asked) and everything was fine each time, I never had NST (think this is only done in the US which i think…[Read more]

  • Hi ladies my due date is tomorrow, but bubba is showing no signs of arriving anytime soon, midwife is guessing he’ll be around 7 and a half pounds but I’m so scared he’ll be bigger than that. I’ll keep you posted. All those with sua babies don’t panic about what you read on the internet its only a rare few that complications will happen to and…[Read more]

  • Hi all, just to let you know we’ve had our last scan and consultant appt today and bubba is right on track growthwise and there appears to be no more issues with him (i.e kidneys etc). He was 5lb 7oz’s and is expected to weigh 7lbs at term, only 4 and a bit more weeks until I get to meet him. Hope everyone is doing well. xx

  • SRM sorry for your loss, it sounds like you little boy had a lot of issues other than just the SUA, did they do a post mortem, maybe that can offer you some peace of mind. Did you know any of the issues before giving birth.

  • I gave birth to a little boy8-4-2010 who has SUA and he had Cadual Regression Syndrome with overlapping V.A.C.T.E.R.L. factors syndrome. He passed away 2 hours after birth. I had high amniotic fluid and went into preterm labor at 29 weeks, got it stopped and delivered him at 30 weeks. He was missing his spine from his shoulder blades down, his…[Read more]

  • Just thought I would share…I had single umbilical artery with my pregnancy and was worried about it, but I had my baby boy last week, 8 lbs 12 oz and as healthy as can be! Don’t let what you read on the net about this worry you!!

  • hope good luck hope your little one hangs on for anoth 16 weeks for you.
    Mum to be good luck, my little on was breech at 34 weeks but turned by 36 weeks he was just stubborn and didn’t want to come out got evicted in the end.
    Good luck everyone

  • Hi all just got back from our 32 week growth scan, and OMG bubba is 2138 grams (4lb 7oz) already that means if they grow half a pound a week I’m looking at a 7 and a half to 9 and a half pounder, slighty scared at the thought of labour now. I’m thinking what would he of weighed without the SUA. To all you ladies with babys just getting diagnosed…[Read more]

  • hey all. Just got back from the doctors at my 26 week specialist scan appointment done monthly. The little girl in my belly is now 1lb13oz in weight and is in the 40th Percentile for her size. so things are looking good. I am getting so excited for her arrival

  • Hi all, finally I’ve found others with the same condition as me, was begining to think I was the only 1, theres not very much infomation about this on-line anywhere. My baby was diagnoised with 2 vessel cord at my 20 week scan, but she said everything else looked healthy including his kidneys and they with just moniter his growth with extra scans…[Read more]

  • My baby has it too, however she is doing just fine, she is a little small but they say its normal so everything looks good!

  • Hi all, just to let you know I had my scan at 28w5d and everything was fine he was spot on for his dates which I’m glad about as he was a week behind at 20 weeks. We’ve got another scan at 32 weeks to make sure everything is still on track. The scan lady said she’s not had a baby with SUA who hasn’t grown and is close to if not spot on for there…[Read more]

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    My sonhad a little pink one on his eye lid. We were really the only ones that notcited and it stayed for so long ( like 6 months) that we just assumed it was there to stay. It was really cute. He is now 20 months and it was completely within the first year.

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    I still have mine from birth, and my son has identical ones I think they are freakin adorable and I’m happy he has them, sets him apart from all the other babies. 🙂 And its one of the only things he got from mommy, this kid looks so much like his father its ridiculous!!!

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