Month 1

During the second month of life, your baby may be settling into a routine. You have both had time to recover from the birth and are getting to know each other well. You might still feel overwhelmed and stressed at times, and that is normal.

Your baby’s movements are becoming smoother and less jerky. Although he can hold his head up briefly, he still needs your support. While on her tummy, your baby can probably hold her head up slightly. Continue to lay her on her belly for tummy time throughout the day. Babies like to look at different patterns, colors and textures as their eyesight is improving. Because your baby may be rolling over in one direction, it is imperative that you do not ever leave your little one unattended. Even if she has not rolled over yet, one day she will surprise you!

You will be rewarded for all of your dedication this month with smiles of appreciation. Your baby is beginning to smile socially and likes when you smile back at him. Your baby likes to see you excited and the more you interact with him, the more fun he will be for and you. Praise your baby for learning a new skill and show him he makes you proud! Some babies begin to coo-make the same sounds back to him. Play cooing games with your baby to help him develop Month language skills.

Babies have a strong desire to suck and sometimes feeding does not meet their need. Encourage your baby to suck on a fist, hand or pacifier to learn to soothe themselves. Many babies suck on their thumbs or hands before they Notre are even born. Often times, babies enjoy sucking on pacifiers. Be careful not to overuse them and never tie them aorund the baby’s neck.

While crying is totally normal, some babies will develop colic. Colic occurs when a baby continuously cries and can not be comforted. Continue to comfort your baby the best you can and ask for suggestions from the doctor. Medication may be necessary. Accept help from others and take the time for yourself Canon that you deserve and need. While it can be challenging and tiresome, colic usually settles down around 3-4 months. Babies need caregivers to be patient, gentle and attentive.

Babies hands have unclenched and will remain open most of the time now. Encourage your baby to reach for objects and grasp ahold of them. Let your baby experience different sizes, colors and textures to optimize learning.

Your baby will be getting his first series of shots at this time. It is very important that you have your child immunized against serious diseases. Not only is it important for your child’s health, it is critical for the well-being of the community. Giving your baby tylenol before he receives his shots will decrease the pain. Vaccines do have some risks and side effects, but are much less severe than the actual disease.

Your baby may be going a bit longer in between feedings. Most breastfed babies can go about 3 hours in between each feeding and bottlefed cheap MLB jerseys babies are feeding closer to every 4 hours. You may have been told that if you add solids or cereal to baby’s bottle, they will sleep better. This may be tempting, but it should not be done. Breastmilk or formula should be the only source of nutrition at this wholesale NFL jerseys time. Babies at this age are still to young to start on solids.

Continue to play with your baby and teach her about the world around her. Set her on your lap facing outwards so that she can see more. Talk to your baby, sing to your baby and tell her all about what you are doing. Babies love to listen and this is how they learn. During playtime, sit her so that she is facing you. Stick your tongue out and see what she does. Babble back and forth. Make sure that you read to your baby. Babies do not necessarily care what you read to them, they just like hearing your voice and seeing wholesale MLB jerseys the brightly colored pictures.

Developmental Milestones 1 Month Old


  • Your baby can hold her head up for short periods of time.
  • Some babies can turn their heads from side to side while laying down.
  • Babies will hold gazes for longer periods of time.
  • Eyes can track objects
  • Grasp-your baby is equipped with a reflex that will allow him to grasp ahold of your finger or another small object


  • Your baby is discovering that he has hands and feet. Hold her arms above his head and ask , `How big is baby?` You can also count his toes and play this little piggy.
  • Your baby may gurgle, coo, grunt and hum to show her feelings. Coo and gurgle back and talk to her face to face.
  • Some babies may squeal and laugh.
  • Recognizes parents and will calm down when he hears the parents voices.
  • Your baby listens to and enjoys music. Use her awake times to stimulate her sensory development. Sing to her and play music. Vary what your baby hears.
  • Your baby will start sleeping for longer periods of time during the night and begin to stay awake more during the day.


  • Your baby is soothed by sucking. Babies need to suck and a pacifier may work wonders in helping your baby calm herself now.
  • Shows a preference for parents vs. strangers
  • May smile when they see a parent or familiar face

Age Appropriate Toys:

  • Rattles
  • Shakers and Chimes
  • Music toys
  • Shiny toys (foil works, too!)
  • Unbreakable mirrors
  • Mobiles
  • Moving toys
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  1. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Just had Jenna to the Dr with conjunctivitus, poor baby had a bad cold at two weeks and is full of it again, guess thats what happens when you have two older brothers!! She has her 8 week check booked in the new year and hope she is well enough then for her injections. I hope everyone is doing well and wish you all a Happy New Year!!!! x

  2. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    OH MY GOD. lol so its 6 am and I just put Tommie back down from nursing and it is HOT upstairs in our bedroom so I go downstairs to get some water and it is FREEZING. I mean, we are talking at least a 20 degree difference. I go to check the thermostat and its 58 degrees downstairs! I'm like 'what the heck?' THEN, I look over and our front door is WIDE open. Like WIDE WIDE open! I slam it shut and lock it and then look out the window to see if there are and tracks in the snow thinking not only if something/one got in but what if our doggy ran out? Holy crap my heart was doing like 180 miles per hour! Thank GOD nothing came in or out! Somehow our door wasn't closed right and a gust of wind pushed it open! lol I ran upstairs and shook my husband awake and told him, probably gave HIM a heart attack! The only thing, and I mean ONLY thing that was running through my mind was 'Someone could have walked right in and took my baby' I'm still in freak out mode. Oh Geez, what a wake up!

  3. Taylor027 31 December 2015

    so what i thought was a rash on my daughters face is now acne. ew. read up on it and there is nothign you can do except wash there face daily with a mild soap. i should use proactive on it. JUST KIDDING!!! They say it goes away in a couple of weeks. Stinks because she has some dry skin in between her eyebrows but they said dont put lotion on the face. so i just wash it. Its cute she has discovered her hand she likes to look at it. Must be some crazy trip for her like instead of Woodstock its Handstock. :)

  4. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    taylor, my baby had that when we went in for his 1 month check and i mentioned it to the dr. he said i could use 1% hyrocortizone cream. it worked wonders! i just bought the cheap target brand that has aloe in it. it was cleared up in about 1-2 days and now if it looks like his face or neck looks a little irriated i just use a little bit of the cream at night and in the morning it's you might want to try it for your LO.

  5. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    So anyone gotten their period yet? Noah will be six weeks on sunday and I started a period today. I'm not bfing.

  6. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    I had my baby girl 7 weeks ago, but I have a strange question. My co-worker is pregnant (won't find out what it is until Feb.) and just got a tummy line. We have heard from a few women that they had boys and had this line. I never had one, but then I had a girl. So, we were wondering if anyone who has a girl had this line? Or if it seems more common with boys?

  7. mislissa 31 December 2015

    awaitingannabell- I fist had a girl and didn't get that line and 5 weeks ago I had my son and...yup I still have a line. its fading though.

  8. MyAloma 31 December 2015

    I had a girl and my line went all the way up to my breasts i think darker complected people get more visible lines on their tummies

  9. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Hey ladies, guess what? More crap is wrong with me! yay... I fainted yesterday out of nowhere (no dizziness, nausea, blurred vision) just fainted. So I went to the doctor today and they did an EKG. It showed I was having palpitations so now I am hooked up to this stupid 'event moniter' I have these little electrode stickers on my chest and tummy and I have to wear this thing until Jan. 30! Whenever my heart gets screwy it makes this obnoxious beep for 15 seconds and I have to stand still so it can record my heart. Then I have to call this place and download the 'event'... sucky! Also, the dr. wants me to get an mri of my brain to check for aneurysms because 'apparently' they are 'common' after giving birth... sucky! lol AND, I have really bad eczema. Oh yea, my husband is now on Blood pressure medication and is having surgery on his shoulder (bone spur) if my HIDA scan comes back positive I will have to have surgery to remove my gall bladder. lol I'm not even 21 and my body is turning 80! lol

  10. Angie2008 31 December 2015

    I had a baby girl 7 weeks ago and am fair skinned and had a dark line from my breasts all the way down past my navel. I've never heard of that as an indicator of gender.

  11. Angie2008 31 December 2015

    How much drool does everyone's baby have? All of a sudden she started blowing spit bubbles and has been drooling when a few weeks ago there wasn't any drool.... Is it normal this young or does it mean something else?

  12. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    this is terrible...but sometimes my husband says this most ridiculous things and i get so frustrated! do you guys have this happen too??? i seriously just gave him a death stare last night when I said, hold the baby I need to take a shower...and he said 'don't be too long, i'm tired'...i have spit up down my shirt, poo on my pants, barely slept because the baby is colicky, and hadn't had a shower since the morning prior and he tells me to hurry up??? death stare! it's a good thing I adore him!

  13. aneila17 31 December 2015

    excitedmisty: lol... oh yes, i get the same things too. I either just say fine and let him go do what he wants because if he doesn't want to be around the kids or help then it just makes things worse or I give the death stare too! He does this with his oldest daughter, her bedtime is 8:30, he will get ready to go out with friends and leave at 8:20 telling her you have to go to bed in ten minutes. WHY can't you stay for 10 more minutes to tuck her in, i'm trying to feed the baby, clean up the mess from the day etc... then she says send daddy in when he gets home to tuck me in??????? ummm your daddy won't be home to 4 in the morning! grrr.... so dumb sometimes

  14. BabyRoss 31 December 2015

    My two cents on guys... well, my husband adores our little girl, and thinks he helps, which I am sure yours do too, but it doesn't seem like it when I am ALWAYS the one to give her a bottle, bathe her, dress her, etc. He does change her and hold her when she is sleeping, but grrr.... sometimes when she is screaming, help me.. so ya... I think it is a guy thing!

  15. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Misty, I just posted basically the same thing in the next month! I'll tell the hubby that I'm going to take a shower and he tells me to make it quick! But I know he gets worried that the baby will need to eat and he won't be able to do anything since I'm EBF. But I still take like 45 minute showers cause it's the only alone time I get and I'm going to cherish every second of it! lol

  16. Jamisonsmommy 31 December 2015

    does anyone here take an antideppresant or know of a safe one while breastfeeding? my dr prescribed me prozac claiming it was safe for baby and now i'm looking it up and it doesnt seem safe at all.

  17. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    @princeevan Alcohol will show up in breast milk, but the body metabolizes it out of it just the same as it does your body. If you have one or two drinks, by the time you no longer 'feel it' it won't gave much presence in your milk either.

  18. ChelseaLee 31 December 2015

    The past couple of nights have been the worst! Hazel will not sleep longer than 2 hours! I even upped her ounces in milk and that doesn't seem to help. She's just awake and alert at night making all sorts of noises...But during the day yesterday I kept her awake so she would be tired at night..but she tricked me and stayed up anyway! I am very sleepy. She is still awake now, in her swing.

  19. AndreaLeah 31 December 2015

    Hey Jamisonsmommy!! I haven't been on in a while but finally have some time to pop and read. How are things with you? I really miss the threads. Our baby girl Camryn is doing very well!! She is growing so fast now! For those of you breastfeeding, how are things going? I find that Camryn is using the breast as a pacifier sometimes. Anyone else finding this as well?

  20. ashley101378 31 December 2015

    Breastfeeding is going well for us here. He does tend to use me as a pacifier but more during the day. At night, I try to wake up as soon as I hear him figiting. I'll pump, then I know exactly how much he's getting and whether he needs me again. If I pump 3 oz, then 30 min or so later, I'll let him nurse if needed. I've learned that if I nurse at night, it takes 2 to 3 hours to eat and settle back to sleep. Bottle feeding,(breastmilk) and we're done in an hour or so.

  21. mrserror08 31 December 2015

    I breast feed in the side laying position at night so I never fully wake up. I don't know how often she eats or for how long because I don't look at the clock. I just pop my boob in her mouth and doze back off. Lol. I'll wake up and she'll be asleep and I just fix my shirt and go right back to sleep. She doesn't really use me as a pacifier thankfully since my first did and it seemed like he was attatched to my boob and I think that was one of the reasons I quit breastfeeding at only 2 months PP. This time breastfeeding is soooo much easier and I'm enjoying it much more. It never really hurt and it may sound crazy but I think my nipples were still tough from breastfeeding my 2 year old for those first 2 months. I remember it hurting so bad the first couple of weeks until my nipples toughened up but I never had any of that pain or soreness this time around. Even though its been 2 years I think its from breast feeding my son. I wonder if I will ever get feeling back in them? Lol. Oh, and my milk supply has finally evened out so I rarely get engorged anymore, even when I work and don't have time to pump its not as bad.

  22. mrserror08 31 December 2015

    I breastfed my first for 2 months and stopped simply because I didn't want to do it anymore. There were other factors that influenced my decision to stop like I felt he wasn't getting enough because he was always wanting to eat and using me as a pacifier and I went out of state to visit family for a few weeks and didn't feel comfortable breastfeeding in front of people. But everything really just added up to me not wanting to do it anymore. I felt guilty at first but then when I stopped, I enjoyed my son so much more. Breastfeeding had kind of gotten like a chore to me and I was hating it. It was just time to stop. I'm breastfeeding my LO now and loving it. But I'm just going with the mindset that I'll stop when I want to and not put pressure on myself to keep going. Although I think I will be doing it longer this time since Amiya hates the bottle. I was lucky with my son and he switched back and forth from the bottle to boob just fine. But in my opinion breastmilk is proven to be best for baby, but breastfeeding may not be for every woman. It doesn't make you a bad mom for not breast feeding. When I was bfing my son, I didn't know anyone who was bfing. Now, it seems like everyone is! I noticed that before on this site a lot of people are breastfeeding. Its great but I'm sure it can be kind of intimidating to those who don't. I already reached my goal of 2 weeks (that's how much I hated it last time) so I'll stop whenever I feel ready. And I won't feel guilty this time around =)

  23. AndreaLeah 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year ladies :) Breastfeeding for me was a challenge during the first few weeks. Camryn was so tiny that she would get tired so quickly and fall asleep. She had mild jaundice (but the hospital made it out to be something bigger than it was)....we used many lactation aids to help her get strong and now she's eating like a pro. I'm still not sure how much she's getting. I can hazard to guess about 3 1/2 to 4 oz every 3 hours or so. I am pumping after each feed to increase my supply and taking fenugreek and blessed thistle to increase supply. It's amazing to see her improvement in the past two's like she hit this little growth spurt and now has the strength and stamina to feed for longer than 5 minutes :)

  24. stephaikens 31 December 2015

    My LO only wants of BF on one breast for about 5 minutes and then gets super fussy and frustrated until I switch her to the other breast. I think it is because she gets upset after the letdown and it doesnt flow fast enough. How long do you have to BF on one side before you get the hindmilk? I am just worried she is getting too much foremilk.

  25. Bex86 31 December 2015

    Happy new years everyone! I tried to stay up for the countdown but me my husband and Dominic all fell asleep and woke up at 1:00. I had an amazing 2010 and hope 2011 is even better :)

  26. ChelseaLee 31 December 2015

    I'm formula feeding.. I do feel bad about it sometimes but I know BF is not for me. My nipples are veryyyy sensitive and I don't even let my fiance near them. I can't even stand to wear a shirt without a bra because the shirt rubs against my nipples. Even when my boobs and nipples itched from all the hormone changes, I didn't itch them because I hate touching them. and my boobs and nipples are small anyway....I try not to beat myself up over it. I did what was best for me

  27. Shakes 31 December 2015

    num1 - i am eagerly awaiting news on your showdown with the gold digger!

  28. kadyrae11 31 December 2015

    Kennadie had a little cold last week..and Erin your right..saline nasal drops are lifesafers. I hated it when it sounded like she couldn't breathe through her nose. She didn't get a fever but definitely was congested.

  29. priddymama 31 December 2015

    Thanks ladies! The pedialyte isnt really helping, just making it more soft but she's still having a hard time going. We just went and bought some dark karo syrup and I'm going to feed her in a few w/a tsp in it. I'm hoping it helps her!

  30. sickasadog 31 December 2015

    Omg, I live in florida, but I'm a true husker. Born in lincoln. Go cornhuskers!

  31. Brandi468 31 December 2015

    I feel like I abandoned yu all ! Life has been so crazy....I went back to work weds, Chaselynn is STILL sleeping only 2 hours at a needless to say I am too tired to do anything. Our daycare plans got shot to hell by a last minute 'I am too stressed' mil.....I also started fenugreek since the 4 week long course of reglan did not increase my milk at all. I hope everyone is doing good and I am sorry I just can't catch up with everyone's posts. nm1.....hope your doing great and still healthy.....

  32. Brandi468 31 December 2015

    Priddy with the suppository ...try holding her butt cheeks together for five minutes after givin it to her. We have to do that on the drs office. They also sell infant enemas...if she is that blocked it might help to clear things out and help her start fresh so to speak.

  33. Shakes 31 December 2015

    starting the '17 day diet' tomorrow! actually pretty stoked about it! wish me luck! :)

  34. needagirl 31 December 2015

    Happy New Years ladies!!! May 2012 be filled with many wonderful moments with our little ones and our big ones!!

  35. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Queen-of-kings--I am soooo tired this week. averaging maybe 2 hours of sleep and I have a cold. I'm not working outside of the home but I am at home w/4 small baby/kiddos all under school aged. Wow I am tired though. WIsh my DH didn't work the night shifts. I don't see him for 3-4 days at a time and I try to keep the kids quiet HA so he can sleep in teh day. That's stress in and of itself. Keeping 4 babies quiet all day is a joke. But we do what we can for daddy.

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