• thanks RedheadMama!… I am not sure that I released an egg but i did get a positive opk on 09/28 and ov cramping 09/29 not to mention that I did have EWCM for 4 days in a row around that time… i was checking CM evey day after bleeding stopped and it did exactly what it was supposed to do and then went from EWCM back to sticky creamy. since…[Read more]

  • Thanks ladies… i dont know anymore !! I thought i had it all down pat… and now I am just questioning myself on everything i thought i knew…
    my biggest thing now is if it BFN fine but let Af start so we can TTC….
    Last month after i lost 9/12 …. I wasn’t sure if the 9/17 AF was really an AF…. at this point maybe my cycle all messed…[Read more]

  • the reason i need to know is because i slipped last night and even though i said I would wait till tomorrow … i tested last night and got a BFN :((((( i think if I knew for sure that the Rexall one step was not 25miu it would make me feel alot better … cause right now i am incredibly sad and discouraged…. i am going to buy FRERS tonight and…[Read more]

  • Thanks Lizzy… had cuddles tonight anyway!! Cant hurt to try … i am going to buy some ovulation strips next week to see if I can detect LH… if not I will just play the waiting game and keep trying… I just hate waiting and hate not knowing when it will happen again!!!

  • Hi ladies, so i need some help ….please bare with me with while i spill all the details.
    my LMP was 8/10/2010 on 9/4/2010 i took a pregnancy test and it was postive..
    on 9/10/2010 my pregnancy symptoms started to decrease but i didn’t really notice,…till after..
    9/12/2010 i would have been 2 days shy of 5 weeks and my bf and I had sex … i…[Read more]

  • see what confuses me is if opks are positive than why are hpts not picking up hcg… how low can an opk pick up hcg level

  • green it also says that it can be rare to get more than 1 postive opk per cycle…..because the surge doesn’t last long ….

    go here and read all info on OPKS http://www.peeonastick.com/opkhpt.html

  • terrac have you read the info about OPKs as HPTs?? i googled LH hormone like crazy when mine started staying positive….. it say your either ovulating, preparing for implantation or pregnant!!! sorry not trying to get you or I excited but why or why does it day that!!!! 😀 😀 !!!!

  • green – Opks will be positve and then go negative .. when you get your surge it only last 6-12 hours and then you ovulate 24-36 later .. i have some info on my home computer i will try and post the link on your profile later tonight … BD today tomorrow and the next night take 1 night off and bd again….. but make sure you BD!!!!

  • crazy Terrac… oh please let this be a sign of LH in our systems suppoting the luteal phase until HCG takes over!!!!

  • i don’t know anything about temps horne sorry…! But i think i might buy a bbt this month …when someone answers horne can you tell me about temps too!

  • who was it that said they had their DH POAS and it was postive on the opk?

  • terrac i am going to call hotline again tonight cause so you remember i said the lady didn’t sound like she knew what i was talking about when she said 25miu … i trust you over her saying 50miu i ccouldn’t find rexall online…. but i used a FRER sunday and it was bfn….. but sunday was the earliest i could test …. but still 62 % of woman get…[Read more]

  • see Di what happened was i got a postive opk the day before ov 9/28 … on 9/29 and 9/30 it was negative .. not even a line .. the test window was completely white….. on 10/3, 10/07, 10/10 my opks were positve and I know I ovulated on 9/29,9/30 ish… last hpt was 10/10 and it was BFN …Af due Friday 10/15

  • I am using the rexall one step 5 opk pack with 2 HPT kit.. it was the cheapest and i didn’t have enought time to order online … urrgghhh i hate the 2 ww.. this is brutal!!! Like if AF is going to come just come already so I can get my BD on….. 😀 lol i hate 28 day cycles …. too long in between AFs to try .,….sorry im getting poopy…[Read more]

  • Terrac let us know… I am going to POAS OPK style today too just to see if it still postive …was positive 1 day before ov negative for 2 days and then 4dpo, 8dpo and 11dpo ….. 13dpo today cd 26 ..feeling really down today …not feeling preggo like i did last month….

  • lovinlife2012 replied to the topic in the forum Babies Forum 3 years, 6 months ago

    ok so ladies need help posted last night and didn’t get a response… cycles are normally 28 -29 days .. however this month cycles were 32 days due to hormones being messed up becasue of loss …. how many days should i use to calculate my ovulation date??

  • lovinlife2012 replied to the topic in the forum Babies Forum 3 years, 6 months ago

    omg i just ready that it is fairly normal to only recieve 1 positive opk per cycle if you are only testing once per day… for those who are interested check out the post … it is very informative about OPK’s and how they work… perhaps save the link be cause i see soo many questions here regarding OPK’s you never know when you can help someone…[Read more]

  • lovinlife2012 replied to the topic in the forum Babies Forum 3 years, 6 months ago

    So I remember 10 years ago my very first pregnancy symptom with my son was sore BB .. I knew I was PG with him before i missed AF…. last month before we has our loss, days after conception my BB’s were swollen around the nipple, tingling and somewhat tender ….
    So OVulated Wednesday and already have swollen, fat glands and tender nipples….…[Read more]

  • lovinlife2012 replied to the topic in the forum Babies Forum 3 years, 6 months ago

    Thanks Ladies…. Just dont know what to do with myself today… wouldn’t go as far to call myself depressed .. but all i can do is mope around and all i have been doing for a month is obsessing on trying to replace the baby we lost…. The great sperm race won .. an egg was fertilized and after all that we lose the baby??? that sucks!!…[Read more]

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