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  • hey gang this is my second pregancy and this time im taking a week by week picture to show my bump i missed 3 weeks out at the start but week by week from 15 weeks in who else does this xx

  • try to relax all men watch porn its something they have done since they began to have sexual urges in personal opinion there are many reasons a man may watch porn it may be to de-stress himself and get in to the […]

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    i am 18 weeks plus 1 day i have been feeling movements for about 2 weeks this is my 2nd pregnany and have my scan in 12 days and i can not wait i plan to find out the sex with just my hubby in the room we then are going to tell our girls and announce to the world via fb a picture 1 of them saying were having a baby sister or baby brother in pink…[Read more]

  • hey gang bit of a shock to my system at the moment my fiance and i have just found out were pregnant and were 9 weeks and 2 days we have 2 children from previous relationships but this is our first together we […]

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