• Hi ladies – I have a question. Do you get sticky mucus if you’re pregnant? I’m 7-8 dpo. Last Thursday I had a bit of CM and when I looked in the loo, there was a line of CM with blood in it. So I’m still living in ‘FX’ land and hoping…….lol

  • LKDream – thanks for your post a few days ago. Went to gyno yesterday and he said he could see no reason why I can’t get pregnant….. Am only going to try a few more months. If it doesn’t work, then I’m going to enjoy my son who’s 21 months. I am lucky enough to have him. They gyno gave me clomid for next month if this month doesn’t work. Worth…[Read more]

  • Woo hoo, looks like there could be a baby train soon. Good luck to all those testing. Just a question to anyone who’s been on clomid – I ovulated Friday so am 5 dpo. But for the last 2 days I have had a slight twinge in my uterus (I think). Has anyone had this before and is it just a side effect of the clomid? Thanks and again, good luck to…[Read more]

  • Hi ladies – wow, hell of a testing group next week. Endoftherainbow, Sunnyside, baby786, Laura615 LOL. That will be a hell of a BFP train when it gets going – hope everyone gets on it. Am 6 dpo so will test 28-29th too…… Fingers crossed for everyone :o)

  • Got doc’s appt for my DS tomorrow morning so going to talk to my doc about taking a more agressive go at this TTC thingie. Have very sore lower back (tail bone area) and cramping and top it off, thick CM but not a lot. So I’m guessing AF is going to visit me at Xmas. Dang it.

  • Kiwichick – fingers crossed but my thoughts are with you either way. Sunnyside – good luck with testing tomorrow. Endoftherainbow – Yay for your BFP. Laura – good news so keep those fingers crossed. As for me – didn’t even get the chance to test this morning as AF showed up. So going to re-evaluate over weekend to decide if I go onto month 12 of…[Read more]

  • ttc6thbaby – I don’t think I’ve ever been 28 days but since my son was born, I’ve been anywhere from 30 – 33, maybe 35 days. My darling child screwed up my cycles lol. But I’ve been pretty lucky in knowing when I’m O’ing because it’s quite obvious. And since I’m using a donor, I have to be right on the money. But that 2 week wait is always…[Read more]

  • Congrats Katimae on your BFP!! Worth celebrating. Lovemade us – sorry it didn’t work. Dang it. I’m 7dpo and I’m counting. Why is it every little thing, every little cramp, twinge, feeling you get – you over analyise it. I was eating breakfast this morning and suddenly the thought of the dry cereal in my mouth made me spit it out. I had that…[Read more]

  • Dmarine, have my fingers crossed for you. Can’t wait to read the next update. Am currently 7dpo so I bought 3 pack FRER and will start testing Friday…..2ww is a killer. Kristy, you could look at protein shakes, the ones that put mass on. Would save you eating brussel sprouts – bacon though – yum. Then you could even chuck in a banana or…[Read more]

  • Thanks damnkat. Plunket nurse here today, doing her 9 month check (even though he’s now 11 months) on my son and explained a bit more about it to me. So I’m going to forgo the OPK and go by CM like I did when I got pregnant with my son. It obviously worked then lol. This will be my third try in as many months. But I feel this time is the one.…[Read more]

  • Congrats Gen, boo to all other BFNs. FX for all those waiting – drives ya crazy doesn’t it!! Just have a question – almost 2 weeks ago I tried Wednesday and then OPK showed positive on the following Thursday so tried again on Friday morning. My question is – when do I test?? Because, if I don’t get a BFP, I’ll eat my hat. My boobs feel like…[Read more]

  • TaylorTTC – may I ask why you only take EPo up till you O? I’m taking 2 pills first thing plus Elevit (pregnancy vitamin which I have been on for the last 3 months – folic etc). When I read your post, I thought Oops, is there something I didn’t know? lol.

  • Congrats to the BFPs and boo hoo to the Af’s that show up. Don’t post much but read every day when I’m at work to keep an eye on everyone. 1st month of taking clomid and now CD19 so expecting to O either today or over the next few days. Last month it was 5 days late ovulating so just being a poas addict with my OPKs. But I’m sure my son has…[Read more]

  • LKDream – just popping and checking on how you are all doing… Just read your blog about hubby’s low sperm count – does he take any male supplement? In NZ, we have Elevit prenatals for women and Menevit for men, to help them. It worked for him, taking his count up from 63 to 89. Every little bit helps :o) Still have my fingers crossed for you.

  • Morning ladies – well, it’s Monday morning here in New Zealand. Am 9 dpo and starting to analyse every little thing – as you do. Have a sore lower back and have felt like I’m getting my period since Saturday. Had weird dreams this morning, dreaming that a whole lot of people I knew were pregnant (nobody in particular) and they were all over 31-35…[Read more]

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    Damnkat – ignore them…. You honestly would think that some people would grow up eventually and leave their petty school behaviour behind. You could always totally mess with them and go up to them and confront them. Anyway, you have all these lovely ladies that know you’re caring and very supportive on here so tell them to kiss your butt!!!…[Read more]

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    Jenica, sorry to hear that. AF showed up Friday. 2 days early again (2nd time in 7 months of TTC). This time it really hit hard. I had a good cry (and another one 2 days later) and now ready for the next go. Finding it really hard this time round because I can’t really talk about it with friends. I’m only going to try a few more months and if…[Read more]

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    Cuppycake – congrats of the pos OPK. I got my two lines on my OPk today too. So I did what I had to do this afternoon and will do it again in the morning. So tell me, when do I start counting dpo’s? That part is always a mystery to me. This has been my longest cycle ever – 35-36 days if you please. I have had a bit of CM since Monday-Tuesday…[Read more]

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    Have a question for the ladies that use metformin – have been on it for 1 1/2-2 weeks and just wondering if it affects ovulation or ovulation symptoms? Not getting much mucus when I normally do…. Hoping for imput. Thanks

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    Thanks Mommy2One – I have tried a few times but have high expectations. Baby #1 happened on the 2nd try – very lucky as i know plenty of people struggle. But have a feeling this is going to be a mission. Hope baby dust falls on you and yours :o)

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