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    Surrogacy can certainly help you… it’s never too late either for surrogacy. You can try reproductive tourism, several countries offer it and you can choose based on affordability and distance from your country of residence. However, since you clearly mentioned it’s banned in your country it’s necessary you check about the provisions and…[Read more]

  • You’re the one who’s supposed to have carried the child in your womb and you definitely have all the reasons to ask for or want a surrogacy because you, your, hubby and dear MIL know that you didn’t choose the abruption… no one does. It had been her call if it were about her child. It’s not even her son’s call either because he can’t replace you…[Read more]

  • @LillianLilac I’m so sorry to hear about your terrible loss.:( Losing an expectant baby is already a living hell and losing the chance of having one along with is surely unbearable… love and hugs to you… stay strong! About surrogacy, yes, that’s the only way for you now and there’s no point in leaving a life in regrets n remorse when surrogacy…[Read more]

  • @lejlaw It’s been quite a while since this post and I hope you’ve already figured out a way to either solve the problem or circumvent it. I just happened to join the forum and was reading all relevant TTC posts, sorry to hear about your blocked tubes. PP DenisaB has already covered the cause and how it get’s blocked precisely yet completely. What…[Read more]

  • @lili398 I totally agree with you! I have had a failed round of IVF though – twin transfer and sort of coping with it, pestering my Dr for some supplements to help me with egg quality for my 2nd round. Unless there is a specific reason as in why she’ll have to avoid gestation or a major impairment that makes gestation in particular impossible, IVF…[Read more]

  • @Kris022 Hello Kris, I’m sorry to hear about your infertility, unfortunately we’re on the same boat. Sending you hugs! Surrogacy is definitely a good alternative to adption is case you’re keen on passing down the gene pool to your kids. However, surrogacy is more of a last resort and should be take up only when everything else has been tried or…[Read more]

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    Hi there, do you track ovulation… If yes, what are the methods? Symptoms are never a sure sign of pregnancy and your HPTs turned BFN already even after missing your period. So, chances are you’re probably not pregnant. It could simply be an anovulatory cycle, it’s common for women during their fertile years to skip an AF or two… all of a…[Read more]

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    looking for some hope!

    I have had a failed twin transfer this April and going for round 2 in September. I’ve heard that the 2nd attempt often has more chance of success than the first one. However, is there a time frame… as in within a stipulated time it has more chance of improving the success rate and beyond which the hopes are as much as it…[Read more]

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