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    I am 34 years old married but with no child. We have been trying to conceive for the past six years, but we have not been lucky. We have been in and out of clinics, tested and treated but I have not been able to conceive. The last doctor we visited carried out all the tests and told us that I have Luteinizing Hormone deficiency. He explained that this is one of the reasons why I experience irregular periods. Also, he pointed out that I suffer from Follicle stimulating hormone deficiency, a thing that makes it difficult for my ovaries to release a mature egg that is ready for fertilization. I listened to him but since I don’t have any medical knowledge I did not make head or tail of what he was saying. I am sorry if the details I have given here are scanty. In fact, it is for this reason that I came to this forum. I came here so that I could be helped to understand my problem before I seek help. I know we have experts on this forum. If they are, kindly explain to me in a layman’s language what LH and Follicle stimulating hormone is and what I need to do to reverse the status.

    • Hello Tobina. Sorry for the late reply! You see, I just registered here… Anyways I don’t have the biggest understanding when it comes to medicine. However what I can tell about your situation… And all situations that have to with hormones… Is that you should pay look for the hormone that you lack and live a life that stimulates it. For example here’s what my 17 years old cousin does. He wants to have a beard so badly. Knowing that beard is produced only via testosterone release. He started working out and eating foods that stimulate the body to produce testosterone! You probably shoiuld do something similar. Understand that in no way am I an expert or anything close to it. You should consult a real expert for this. I’m just a stranger whose trying to help! Wish you all the best!