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    . I had several pre-existing health conditions that made it unsafe to carry my own child. We went through IVF so we could have a gestational surrogate carry our child. My husband and I were very hopeful. We knew this was our family’s story and that made it special.
    I did a ton of research on clinics before moving forward with IVF because my doctors only approved me for one round due to my other health conditions. We had to nail it. My research uncovered that IVF philosophies differ from clinic to clinic. Some of the more well known clinics in my area put every patient on the same cycle, and every patient would have their procedures done on the same day, and never on weekends or holidays. But every woman is different. When one woman may be ready for the extraction, another woman could go another day or two on hormone shots in order to get more eggs. The clinic I ended up choosing did cycles and procedures according to when MY body was ready. Our IVF doctor and nurses came in on the July 4th holiday for our transfer! Now we have 15-month old twins, one boy and one girl.