Month 12

Your baby is a year old! Looking back over the past year, it is amazing how fast she has grown and developed! It probably has been an exciting and eventful year. She may be walking, but if she is not she will be soon! She can climb up and down the stairs and may be able to climb out of her crib or playpen. She likes to take the lids off of containers. Give her a tupperware container that she can put toys in and watch her get it open! She is also becoming more independent and insists upon doing things on her own. Although she is not very good at it, she tries to dress herself. Allow her to help button, snap, tie and velcro her outfits and shoes.

You may have noticed that your baby’s babbling has quieted. Now that he is mobile, he will be less interested in talking and more interested in moving. He still likes to hear new words and will try to repeat what he hears.

Your child is very adament about her likes and dislikes. She is still afraid of strangers and new places. Make sure you give her the time she needs to adjust to new situations. When she develops a relationship with someone new, she will gain trust in them as well. Your baby still does not like to be away from you and is relieved when you come back for her. She will be able to show affection now by hugs and kisses.

Because your baby’s memory is getting better, he remembers where things are and will go find them. He will continue to try to solve problems, but may become frustrated if he does not succeed after several attempts. If you tell him to do something, chances are he will. Remember to give him clear, simple and precise commands so that he will be able to easily understand what you are asking of him.

Mealtimes might become a challenge because your baby wants to move and explore. Encourage her to eat when the rest of the family eats. If she is not interested in eating, it is best not to force her. She will eat when she is hungry. When she is one year old, she will be ready for whole milk.

Teach your child about shapes, colors, sizes and differences. Provide a variety of toys, games and activities to promote learning. She still will like to read and sing. Now that she can move better, she might even like to dance to music.

Developmental Milestones 12 Months Old


  • Stands alone
  • Many babies start walking
  • Some babies walk well
  • She may try to climb
  • Tries to throw a ball
  • Can roll a ball
  • Fine motor skills developing rapidly


  • Has a delightful sense of humor
  • Can stack blocks to build a tower
  • Waves bye bye
  • Initiates games
  • Responds to commands
  • Continued vocabulary expansion
  • Enjoys reading
  • Ready to be weaned ffom infant milk and switch to whole milk
  • Eats a variety of foods
  • Enjoys being outside to explore


  • Takes pleasure in teasing
  • Likes to express affection
  • Can hug and kiss
  • Develops bonds with others
  • Your baby may still be shy
  • Enjoys other children and begins to create friendships

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Outdoor toys
  • Push toys
  • Ride on toys
  • Pretend play toys
  • Musical instruments
  • Learning toys
  • Singing toys and lighted toys
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Dolls and stuffed animals
  • Blocks and stacking toys
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  1. i-am-pregnant 25 December 2015

    happy xmas to all, in the last 2 weeks we've had an explosion of new things Ryan is now a fully fledged walker he points at everthing trying to talk he dances to any music and he's got tooth number 9 one of the big ones that was a horror coming through not looking forward to the rest coming now, my little man is no longer a babyh and offically a toddler, scary you spend ages wishing they would walk and talk now i see his life flashing before my eyes he'll always be my baby but I wish he would act like it a bit longer.

  2. i-am-pregnant 25 December 2015

    On the subject of car seats we have the reccaro young expert plus(isofix) and Ryan loves it, we had the reccaro baby seat too, they make car seats for racing car drivers so you know they will good in an accident if the worst happens.

  3. rubes 26 December 2015

    Super, sorry to hear the bad news. Hope you had a good Xmas despite the terrible news. I got a limited edition armarni watch, my first designer thing. Not quite sure what to do with it. Lol. Clothes, boots, and an unedited DVD of series 9 of family guy. The stuff that didn't make telly. Ooh was a riot lol then I sat down and wrote a strongly worded letter to the production team of eastenders. I will never watch it again. Really gone down the pan!!!! Lilia ate a salmon Xmas dinner and loved it. Out of all her presents she prefers the shapes and count singing cookie jar. And the dancing head banging giraffe. I put the photos on Facebook but can't upload on here!!! Overall, a very good first Xmas!!!! And now only 6 days til her birthday!!!

  4. lilmum2002 26 December 2015

    Aww I'm sorry Super (hugs) We had a pretty good christmas, didn't get too much but that's okie doke by me the kids had a great time! Kayla has been falling asleep in her own bed every night without nursing to sleep first. She's having a real hard time with the bottom molars though, she's been whining non stop for the past two days. I hope everyone has a great new year too!

  5. rubes 27 December 2015

    So I've been officially moved up only she's not one til jan first lol

  6. lilmum2002 27 December 2015

    I'm sorta around I've had one super cranky baby is she isn't sleeping she's crying and she's decided to only have one nap a day

  7. Freddiesmom 27 December 2015

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Hi Rubes!So, Freddie had roseola last week.I didn't know you could get it twice! Sorry about the bad news Super. :( Freddie is going to be 1 on Wednesday! I can't believe it. We bought him a riding toy. It's a radio flyer rocket/airplane thing-y. I think he will have loads of fun with it! I got a video game for my DS, and Sephora gift cards, can't go wrong there! Freddie got more age appropriate toys, thank goodness, he was sick of all the 'baby' toys! My hubby's brother flew in for Freddie's birthday, and we are having a big party at my house, I swear between Christmas eve, Christmas day, and now Freddie's birthday I am ready to be done baking and cooking!

  8. rubes 27 December 2015

    Aw in sorry about the babies!!!! Lilias been ok. Over her cold thankfully. She's got her birthday treat on Thursday then on jan first were just having a meal, us and the grandparents. And cake!!!! I've also magically gone up 2 cup sizes!?? Im a uk size 38 G. Don't know how??!! I was 38 E this time Last week!!! I'm so bored., ladies. Kids are asleep I've opened the wine. watching uncut family guy!!!! I'm so lonely to =( just feel like I'm going nowhere!!! Can't even find a house. Not one!!!

  9. racho 27 December 2015

    just stoppin in to let you guys now I'm still alive. Abbie turned a year old last week. She now has 8 teeth and another coming in, is cruisin like crazy but no independent steps yet. I cnt wait till she starts walking...she seems so ready yet so unsure of herself when she lets go. She sits dwn before she can even fall...her cautioness is good..but I wish she wasnt so cautious..maybe she would walk already

  10. scorpgrl20 28 December 2015

    I have a problem and have no idea what to do anymore. for 2 weeks now my daughter has been so sick. She has diarrhea and is always vomiting...projectile vomiting after she eats. She is also very congested and has a horrible cough. She has been on 2 rounds of antibiotics and a few days later it comes back. Now we are going to the dr everyday to get shots of heavy doses of antibiotics. She's 4 months old. Still happy and smiling! Anyone go through this? Suggestions on what it could be? Suggestions on what to do? Please comment on my page!

  11. rubes 28 December 2015

    Is it wrong that I get a sick sense of satisfaction when ss7 listens to me and not his dad??? Lol. A cautious baby is good!!! Lilia throws caution to the wind. Always bumping her head and crying coz she hurt herself. Ooh and husband isn't liking New Ruby. He's like 'I've not had a decent nights sleep in a week' and im like 'try 8 months' lol.

  12. lilmum2002 28 December 2015

    No it's not wrong Rubes! Racho, Kayla is like that too, she's taken a few steps but if she thinks its too far for her to make it she won't even try she just sits down. My boys threw caution to the wind and still do sometimes i'ts scary. I think Kayla is still concentrating on other things then walking. She was putting a small pole from one of her brtoher toys into a pretty small hole and it was amaxing to watch her do it since it took A LOT of coordination. I'm also pretty sure she can open a pop bottle lol

  13. rubes 28 December 2015

    Lol a bottle??? Haha. Lilia isn't focusing on anything but danger and putting stuff in a jar then emptying it and doing that repeatedly. The jar sings about numbers so I guess she's learning to count??? she also has this thing about opening doors. No matter how open it is she always tries to open it more. Lol. When made to stand against something shell stAnd but won't pull herself to stand yet. No walking yet only crawling.

  14. lilmum2002 28 December 2015

    yea a pop bottle, David gave her one the other day beasue she didn't want anything else and some how she opened it. I don't know if it was fluke or not but she unscrewed the top! If she keeps whining like she did for the past 3 days I'm going to go INSANE and if David soon doesn't get up with the kids and just let me sleep I'm gonna kick him to the curb!!! JK I get that some days he's working and gets up the same time as me and some times he gets up a bit earlier, but on the days that he doesn't work he's sleeping in and it's pissing me off. I'm fucking exhausted! It is draining dealing with a crying fussy baby ALL day, the only time she's not crying is when sleeping and that's only once a day I'm starting to go bonkers and it's like he just don't care.UGH! Sorry for the rant I'm just so tired and it just seems like no one gives a rat ass about how I'm feeling!

  15. rubes 28 December 2015

    Lilia woke up windy. Been crying nonstop. Think I'm going mad. Ss7 still crying coz I didnt let him put an egg in the banana breAd. Apparently making scones tomorrow offered little comfort!!! I'm going mad lol

  16. rubes 28 December 2015

    She's so windy and whiney and crying I welcomed housework and left him to it while I scrubbed the kitchen - even clean stuff!! Lol it was a break to me =( haha

  17. lilmum2002 28 December 2015

    Aww I hope she's feeling better tonight! Isn't sad when we think of cleaning the kitchen a well needed break lol I need a vaction! So any one have any new year's resolutions? I have one and that's to lose at least 10lbs by beginning of April, which is only 3lbs a month but they say the last 10 are the hardest so we'll see.

  18. i-am-pregnant 28 December 2015

    Lil - mine is not to shout so much. Sometimes I feel like an old fish wife by the end of the day - 'stop that', 'do this', 'sit properly', 'I won't tell you again' the days start calm but I revert to a shout too quickly and I don't like that about myself so this year I'm going to make a real effort to calm down and deal with the three nippers in a more constructive way (not to say I don't think the occasional shout is needed every now and again - but not as often as I feel I do it).

  19. i-am-pregnant 28 December 2015

    We had a good Christmas - tabithas chicken pox calmed down and she felt much better although still itchy. Tabitha and Matilda were so excited on Christmas eve, we did a PNP message from Santa for them and it was magical to see there faces :) they slept well and Christmas day was nice - I missed seeing all the extended family (we were in quarantine because of a pregnant sister in law and tabithas pox) but we went and saw my parents on boxing day and stayed a couple of days there. It's toy sort day here today - we bought too much! Seriously - three children ends up with alot of toys!

  20. margysd 29 December 2015

    Hi, My daughter is 6.5 months. Our pediatrician has recommended tummy time everyday to encourage her to start crawling. She frequently lifts her head and straightens out her legs like she wants to start crawling or walking. However, when I put her on her tummy after a minute or two she gets frustrated and starts to cry. It breaks my heart to hear her cry so I change positions and sometimes put her on her side to see if she wants to roll over in different directions to encourage movement. I want to do everything that I can to encourage crawling, but at the same time I want to create a positive experience. I was wondering if you have any advice about how you encouraged your babies to start crawling. Thanks.

  21. cowgirlygirl28 29 December 2015

    Hello Everyone! I have not been on for forever! We have been so busy. Teddy has Cerebral Palsy and he goes to Physical Therapy 3 times a week. He has to wear KAFOs, which are leg braces that support his Knees, Ankles, and feet. He has only had those on for a week. He was wearing AFOs but his knees started turning in. He also has to wear hand splints for his hands He is growing so fast! He has 8 teeth in and is getting his molars in now. Because of the cerebral palsy he only low crawls. He does pull himself up but he may not walk until 2 years old. He has been on a sippy cup for 3 months and eats whatever he can get his hands on. I am posting a few pics of him! At his year check up he was 26 1/2 inches long and 21 lbs....Hard to believe he was so tiny when he was born. You can't tell he was born 8 weeks too early! Birthday Cake I made him, ming ming from wonderpets

  22. rubes 29 December 2015

    Well her brothers woke her up so we had 3 hours of crying til in the end we said enough is enough and left her to cry herself to sleep. She had a giant stinky poo this morning and The wind stopped so yay haha well I gained 6 lb during the Xmas period and Ive now got a pudgy belly lOl so my resolution is buy a Bridget jones type diary and write down my foods for a week/exercise regime (hit a gym) and tick off as I go!!!! Fed up being (don't laugh) 184lbs I'm not used to fat =(

  23. i-am-pregnant 30 December 2015

    awe cowgirly you wouldn't know anything is wrong to look at him he's bigger than ryan at a year old he was only 19 and a half lbs. hope he continues to improve and keeps in good health xx

  24. Mommy2Luke 30 December 2015

    My sweet baby boy is 1 today!!! Crazy! This time one yr ago...I was holding my precious little bundle in my arms!! Now I am chasing him all over the place! We had a simple dinner out with the family. Then came home for cake and presents! Luke did great! we are having his party on Jan 30th to allow everyone some time to recover from the holidays! Cowgirly- He is beautiful! I remember seeing your pics when he was born! i've never stoppped praying for your precious boy!

  25. Mommy2Luke 30 December 2015

    My sweet baby boy is 1 today!!! Crazy! This time one yr ago...I was holding my precious little bundle in my arms!! Now I am chasing him all over the place! We had a simple dinner out with the family. Then came home for cake and presents! Luke did great! we are having his party on Jan 30th to allow everyone some time to recover from the holidays! Cowgirly- He is beautiful! I remember seeing your pics when he was born! i've never stoppped praying for your precious boy!

  26. rubes 30 December 2015

    Happy birthday both of u!!! =D omg did lilia have another bad night!!! She would only sleep in my arms. We have to go to the circus in London for lilias birthday treat and were all like zombies lol

  27. lilmum2002 30 December 2015

    happy Birthday Jacob and Amanda! How awesome to share your birthday with your baby. And 22 isn't that old lol I feel old being 25 with 3 kids lol

  28. lilmum2002 30 December 2015

    Rubes I hope you enjoy the circus, even if you are all zombies. I was up 6times last night between the 3 kids and their bathroom breaks, apparent sore tummies and nursing sessions. Oh and one David stinkin arsehole lol I hate when he wakes me up for that lol

  29. i-am-pregnant 30 December 2015

    LOL - you're all spring chickens, I'm 36 with three. Mind you all slept perfectly last night so I probably feel more sprightly than you lot! Rubes - enjoy the circus, we took t when she was about 18 months and she was enthralled - magic moments!

  30. rubes 30 December 2015

    So lilia was asleep when we got there then she woke up and wad well into well grumpy now tho and my feet hurt =( we bought her thus flashing butterfly thing with a button to change light patterns and this button is like the size of a pea and she can press it aww big achievement to me!!!! Lol

  31. rubes 30 December 2015

    I feel well old. I'm exhausted all the time. Well, only lately, because she's teething, and sleep is a luxury during that period. Haha. So, we're not TTC but we've thrown caution to the wind. Once I'm 26, I ought to have had two kids (hopefully!!), so will go on the coil, Pill injection, mini-pill, condoms and he'll get a vestectomy. Lol. You know, just to be safe. =P I would ideally like three kids, but 2 would be perfect, but I don't want kids after 30. To be honest, I hope to be done by 26. Does that sound selfish/bad....????

  32. lilmum2002 30 December 2015

    I feel old too and it has a loot to do with sleep and stuff too. Rubes to be honest I said I wanted to be done by 25 and I had her shortly after I turned 24. I think it's perfectly ok to say when you want to be done. I am soooo cranky today it's unreal! David said this evening it was like someone hit a switch. I'm just SOOO tired and it seems like no one around here gives a rats ass and I'm at the bottom of all lists so it makes me cranky.

  33. lilmum2002 30 December 2015

    glad Lilia had a good time at the circus, I saw the pics on facebook they were soo cute, I LOVED her litle jacket. We have a New Year's Eve party to go to tomorrow and I think I might have a few drinks which should be interesting.

  34. rubes 30 December 2015

    Lilmum, have a coupla drinks tomorrow and CHILL. I know it's hard, but try to enjoy tomorrow, and try to relax. Isn't there someone who could look after the kids for an hour so you can have a long soak in the bath or maybe go shopping for an hour??? I know what it's like to do everything on your own, and to feel at the bottom of everyone's priorities, but I get by by pawning Lilia on Mohsen or my Mum for an hour when I NEED a break, which is only once every couple of months, but it does me the WORLD of good!! Soooo tomorrow I'll be with my Mum, Mohsen and Lilia and well probs be reminising about 'this time last year, rememer when Ruby cried on her bed because it had slowly dawned on her that her backache was a bit more then pregnancy=related backache'....... Or 'this time last year, remember Ruby powerwalking around the living room??'.... Or 'this time last year, rememer Ruby being in labour meant we didn't get our champagne at midnight'..... My mum's always joking about me 'ruining New Year's' lmao of course she don't mean it!! Lilia was and is a blessing =D

  35. lilmum2002 30 December 2015

    Ha ha it'll be a bit hard to chill wiht all the kids there LOL it's a family party and there will be about 14 kids or more plus at least 12 adults haha it should be a good time though, I'm looking forward to it. I think I might get David to pay attention to the kids and let me have fun lol Not like Kayla nurses too much anymores. I still think back to what I was doing when I went into labor with Zachary and that was 8 years ago. Hell I still think about the time I found out I was pregnant and when I actually got pregnant lol

  36. rubes 30 December 2015

    OK, baby names for number two are sorted. Lol. Leila or Arun (Aaron, pronounced different lol). We had Lilia's name sorted years before we concieved, but only 100% agreed on it when she was born. Haha. Oooooh. Well, I think you're entitled to some fun, hun. Tell him 'you won't take no for an answer'. Lol.

  37. lilmum2002 30 December 2015

    I had names picked out forever lol. Wouldn't Leila be a little too close to Lilia or at least I would get confused lol I always tried to think of when they were all in trouble how would it sound and how it went with our last name, oh and I had one stipulation and that was that it had to be found on a magnet or something hahaha Because forever growing up there was never anything with my name on it and all my friends at school would have these cool pencils and noone could even spell my name lol so I made sure my kids would all be able to have that. In fact it's tradition to get a ornament each year with their name on it.

  38. rubes 30 December 2015

    Awww. That's cute!!! When I was born, no one was called Ruby, was nver found on a magnate, but now it's sooooooooo popular is annoying. Lol. I did a poll on the Leila/Lilia being too similiar lol but it needs to be an Arabic name (husband insists) and I insist that it fits in in the Western World. Haha. So, it's hard. =(

  39. Memer 30 December 2015

    My baby is almost a year and I haven't cried - but I feel a little weepy about it. It went so fast. The past couple of days have been like a flip has switched and there are so many new and wonderful accomplishments and changes happening with her. She is so, so, so cute and I just love her so much.

  40. Mommytoamiracle 31 December 2015

    hey ladies, im wondering if u can help me..for u with walking LO's do u notice that they are a little bow-legged? my friend told me that her son looked that way when he started to walk but im concerned cuz DJ's left foot seems to turn in when he walks. i called his doctor but he said he will just see him at his 1 year visit, which is fine. im just curious if u noticed this on ur kids? i worry that being 25 lbs and walking at 9 months has affected his growing bones somehow. eek!

  41. rubes 31 December 2015

    Lilia turns one at 0232 tomorrow morning!!!! Weeeeeeeee!!!! Still need to bake her cake tho!!!' boo!!! Hiss!!!! I dunno what to make =(

  42. lilmum2002 31 December 2015

    Happy early bithday to Lilia! That's funny that it's soo popular there because there is like NOONE with the name Ruby here lol. Have you checked out the website ? You can actualy look for names that are of Arabic origin makes it real easy

  43. rubes 31 December 2015

    I wish I was in labour now (again) lol was so much fun!!!! Haha x

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