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    looking for some hope!

    I have had a failed twin transfer this April and going for round 2 in September. I’ve heard that the 2nd attempt often has more chance of success than the first one. However, is there a time frame… as in within a stipulated time it has more chance of improving the success rate and beyond which the hopes are as much as it was over the 1st round? There’s no specific reason as for why the twin transfer didn’t work. For the matter, my whole infertility is tagged “unexplained” except so far except some inconsistency in Protein C level and a borderline AMH. Also, the remaining 3 embies that looked viable got arrested shortly after my transfer. As per Dr the reason could be over several things or just a matter of bad luck… hard to pinpoint an exact cause…. but I wonder if it’s for low AMH. Does anyone knows if low AMH can cause more than poor egg quality and low numbers, that’s all I’ve been told or read about the ill effects? DHEA or Ubiquinol which one gives better results from recepients’ perspective?