• Hi there. How are you? Whats up these days? I think what you wear with your own choice becomes your trend. I would suggest that if your tailor is far away then you can gve him dresses for all next pregnancy months at one time. It will save your time more over this is convinient for you. Good luck. Take care of your diet and healthy.

  • Hello ladies. How are you all? I am 37 years old. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant. It hasn’t been an easy journey. I conceived with the help of IVF. The doctors declared me high risk. I have been experiencing a lot of cramps lately. More so than usual. The feeling is similar to what I have a couple of days before AF shows up. So, I am very…[Read more]

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    Hey everyone, how are you all? Whats up these days? Do I want to know that after how much time of Ttc one should become pregnant? I mean I don’t know the basics of after ttc. It’s been 2 months we are ttc. We both are disheartened now. 10 of questions arise daily from family. What should I do now? How to handle everything? I think it will take…[Read more]

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