Month 10

Your baby is more aware of what makes you happy and what dissapoints you. When you clap, he will continue with what he was doing. Sometimes you may want him to show off his new skills and talents to others. Some babies will do this, but do not be dissapointed if he does not. Many babies are not quite ready to be performers yet! Your baby has lots of feelings and emotions. She can get upset very easily. When other people are upset, she knows. She might even respond by getting upset herself. Teach your baby how to deal with her feelings in a positive manner.

If it hasn’t already, stranger anxiety may strike around now. He knows when you are not around and will probably cry. Some babies will wake up in the night looking for a familiar face. Practice short separations and when you return, make it enjoyable. When your baby is going somewhere new, plan to stay for a little while to help dettle him in. When you leave, tell him goodbye and give him a kiss/hug. Then, leave. He will get busy playing and will be just fine.

She understands simple sentences and commands. Your baby knows the meaning of `no` and can shake her head from side to side. When she learns a new word, she may become fascinated with it and repeat it all day. When you ask your baby where a part of her body is, she might be able to show you. Read books to your baby and continue to tell her what the pictures show.

From here on out, your baby will be testing your authority. You need to set rules and limits and stick to them. If your baby is allowed to do one thing today but not tomorrow, she will only get confused. Make it easy for your baby to behave. Remember that she is still a baby and set realistic limits. Move temptations out of her way until she can better understand why she needs to leave it alone. Instead of saying `no` all of the time, use words such as `hot`, `it will hurt`, ‘it will break`, etc. Be patient, gentle and undersanding when she is doing something that you do not like. If your baby gets angry because she is not getting her way, be firm. Do not give in to make her feel better.

Play games with your baby. Babies like playing peek-a-boo and other hide and find type games. Imitation games are also good for your baby to play. Because babies learn by imitation, only show him things that you want him to learn. This is a good way to teach him how to clap his hands and wave by bye.

Climbing is a skill that is important for your baby to learn. While she is learning to climb, always be nearby in case she falls. Your baby needs to know what types of things are appropriate to climb on. Do not teach her to climb anything that will be off limits. Show her how to climb down crawling backwards so that she does not come down head first. Do not allow her to climb the stairs unless you are with her. Baby gates should be installed at the tops and bottoms of stairs to prevent accidents.

Let your baby use a spoon to feed herself. Mashed potatoes, yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese and cooked cereals will stick well to the spoon. This can make learning to self-feed less messy. Continue to include finger foods at mealtime and for snacks. Your baby should still be on breastmilk or formula. Mealtimes should be a fun learning time and not frustrating. A mess is easily cleaned up. If your baby senses frustration, she will be less likely to attempt self-feeding.

Developmental Milestones 10 Months Old


  • Crawls
  • Stands alone
  • May take first steps
  • Can walk while holding onto furniture
  • Can roll a ball to you
  • May be able to `climb` stairs


  • Drinks well from a cup
  • Plays pat-a-cake
  • Waves bye bye
  • Likes pretend play toys
  • Uses gibberish in a conversational way
  • Says mama and dada and possibly other one-two syllable words
  • Remembers events and objects
  • Likes to bang items together
  • May be able to scribble with assistance


  • Expresses herslef with gestures and sounds instead of crying
  • Enjoys your presence
  • Likes your applause
  • Your baby will cry if he hears you raise your voice

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Exersaucer
  • Jumper
  • Crayons to scribble with-with assistance
  • Music
  • Pots and pans to bang together
  • Musical instruments
  • Bath toys
  • Push toys
  • Toys that roll
  • `Pretend` play toys
  • Stacking toys
  • Building toys
  • Cause and effect toys
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  1. elizabethw 30 December 2015

    Drew started taking her first steps this weekend!!! I am in shock and can't believe it, she is so tiny - it looks hilarious to see her standing there and start to take off! She only gets about 3 steps in and falls but still, I'm so proud! :) Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

  2. i-am-pregnant 30 December 2015

    One of Jakes fav is scrambled egg too!! He used to grab the food in his fist, open it and inspect it then slam his hand to his lips - some went in the mouth, some didn't lol! But I perservered with it and he now pincer grips..Peas are a good one for pincer training! Or shredded chicken etc! Oh it is bliss today! in fact this week, OH has been off for a week - I havent got up in the mornings with Jake for a WEEK now!! Lovely! And tonight I said, right here is Jakes food, give him a bath (which he does anyway) , bottle and bed, I am going out! I only drove to my mums but it is lovely! As for weaning, Jake is now down to 2 bottles a day, morn and night, but will NOT drink it out of a sippy cup!! I am not fussed though, he loves his bottle!

  3. Mommytoamiracle 30 December 2015

    well i took DJ swimming today and wow it was SO not worth all the trouble. haha. he loved the pool but by the time i got him dressed and undressed, in the pool for 20 minutes, out, rinsed off, dried, dressed, got myself dried and dressed and carried him and everything out of there, by myself, i was frusterated. i wouldnt mind bringing him but there were no kids even close to his age. i was told by a woman on the phone that lunchtime is 'family swim' time and that moms and dads bring their young kids. ok young kids is kind of a broad term since these kids were like 5+. i specifically told her DJ was 10 months old. i was the only adult in the pool and to make it worse all the dads were sitting on bleachers watching their kids swim and i had to walk by get in and out of the my bathing suit. they werent creepy or anything, im just not comfortable with my post-baby body yet and felt kinda 'on display'. but hey at least i tried something new. i'll def wait til hes older to take him again tho

  4. sleepyem 30 December 2015

    if ya'll want to see what a summery new zealand xmas looks like I've just put photos up at!

  5. Redhead 30 December 2015

    Nicole--At least you tried! Do you have any kid museums by you? We are trying that next weekend. We got a free one year pass. It has an infant room that is HUGE!

  6. StrongMama03 30 December 2015

    Question.. my daughter is 10 months and has never played shy or really cared about being away from me... but now she seems to not want anything but me. She dosn't want her toys or other people, just for me to hold her and give her 100% attention while she sucks her thumb and cuddles... I know she's teething and has her first tooth about to pop but is this normal?

  7. BellyBumbles 31 December 2015

    Hey everyone...I know I haven't been on here forever, but I'm off till Jan 5 from teaching and coaching, so I now have some time to myself for a few days and wanted to check in! Reese finally has her bottom 2 teeth and she took 8 steps alone! WE keep saying we need a new babe around now that Reese is more like a little kid now, lol. I hope you all have a great new years!

  8. JenO 31 December 2015

    hahaha Jess... I hardly ever come on here anymore! Such a change on here from a few months ago!

  9. aznbuttrfly 31 December 2015

    Well Cameron's fever finally broke yesterday afternoon and he'll eat a little bit of food. Still next to no interest in his bottle though. The poor little guy was feelin so bad that the only thing that would console him is holding him and walking around. He even fell asleep in my arms which never happens. As for his teeth, I think he's teething and that's where the fever and feeling miserable are coming from. He currently only has 1 bottom tooth. I think the second bottom tooth is coming in right now and possibly some top teeth. It would definitely explain why he's crying so much.

  10. ragtopgirl 31 December 2015

    well, its off to the 11 months page for us. !!!!!!!!! 11! can you believe it? I can't! I came on this site when I was 8 weeks preggo and now look at how the time has FLOWN by....

  11. karenc 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year, all! and honestly, it seems impossible that our babies are so close to turning one year. w00t!!

    aznbuttrfly, good news about cameron!

  12. bluy 31 December 2015

    My little girl Madalin only has 2 teeth! My son had at least 8 by now. Children are so different. The problem that I'm having with Madi is that she isn't interested in baby food anymore, so I've been cutting up food and she'll take a couple bites and that's it! The little stinker only weighs 17 lbs, so it worries me that she isn't eating enough. Any insite on this problem would be appreciated! Thank you, and Happy New Year!

  13. J9 31 December 2015

    MOMMY TO A MIRACLE: they always start off grabbing the food with a fist, if finger feeding is new just keep at it and LO will soon get the hang of it and realise that the pincer grip is more effecting. Maddy rolls food between her thumb and index finger now as she examines it (e.g. pieces of cheese, raisins, blueberries..) i also found when i give her something new she's often a bit goofy with it to start but quickly gets the hang of it, like when i gave her penne pasta for the first time. the first couple she spat out and played with then she was a pro! Same with oven baked french fries!! SLEEPYEM - Your pics are gorgeous! I can't believe you hosted so many people of lunch!!

  14. elizabethw 31 December 2015

    Hi Mandi!!!! Haven't seen you on here in a while! How are you and the kiddos doing? Hope you had a great christmas and new years! I think she may be in a growth spurt, Drew always sleeps a lot when she has a growth spurt, she has changed so much this last month, its crazy!!!

  15. Miracle3 31 December 2015

    Sleepyem -hmm, feel a little better - sorry for ragging on and on.. Do you have any summer pics on your page!? Mandianburger- That is hilarious!!! Maybe yours will potty train early! :-) Mommy to a Miracle - yeah - not worth all the hassle unless you stay inthe water for a good 30 min or more! :-) We love swimming for a long time if the water is warm enough - and like you said if have a comfy semi private spot to play where you feel your baby is safe.

  16. Mommytoamiracle 31 December 2015

    miracle- i know he'll want to stay in the pool a lot longer when hes older but i felt bad cuz he started to get pruny and wrinkly after only 20 minutes and he really wanted to walk around. i think not feeling anything under his feet was weird for him lol! DJ has started squatting when hes pooping too! he'll just lower himself down, do his business and then come to me to let me know he pooped. i think its still too early to put him on the potty tho right? im planning on buying him one for his birthday. im just afraid that if i put him on there mid-poop that he'll freak out and stop. i dont want him to get scared of going to the bathroom ya know? i think hes still too young to understand what a potty is for

  17. Mommytoamiracle 31 December 2015

    oh i forgot to ask u guys..for u with walking LO's do u notice that they are a little bow-legged? my friend told me that her son looked that way when he started to walk but im concerned cuz DJ's left foot seems to turn in when he walks. i called his doctor but he said he will just see him at his 1 year visit, which is fine. im just curious if u noticed this on ur kids? i worry that being 25 lbs and walking at 9 months has affected his growing bones somehow. eek!

  18. sleepyem 31 December 2015

    Happy new year! we had a quiet BBQ with my inlaws then went to bed at 11! thanks J9! no sorry miracle3 - just on that flickr page, but anyone can go look at it (it'd be a pain putting them up twice...). LO's having a great time up here. last night wasn't so bad - fed at half 3, then he's been coming in our bed about 5 which is a pain but he's so sweet too. today for the first time he flopped all around trying to get comfy before settling down. he's so cunning too, he puts his hand so casually on me to make sure I don't roll over or something...!! mommy - I'm pretty sure that's normal at this age? don't their hips/legs straighten up as they get older? LO's been using his spoon so well!! and I forgot to say a while ago he FINALLY got the idea of going backwards down steps etc. I always say 'backwards!' and he looks at me and laughs!

  19. elizabethw 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year to you too! Its kind of weird its already 2010 where you are and only New Years Eve over here. I am really excited though cause my mom is keeping my girls tonight and I get a night out with my husband and friends! Should be fun!!

  20. Redhead 31 December 2015

    Nicole--Scarlett isn't exactly walking yet, but when she does her left leg turns in too. And wow DJ is already sqautting when he poops?? I think he will definetly potty-train early!

  21. Mommytoamiracle 31 December 2015

    happy new year everyone! i hope everyone is safe if they are going out tonight. we're just hanging in and probably going to bed early lol i feel so old!

  22. Redhead 31 December 2015

    Nicole--Don't feel bad! We are doing the same here! Scarletts already in bed, so I do have my glass of wine....! yay! And DH is making me peanut butter cookies w/ hershey fav! But yeah....I doubt I'll be up till 12. Sleep is so precious!

  23. sleepyem 31 December 2015

    haha ralph doesn't care where he does his poohs - he's been fairly regular on the high chair after his breakfast - starts grunting and straining! he even did it in the middle of breastfeeding the other day!

  24. Miracle3 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year!!!!! Going to a party 2 homes away after putting the kids to bed - having my 11 yr old watch the baby...! :-)~ Oh sure - was it not a zero entry where he could walk in the water mommy to a miracle!?( my 2nd started potty training this young - and they can! My mom was done I guess at 10 months- Although I didn't keep up with it on my 2nd and so she regressed and it took longer)

  25. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    what is a 'pretend' toy? I just saw that when reading the milestones for this month it says your baby might like pretend toys....uh....I guess I can pretend I have a toy but what's the fun in that? LOL. I'm just not sure what they're talking about

  26. laurakate82 31 December 2015

    ok ladies...HELP! Max WILL NOT sleep through the night! IM GOING BONKERS!!!! I've tried everything...late bottles (8 or 9 pm) I've tried more food through out the day...I've tried higher calorie foods closer to bed time...NOTHING WORKS! any suggestions!?

  27. Gretch 31 December 2015

    Laurakate- has Max ever slept through the night? Or is this new? My son has recently started to wake every now and then. Either teething or dreams. Ibuprofen and a rocking seems to do the trick. Sometimes just a paci.

  28. laurakate82 31 December 2015

    gretch - he has maybe 10 times...never in a row just here and there... i love him and its worth it but man im tired! lol

  29. justgirls3 31 December 2015

    well i didnt post in the 9 months i dont think. so much has been going on and plus wasnt able to make it to Qveyah's appointment!! well she has been taking steps and well its about 2 bottles a day and she doesnt even drink them all. she is so in love with eating. no one eating in this house is safe to eat with her around lol!!! she has oatmeal with a different kind of fruit every morning and then some lunch and a fruit cup for a snack and then what ever we eat at super!!! she is still on the pacifer and i dont mind as long as she is off by the age of one!!! and for those who might not know i am due in 21 days can not wait to have this baby!! i am beyound tired of running around my 10 month old lol. plus i cant wait to play with her with no baby in my belly!!! EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR!!!

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