• Hi ladies just checking in and congrat’s to Courtenay, hope all went well with the us on Halloween. One month left and it’s looking like a c-section for me. Baby is two weeks behind in growth, but still within the normal range. He is a footling breech and does not look like he is going to turn down. We are hoping to get a 5 1/2 lb baby. Last…[Read more]

  • Well not much longer now is seems. Due around Dec. 8th and baby was weighing in small at last us. Have another scheduled for Oct. 22/08 and go the dr. this Wednesday for routine 3 week appt. Feeling good and trying not to stress.

  • Went in for 20 week u/s and too was told that our baby has SUA (Single Umbilical Artery).

    I try not to read too much on the interent as it makes me full of emotion. I am trying to remain positive, but I cannot help but ask ‘why me, why after all I have been through’? We could have a perfectly healthy baby with no chromosomal or congenital…[Read more]