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Congratulations on the birth of your baby! Caring for an infant can be scary and overwhelming at times, but you and your baby will get to know each other in no time. Becoming a parent is a big change and can take some time to adjust to. Make sure that you accept help from friends and family in the early weeks.

Newborn babies move between six states throughout the day. Your baby could be in deep sleep, light sleep, a drowsy state, awake alert, fussy alert, or crying stage. It is important to recognize these stages so that you can adapt to your babies needs and develop a better understanding of what soothes him the best.

Babies like to look at human faces the most. They can not see very far and can not distinguish colors very well. Besides the human face, babies like brightly colored patterns, mirrors and objects that are red, black or white. Babies will stare at things but can not grab ahold of anything quite yet. It is comforting for your baby when you hold her close, rock her and speak gently to her. It is important to handle your baby carefully and always support their underdeveloped neck.

You may be tempted to put your baby to bed with you, but this is dangerous. Wholesale Babies should sleep on their backs in their own crib. Young babies can begin to develop some type of a schedule. All stuffed animals, bedding and pillows should be removed to reduce the risk of suffocation. You can put your baby on her belly for tummy time several times a day. This will help to develop muscle strength.

When traveling, always use a properly installed infant restraint seat. To ensure the safety of your baby, have their carseat checked by a licensed car seat installer. Because car accidents reduce the quality of a car seat, never buy used car seats and replace yours if it is in an accident.

Babies cry wholesale jerseys for lots of reasons. When a baby is crying, that his means of communication. He is experiencing a need that is not being met. Babies cry because they are hungry, wet, tired, hot/cold, experiencing pain, overstimulated, and many other reasons. Soon you will be able to decode your babies cries. Sometimes babies can not be comforted and it seems that the crying will never end. When you have tried everything and nothing seems to work, put her in her crub and close the door. Come back in a few minutes to check on her. Whatever you do, don’t take any frustration out on your baby.

Your newborn will сайте! be ready to eat every two to three hours on average. Formula fed babies may cheap mlb jerseys go longer in between feedings. Remember to burp your baby after each feeding to reduce gas and fussiness. Breast feeding can be trying for the first cheap jerseys few weeks. It takes patience, support and dedication, but you can do it. If you are encountering problems, ask for help. Call your doctor, the baby’s doctor or a lactation consultant.

Developmental Milestones Newborn


  • It may look as if your newborn baby is scrunched up with his arms and legs not fully extended.
    Your baby is used to being wholesale mlb jerseys inside the womb, and this is normal.
    If he appears bowlegged, don’t worry. It’s part of the stretching-out process and will most likely fase
    away by the time he’s five or six months old.

  • Your baby may lift his head briefly when he’s lying on his
    stomach by the end of this month. Give your baby plenty of tummy time to help him develop his muscles.
    He may also be able to turn it from side to side. Jerky movements give way to more smooth ones as his
    nervous system and muscle control mature. Your baby’s primitive reflexes, such as sucking and chewing
    on his hands, remain dominant.

  • Baby’s vision is still fuzzy and ??? he can not see very far.
    Your baby likes to look at your face. Keep it close by and talk to him when you are holding him.


  • Right now food is the most important thing in your newborn’s life. Sleep comes in at a close second. Most newborn babies will feed every two to three hours around the clock. Sleeping patterns are equally intermittent. Most newborns sleep for a total of 16 to 17 hours in a 24-hour period, but that’s usually broken up into eight to ten naps. By the end of the month your baby may have developed something of a feeding and sleeping pattern, but you may not notice any real pattern for months. It is hard to put a newborn on a strict schedule. Sleeping helps your baby regain energy and it also helps brain development.
  • Right now your baby doesn’t have much of a personality. Crying is the only way that your baby knows how to express himself. He spends his time moving in and out of several different states of sleepiness, quiet alertness, and active alertness.
  • Your face is the most interesting thing to your baby right now. He also likes high-contast objects. Show him black and white toys at playtime.
  • Learning begins immediately, so take all opportunities to teach him about the world around him. Use his quiet and alert times to play and talk with your baby.
  • Your baby can recognize faces and may try to imitate gestures. Give your baby the chance to imitate you. Stick your tongue out and give him a chance to repeat it. Then, do it again. Even if he does not do it, he is watching you!
  • Mobiles with high contrast patterns and picture books with strong line drawings will capture your baby’s attention. When your baby starts fussing, its time to stop and move on to something else.
  • Babies like their own reflection. Place unbreakable mirrors at cribside or on the floor for them to focus on.


  • This month your baby becomes quiet and calm when you speak to him gently and hold him upright. He may even make an ‘ah’ sound when he hears your voice and sees your face. Most babies love to be held, caressed, kissed, stroked, massaged, world! and carried. Touch is an important means of communicating with your baby.
  • Your baby can show you their feelings. She may wholesale jerseys China yawn, arch her back, turn her face, fuss or cry if she is overstimulated. She will coo if she is enjoying something. Pay close attention to what your baby is `telling` you.

Age Appropriate Toys:

  • Rattles
  • Play gyms
  • Unbreakable mirrors
  • Mobiles
  • Soft toys
  • Musical toys
  • Toys with lights
  • Swings
  • Bouncy seats
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  1. lilybub78 31 December 2015

    Is any body else having lop sided boobies? That might sound weird but my right one is always more full and the left one looks like a pancake. I've tried feeding her more on the flat side to get it evened up but that doesn't seem to be helping. Anyone else having this issue?

  2. ashley101378 31 December 2015

    lilybub78-My boobs are lopsided no matter if I'm breastfeeding or! So with all 5 of my babies, I have always pumped more out of my bigger one than my smaller one. On average, I can pump 3 to 4 oz out of my left and 2 to 3 out of my right.

  3. alyssakd86 31 December 2015

    Lilybub78 - I am also having that problem! I tried always starting with my 'gimpy' boob, but it still looks smaller and less full than my right one. But it seems to be producing the same amount of idk. I thought about calling lactation, but my LO seems to like it fine. He actually seems to prefer that side :) I wouldn't worry about it unless you feel like its not producing enough.

  4. lilybub78 31 December 2015

    Thanks for your answers. I was kind of worrying that the left one might be drying up but it hasn't changed how she eats any. So I hope it isn't going to be a problem. And not to sound vain but I hope it doesn't stay that way! Managed to BF my older two without having TOO much damage done to the old 'fun bags' so hopefully this one doesn't wreck them either. Haha. Oh boy that sounds bad! Also I'm reading about the blues on here. I feel for ya ladies. Had full blown PPD after my first child and crying jags for a month after my second. This one I'm fine. Haven't even cried for no reason! Whoo hoo. But I am getting some severe PMS feelings. Like angry at everyone. My OH asked me this morning 'WTF is your problem?!?' lol I can't answer him because for one I really don't know and for two, I think I'd hurt his feelings if I said 'I really want all you damn people to leave me alone with this baby' Come on school! Please start again soon!

  5. Mommy2Melody 31 December 2015

    hello mamas! Happy new year to all of you. Melody is 3 wks and aside from a little constipation, she is doing fine. She's weighing in at 9 lbs. :) she was 8lbs 4 oz when she was born. She slept so good for me last night! I love her so much. Its still hard since her daddy works long hours and i take care of her alone but i'm getting more used to it. I had the baby blues really bad right after i had her. I say it lasted about the first 2 wks and i was so tired and couldn't stop crying all the time. I was so overwhelmed and just felt alone. This week has been better though. Went for my post partum check up and my incision has healed nicely. I have to go back in 3 wks to get my iud put in. Sucks me and my fiance have to use condoms til then. Lol not a fan of them but definately don't want my 2nd baby to be born so soon! Love and warm thoughts to u all.

  6. GSL 31 December 2015

    I noticed some sores on Olivia's hands today and they look like the sores from hand foot and mouth disease. She has an appointment today. They don't seem to bother her that much but I still feel bad for her.

  7. mrserror08 31 December 2015

    alky - I breastfeed and I went back to work 11 days PP so my LO had to start a bottle early. I have tons of the The First Years Breastflow bottles because I knew I was going to have to combination feed and their supposed to be more like the breast. I still use them because I have so many but my LO doesn't like them that much. The nipple is like a round ball on the end and then very big and its hard for her to get her mouth around. And there's 2 nipples, a harder blue one and a soft clear one that goes over it and the top one always collapses so when I finally get her to take it and get sucking at a good pace, I have to stop her and fix it and try to get her back on. I also have some Avent bottles and those are the ones I prefer to use when we're out. DH likes the Breastflow. And if colick isn't a problem for you, someone bought me a cheapy Luvs brand bottle from Family Dollar and it has a super tiny nipple and DH likes that one too. But really, no matter what bottle we use, she fights it. It takes about 15 minutes of trying and her crying and fighting it until she finally gives up and takes it. I've heard a lot of good things from the Tommy Tippee bottles so I want to try those. I was planning on ordering them online because I haven't seen them in the stores around here. We only use a bottle (pumped milk) when I'm at work or we're out in public like the doctors office or store

  8. Mumbum 31 December 2015

    I feel for you ladies who are going through the blues. I had Post-partum with my first born and it was hell. My husband told me that he was afraid that one day he would come home to find our son in the garbage. I of course never would have hurt him, My husband was just fearing the worse. In the end I asked my doctor for some meds to help out after a month of tears, and they did wonders for me. Just hang in there girls! It won't be like this for long. Take advantage of any offers of help.

  9. kneec3 31 December 2015

    I am havng bouts of sweating too!!! Yuck..was at the pediatricians office today and started to sweat profusely. ahhh I hate hormones. Soyer was 6 lbs 15oz at birth and at 2 1/2 weeks she weighs 8 lbs 7 oz....ya, she loves her 'boobie'

  10. Mumbum 31 December 2015

    @kelly- it can be. everyone is different and it also depends on if you had a natural birth or c-section. I had a c-section and stopped bleeding at 8 days pp. Just having occasional spotting. With my first baby who was also c-section I was bleeding until 15days pp. My friend who had a natural baby was bleeding for 22 days pp.

  11. ashley101378 31 December 2015

    kellykat-My baby turned a month old on the 27th. I am still bleeding. He was born vaginally. I would say that with all my babies, I bled for 5 to 6 weeks straight from start to complete finish. Even now, at almost 5 weeks, I'll have a couple days with nothing, then a couple days of filling a couple pads. So I know it's slowing down. Just not completely gone.

  12. GSL 31 December 2015

    Olivia is 3 weeks 3 days old and weighs 11 pounds already!!! She was born at 8 pounds 6 oz. She is getting so big already!

  13. ashley101378 31 December 2015

    Lil Larry is 9lbs 15oz, started at 8lbs 7oz. He's a month old, wears nb and 0-3 months. Some nb stuff just doesn't fit in length.

  14. Hunniebee 31 December 2015

    Hi all we had a crap Night last night we got to see the new year in together ... and then slept till about 4 and then till 7 then we did a 5 hour sleep which i get 4 hours of ..cause i woke up extremely thirsty ... She will be weighed again this week i am sure she has gone over her birth weight ... she was 8 2 born lost 200gm the first week while my milk came in and gained 40gms 3 days later

  15. JJ010109 31 December 2015

    Joseph is 2 weeks and 3 days and weighs 10pounds 3oz he was born at 9 pounds 12oz and he wears 0-3 months nb only fit him for the first 3-4 days of birth lol

  16. alky 31 December 2015

    Not sure how much my LO weighs, but he is 2 weeks old. Newborn clothes don't fit him in length. The 0-3 sleeper he is wearing now does not have much longer either because of the length. At birth he was 21.5 inches long. Also at birth he weighed 7lb15oz and 3 days after that he was 8lb5oz, so I know he is gaining quickly. He is starting to get the fat bracelets and I can tell his waist and legs are also chunkier than they used to be. I wish I owned a scale!

  17. adoptakalyn 31 December 2015

    Yeah, some people take the full 6 weeks to recover fully that's why most doctors want you to refrain from sex and physical activity until after the first check up. And if you tore at all it could be worse, just make sure you keep yourself clean. When I take a shower I take the nozel and spray my who-ha directly and then soap it and repeat lol (sorry for the TMI lol).

  18. Camilashewillbe 31 December 2015

    ohh no i cantsoap it at all!! it stings nd hurts sooo much and idk where my spray is :/ IDK time seems to go by fast I mean my lil angel is 3 weeks today but when I think of the healing part. not so fast! lol

  19. cedarsmomplus1 31 December 2015

    hi ladies my baby girl is 11 daya old today, wow! i have a question has anyone else had an epi stich fall out i had one come out when i whiped and a lil freaked out :/

  20. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Thanks erin1023 and adopakalyn for the reply... I actually though something was wrong with me. I just cant wait to go back to normal... in case of an emergency I will be stock with this hips lol.

  21. adoptakalyn 31 December 2015

    Camilla- I don't rub soap on it, I gather up a good lather and then a gently pat it on... Makes me feel a sense of clean lol. But if it still hurts that bad you may have an infection :/ something to get checked out. And cedar- I didn't have an episiotomy but I tore a bit and all my stitches have come out... Don't worry they fall out or dissolve when they are ready to :)

  22. Camilashewillbe 31 December 2015

    adopt- maybe.... cuz not even the soap that falls when i rinse can toch me cuz it burns and stings and hurts too bad!!! I'll make the apointment next week either way.. i jst havent had any time to give my dr a call and ask about it.

  23. Camilashewillbe 31 December 2015

    cedar... i tore and they stitched me.. i asked my mom were they had stitched me and as soon as i got back home i looked for them everywhere and didn't find em... i would think.. if it didnt hurt then dont worry about it, maybe they're jst fallin out(: good for you! you're healing ;)

  24. Verena 31 December 2015

    Ah 3love, mine does the same.. Every time I put him in his cot and turn the light off he cries for more.. He's great sleeping on my chest, but I really don't want to go there.. I never let DS1 either, as much as I would like to cuddle up all the time.. Welcome Abbie!! Wahoo, here we are all together again!

  25. luckysarahPINK 31 December 2015

    Goatmom so glad thatbaby nate is doing better! I noticed layla's eye was all goopy late last night, she has pink eye! Poor thing, how does a three week old get pink eye!?!? I got some antibiotic eye drops so hopefully they will start to help soon because she can barely open her eye right now. Pumping is going ok but i seem to produce less milk in the evening and nighttime so i have pretty much just been giving all formula at night and then breastmilk all day. My boobs are usually killing me by the morning though from not pumping all night. This routine seems to be ok for now and i am happy she is at least getting a majority of breastmilk but i dont know how this will work once i go back to work. I can only stay one feed ahead of her and cant build a surplus.. which is frustrating. Anyone else having these issues?

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