• Megan2016, I’m really glad that my posts have helped you in some way. Our trip will start in several weeks. My hubby has already booked tickets. I packed some things for the trip. I think both of us are ready to visit Ukraine. Nevertheless, I feel a little bit nervous about all these things. We’re going to book several shots. I hope that I’l…[Read more]

  • I’m really glad for you, Megan2016! At least, your ED journey has already started and you may share your updates with us soon. We’re also considering Biotexcom as our possible destination. Their prices are quite reasonable. We also liked their egg donation packages. As far as I know, not all fertility clinics are ready to offer free acc…[Read more]

  • I think you should trust your gut in this case. You were there and you saw everything with your own eyes so you’re the one who should make the decision in this case. I’ve read all your posts very attentively. The clinic seems to be ok. The thing that they’ve apologized sounds ok. If you really like their services and prices, you may give them…[Read more]

  • We did visited the fertility specialist last week. He gave us a list of tests to be done. I’ve already done one ultrasound check and a blood test. My hubby has done a sperm test. Megan2016, have you made your mind what to do further? Will you visit the clinic you’ve mentioned in your initial post???
    P.S. I’ve read all your posts, and Biote…[Read more]

  • Megan, thanks for your feedback about that clinic. It’s nice that they offer fresh eggs. As far as I know, frosties are also ok. My close friend conceived with the help of frozen eggs. As far as I know, you should do a number of tests before your egg donation program starts. Am I right, hun?
    P.S. What tests did you do?

  • It’s really great that the clinic have provided you with the apartment, free meals and transportation services. I think we should ask our program manager whether they could give us the same things. Dear, did they charge any additional fees for these services? Some fertility clinics like to charge additional fees from their clients. My close f…[Read more]

  • Hi, ladies. I decided to write here cause I also plan to go to Ukraine soon. I want to find a good fertility clinic there. I suffer from a tough PCOS, and my gyny recommends me to try a donor egg. Here, in the UK, we can’t find a cheap clinic so we also want to try our luck in Ukraine. So is it really safe to go there? Please, share your f…[Read more]

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