Month 13

The second year of life has alot in store for your toddler. He is moving from babyhood to childhood. It is important to give your child the love, support, patience, encouragement and guidance that he needs. Toddlers are a challenge and at times, he may test your patience. Continue to set rules and enforce them. Soon your child will learn his limits.

You might notice that your child has developed new fears. This is normal and should pass when she sees that there is really nothing to be afraid of. Some children are afraid of separation, change, inanimate obects, animals and imaginary creatures. If you subjected your child to these types of objects from a young age, she may not show fear. Respect her fears and gently tell her there is nothing to be afraid of.

Because your baby is probably standing and walking well, he does not like any type of restraint. Occasionally, there are times that he may need to be in a playpen for safety. Your baby is beginning to do things for attention and likes when you clap or acknowledge her cuteness. At this point, she is beginning to adjust to babysitters but she is still afraid of strangers. She will empty the contents out of anything that you allow her to. She likes to take socks out of drawers, pots out of cabinets, etc. It is very important that you have childproofed your home and made a safe place for your toddler to explore.

Language skills are developing and he will begin saying simple words. Sometimes he gets frustrated if he can not find the words to say. Your child will respond to his name and he will look in the right direction when you ask him where an object is. He has begun to understand the names of objects, foods, people and animals. You might notice that he has a favorite book and will want you to read it over and over.

Your child does like to play alone sometimes, but she really likes to play with you. She likes to hide and have you find her. Some of her favorite toys are push and pull toys, simple ride on toys, pretend play, building materials, crayons and paper, cars and trucks, balls and other bright objects. Providing her a variety of educational toys will encourage her learning. Help her build towers and play imitation games with her.

Sometimes it is hard for babies to give up the bottle or breast. Weaning from the breast or bottle should be done slowly. Many babies want to nurse or drink from a bottle before bed and when they wake up. Do not allow your child to take a bottle or cup to bed with her. By now, she can drink whole milk. Offer her milk in a cup and encourage her to drink from it. She will drink less milk as she is eating more foods. Soon your child will forget about the breast or bottle. Don’t offer it if she has moved on.

Developmental Milestones – 13 Months


  • Climbs onto a low step
  • Can stand alone
  • May walk well
  • Puts objects away


  • Can hug and kiss
  • Likes when people are near
  • Enjoys praise and attention
  • Is learning simple words
  • Can respond when her name is called
  • Waves bye bye


  • Shy with strangers
  • Likes other children
  • Will adjust to familiar faces

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Ride-on toys
  • Push toys
  • Puppets
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Dolls
  • Blocks
  • Chunky crayons and paper
  • Large trucks/cars
  • Nesting cup
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  1. mrsmyersJessie 29 December 2015

    Oh, WOW, Misty!! Congratulations!! That's so awesome! Oh and Branson, Missouri is quite the tourist destination, actually. My papa and his family go there all the time. That's how I know there's good gambling there, lol. Lotttts of casinos in Branson.

  2. excitedmistymisty 29 December 2015

    when i get the article together i'll post it here before i send it in...just incase you guys can think of something to add why online communities aren't weird (a lot of people think it's weird...but seriously, without you gals i would be so...i don't know: sad, lost, lonely) i look forward to getting on here and hearing about everyones day, how everyones kids are doing, how the husband, dog, job, house, everything! by the way jessie, what is going on in florida...why are these oranges so darn expensive this year??? i always buy sunkist oranges and this year they are $$$! can you fix it?

  3. mrsmyersJessie 29 December 2015

    Yeah, check out this website. There's LOTS to see in Branson, surprisingly.

  4. mrsmyersJessie 29 December 2015

    LOL, I'll try to fix it. I don't know what's going on. The prices did something like triple this year. They were telling us about it at our annual meeting, before the season started up. We're bringing in a lot of Brazilian juice right now because it's cheaper than squeezing our own Florida oranges. How ridiculous is THAT?!?

  5. mrsmyersJessie 29 December 2015

    Ok, seriously, this Branson house is amazing. I emailed the owner to ask a few questions, and she sent me a link to their personal website. Check out all the bedrooms. And the entire house, at that.

  6. partyof5nowSonya 29 December 2015

    Hi ladies, haven't been able to get on here much lately & trying to catch up on my iPod which is dying right now :( hope u all are doing great. Get to spend the next 4 days off work with my lil K man, except need to clock in from home to do some work, my girls are out of town up in SLC this week visiting their father... I hate when they leave but the fly home on Sunday, think Kaden is really missin them...he keeps going over to the baby gate that blocks off thier room & bathroom & he stands there holding on to the gate looking over it on tip toe calling out to them then walks back to us all bummed out when neither of them come running out like they normally do :( oh & his smelly breath cleared up yesterday finally, I picked up some baby toothpaste & used it which he loves but I really think he ate something that just did not agree with him too much causing the smelly breath & some pretty smelly poo too. Oh we can now count 6 teeth now...2 of them just popped up out of no where over the weekend or last week & we didn't even notice till I was changing his diaper & noticed them 2 days As for the meet up...well I would so love if that happens, would love to meet all of you guys in person & all of our LO's would just have so much fun! Hope you all have a safe new years :)

  7. excitedmistymisty 30 December 2015

    this sounds terrible...but have you guys every 'de-friended' someone on IAP??? this girl sends out messages to all of her friends like 10 times a day about trying to conceive (she is like 19 and seems a bit obessed with it)...i get all excited when it says i have 8 new messages, but then they are all from her talking about mucus and cervix and her boyfriend and how they's really strange, i hate the idea of unfriending someone, but my goodness!!!! has anyone else ever unfriended anyone or am i the only bad one here?! ha ha ha

  8. excitedmistymisty 30 December 2015

    enjoy your time off Sonya!!!!!!!!!! and thanks jessie...go ahead and get those orange prices down, i would appreciate it!

  9. i-am-pregnant 30 December 2015

    haha Misty YES i actually think i have the same friend and have thought about doing the same thing!!!

  10. i-am-pregnant 30 December 2015

    Poor Kaden :( Sonya that almost made me cry i know it must be hard but like Misty said enjoy your time if that is possible...

  11. i-am-pregnant 30 December 2015

    I need help! So Colton has started waking up wanting juice in the middle of the night at first i didnt mind getting up once but now it is 3, 4 and sometimes more i am also concerned the juice will hurt his teeth i have tried giving him water and watering it down but he screams bloody murder until he gets his 'ish' (juice)

  12. SPUDinTHEovenTina 30 December 2015

    Misty, I have absolutely unfriended people for the same thing! I love getting messages, but daily from the same person about the same thing over and over is a bit much lol!

  13. SPUDinTHEovenTina 30 December 2015

    Sara, how much juice are you giving him each time? That sounds awful! Kylie still gets up once between 5-6AM for a bottle sometimes, but not every morning any more. That sucks that he's getting up more then he used to, rather then it getting better. I'm not sure what advice to give, besides going in to comfort him when he wakes and don't give him the juice and eventually he'll get used to the idea and stop waking for it. Good luck!

  14. i-am-pregnant 30 December 2015

    well at first it was only a few ounces of toddler juice but now it is about 8-10! WAYYYYYY to much obviously!

  15. excitedmistymisty 30 December 2015

    yep sara...same person! oh well...samuel has the stomach flu....NOT FUN :0/ poor kid...sara what day is coltons long will he ne in the hospital?

  16. i-am-pregnant 30 December 2015

    January 21st he will be there from Friday morning EARLY to Sunday tn we go back the next week to have stint removed but i hope we will not have to stay

  17. i-am-pregnant 30 December 2015

    and Misty i have had to do far worst things on this site i will have to tell you on FB about lol All of my dirty little secrets

  18. SPUDinTHEovenTina 30 December 2015

    January 21st?! That is the same day as our Gender scan! It'll be a day in the hospital for us, to bad yours won't be as fun and exciting :(

  19. kwasnicababy 31 December 2015

    I have a climber! She is climbing the couch, bed, chairs, the fireplace step! Luckly she hasn't hurt herself. I can't get her to stop climbing, i take her down and say 'no' and she laughs and does it again. She used to always listen to me when i said no and she wouldn't do it again. Now saying no just makes her want to do it even more. She is my toddler now not my little baby, she is so active! She runs so fast and jumps and does at 180 in the air. Im thinking of putting her in gymnastics for tots, she loves jumping and twirling.

  20. Mommytoamiracle 31 December 2015

    hey ladies, im wondering if u can help me..for u with walking LO's do u notice that they are a little bow-legged? my friend told me that her son looked that way when he started to walk but im concerned cuz DJ's left foot seems to turn in when he walks. i called his doctor but he said he will just see him at his 1 year visit, which is fine. im just curious if u noticed this on ur kids? i worry that being 25 lbs and walking at 9 months has affected his growing bones somehow. eek!

  21. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Wow, I thought I had been MIA this week... but it looks like I haven't really missed much! Hope that just means everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season! My brother and SIL have been staying with us from Africa since Monday and are leaving on Tuesday. It's been a way better time then I thought it would!

  22. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    Sara, I think you're going to have to brake the habit with Colton, and it sounds like it could be hard. I think he's getting used to this waking up and wanting/getting juice and the more you do it the more he'll EXPECT it. It'll be hard but maybe just go in and comfort him (hold, sway, rock) for a minute and put him back down. You might have to do this for a while, but I think they're old enough now to understand.

  23. i-am-pregnant 31 December 2015

    REMEMBER tomorrow is the 1st... so we all move over to the 14mon forum! MISTY- I think I just de-friended the same girl yesterday... it just got to be a bit much.

  24. excitedmistymisty 31 December 2015

    ha ha ha! i just defriended her...took me a few minutes to figure it out, and looking through my list i see a lot of people are pregnant again who was pregnant with all of us! neat! anyway, hope you gals have a happy new years eve...samuel is still sick with the stomach bug, so happy new years eve to us!!!

  25. Allynne7Jaime 31 December 2015

    Awww, I asked Sandra (Lilly's G-ma) why she didn't come on anymore and this is how she said she feels: 'The website IAP seems to be getting very cliquish. I wanted to add my input several times but someone commented about a grandma being on the website and it hurt my feelings. Also, the trip you all are planning sounds wonderful. I would have loved to at least feel comfortable enough to say'Hey, we are in.' but unfortunately it didn't happen that way. I am Not just a Grandma. I was a mom first and will be a mom til the day I die. I guess that is how I look at it. I love being a grandma. I hope you don't read this with the idea that I am agry cause I am not. I just wonder how many others feel the way I do?' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ That's not cool. I wonder if we can make this better.?.

  26. mrsmyersJessie 31 December 2015

    Aww, Jaime. That sucks. I feel like a turd cause I know I did refer to her as 'a grandmother' when we were talking a while back about people that don't come around anymore. I didn't mean it in a bad way, though. :( I don't feel we're cliquey, though. Yes, we are very close, but we don't shut out new people, or people that pop in that haven't been here in a while. I like to think we're pretty welcoming. I wish she didn't feel that way. :(

  27. highleeLisa 31 December 2015

    Man I haven't been on here in a day or two and missed tons! That's a great idea Misty! I don't think we will be able to make it to get together with everyone unless we win the lottery or something! We got a box of oranges from my grandma for Xmas...I just juiced most of them yesterday to get rid of them, I'm not a big orange fan. What is everyone doing tonight for New Year's? We are just going to go hang out at my mom's with some family and play games, should be fun!

  28. SPUDinTHEovenTina 31 December 2015

    Jaime- Are you talking about Cookbabycook??? I loved her! That makes me so sad that she feels like she can't post or go on the trip, she is awesome!

  29. SPUDinTHEovenTina 31 December 2015

    Happy New Years girls! I think I'll be too tired to stay up til midnight this year lol! We're not going out, just staying in. It's already almost 9 and I keep eying the bed :P

  30. ashntravAshley 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year ladies! I haven't been on much lately due to the holidays and company. Need to catch up tomorrow. Hope you all have a great 2011!

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