• It is okay to be protective. You must remember that your child has his sister for life and they will take care of eachother for life. You might remind her it is ok to be jealous but that he is her baby and she […]

  • You are beautiful too! Visual stimulation is one thing. There is a whole lot more than sex that a man wants from his partner. I realized men are like babies the squishier you are the better. They want to be love […]

  • Hello Sweetheart, the father may have made his decision. I’m in a similar situation my friend at work when i told her the baby daddy blocked me i think. She laughed and told me he may be able to block you but he […]

  • Young mothers have been around just as long as people to be judgemental. I love to hear of all families as long as they are happy healthy ones. Great job in raising beautiful open people to do great things and […]

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    Well I had this funny feeling I was going to be pregnant before the end of August. Almost like an angel told me. I had that happen with my son 13 years ago. So I was sure I was pregnant. I took a home pregnancy test. It came back negative. So I had a sinus infection, at the doctors I asked for a pregnancy test. Negative again. I was almost more…[Read more]

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