Month 13

The second year of life has alot in store for your toddler. He is moving from babyhood to childhood. It is important to give your child the love, support, patience, encouragement and guidance that he needs. Toddlers are a challenge and at times, he may test your patience. Continue to set rules and enforce them. Soon your child will learn his limits.

You might notice that your child has developed new fears. This is normal and should pass when she sees that there is really nothing to be afraid of. Some children are afraid of separation, change, inanimate obects, animals and imaginary creatures. If you subjected your child to these types of objects from a young age, she may not show fear. Respect her fears and gently tell her there is nothing to be afraid of.

Because your baby is probably standing and walking well, he does not like any type of restraint. Occasionally, there are times that he may need to be in a playpen for safety. Your baby is beginning to do things for attention and likes when you clap or acknowledge her cuteness. At this point, she is beginning to adjust to babysitters but she is still afraid of strangers. She will empty the contents out of anything that you allow her to. She likes to take socks out of drawers, pots out of cabinets, etc. It is very important that you have childproofed your home and made a safe place for your toddler to explore.

Language skills are developing and he will begin saying simple words. Sometimes he gets frustrated if he can not find the words to say. Your child will respond to his name and he will look in the right direction when you ask him where an object is. He has begun to understand the names of objects, foods, people and animals. You might notice that he has a favorite book and will want you to read it over and over.

Your child does like to play alone sometimes, but she really likes to play with you. She likes to hide and have you find her. Some of her favorite toys are push and pull toys, simple ride on toys, pretend play, building materials, crayons and paper, cars and trucks, balls and other bright objects. Providing her a variety of educational toys will encourage her learning. Help her build towers and play imitation games with her.

Sometimes it is hard for babies to give up the bottle or breast. Weaning from the breast or bottle should be done slowly. Many babies want to nurse or drink from a bottle before bed and when they wake up. Do not allow your child to take a bottle or cup to bed with her. By now, she can drink whole milk. Offer her milk in a cup and encourage her to drink from it. She will drink less milk as she is eating more foods. Soon your child will forget about the breast or bottle. Don’t offer it if she has moved on.

Developmental Milestones – 13 Months


  • Climbs onto a low step
  • Can stand alone
  • May walk well
  • Puts objects away


  • Can hug and kiss
  • Likes when people are near
  • Enjoys praise and attention
  • Is learning simple words
  • Can respond when her name is called
  • Waves bye bye


  • Shy with strangers
  • Likes other children
  • Will adjust to familiar faces

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Ride-on toys
  • Push toys
  • Puppets
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Dolls
  • Blocks
  • Chunky crayons and paper
  • Large trucks/cars
  • Nesting cup
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  1. excitedmistymisty 01 January 2015

    hey guys, everyone is jumping over to 14 months (just to keep conversations going, we all switch on the 1st of each month!) come on over and join us!

  2. amygirl22 02 January 2015

    How can someone be so irresponsible? I am a member of another website. Like myspace. But I found a profile that actually said 'I got drunk enough to call my ex & tell him I might be pregnant'... WTF?!

  3. ReadyForNumber2 04 January 2015

    Noah just went through his first bout of the croup about 2 weeks ago and is just now getting back to eating. I pretty much let him survive on whatever he wanted those two weeks be it milk or what little solids I could get him to eat. I did push the high nutrient foods like blueberries, avacodo and whole grain bread. He lost about half a pound but never slowed down. The main goal I think is just to hydrate them to keep that gunk flowing out. We also gave him a couple of those pediasure nutrition drinks. Sorry you LO is sick. That is the worst.

  4. tink21 04 January 2015

    So my hubby and I are leaving for Vegas on Thrusday for bussiness and also my Bday and also our anniversary. We will be there for 3days but I have never left my lo for more than a day.He staying with my mom but still Im kinda sad.... I think IM the one with the worst separation anxiety. :(

  5. i-am-pregnant 05 January 2015

    Hey Ladies, My baby is 5 months old, and lately, I've been noticing that the hair around my temples has been falling out. It's slowing getting worse, and I'm trying so hard not to panic. I've been trying to find a cause and wonder if my pregnancy had anything to do with it. I'm also trying to decide whether to call my family doctor or the obgyn. I'm scared, and wonder if anyone else went through this???

  6. tink21 05 January 2015

    Thanks yummymommy, I do hope Im ok I know he will be but I hope I dont turn into a party pooper once we leave....:)

  7. Aggiemamma 05 January 2015

    Does anyone know where I can find the LIttleblends yogurt in the Houston, TX area, THanks!

  8. jlr 06 January 2015

    Hi my daughter is 13 month and she just started being really bratty and saying no to everything and smacking me... any suggestions?

  9. BoEoAoR(TM) 06 January 2015

    Tink i feel ya on the seperation anxiety thing. Everytime i leave him overnite at my moms, i call like every 10 min and sometimes i do become a party poooper and go pick him up cause he is crying 4 me. Around march we are also supposed to go to Vegas (sis-in-law gettin married) for like 3 days but i dont know how we gonna do the seperation thing that long!! But i guess yummymummy is right, they will be ok and we do need a break!!! Have fun!!

  10. i-am-pregnant 07 January 2015

    To all the American mommies: Congress just passed a crazy law that will force almost all childrens re-sale stores to close! They require lead testing on everything-example-a jacket-test the outer shell, lining, zipper, button, string, ect. It will cost most shops way too much to buy the equipment (25,000.00 min) so they will close. Please go to the link and sign the petition. I don't know about you, but resale has saved me! This is to make it so garage sales, ebay, craigslist, ect. cannot re-sell baby items too! Here is the link to look at it more Lets hope we can make it so they don't have to stop Feb. 10th!

  11. Galina 08 January 2015

    Anyone out there have a baby boy with chordee? Message me please.

  12. KayandRysMoM 08 January 2015

    Hello ladies! My daugther will be 1 this month and i am just curious how many of you ladies gave your LO all of their 1 year shots and how did it turn out? If you didnt give them their shots when do you plan to? I am anxious about these 1 year ones!! Thank you :) You can write on my page

  13. jscottn401 10 January 2015

    my son is 10 months.... brody drinks fine out of his juice cold in like a soft spill through sippy cup but doesnt like drinking his formula out of it and im scared when hes a year and switches to milk at 12 months that he wont get enough nutriendssss.. can anyone relate with prevcious children??? commetn on my page... thanks mommies

  14. JessicaAustin 10 January 2015

    Kayandrysmom- My daughter did really well with her 1 year shots. However, I was really worried about giving them all to her at once so I had hers done at three seperate times. I know that they cant prove that Autism comes from shots but I just don't want to take a chance of it happening. I hope that helps:)

  15. KayandRysMoM 10 January 2015

    Thank you Jessica :) I think i am going to go ahead with 3 of the shots at her 1 year and postpone her chicken pox vax for about a month least they will be semi spaced!

  16. River 11 January 2015

    Riley had all of his 1 year shots in one go and he was fine. He is still not fully walking around. He can walk, but chooses to crawl most of the time, I think because he gets around faster crawling. Anyone else's little ones doing this? I am going back to work full time in a couple of weeks, so I'm thinking if he is around other kidsat day care who are all walking it might encourage him a bit? My cousin came over with her 11 month old the other day who was walking around everywhere.

  17. Kirstykiteflyer 11 January 2015

    River-Rosalie does exactly the same, but she's just starting to walk a bit more now just for the praise she gets when she does. Although she has a funny tendency to walk a few steps and turn around waiting for the applause, then falls over! On a separate note, Rosalie is supposed to be having the swine flu vaccine next week and I'm still a little undecided about it. Anyone else's LO had it yet, and were they ok?

  18. tink21 11 January 2015

    BEAR: I just got back from Vegas yesterday and I was sooooo happy to see my little guy, he did just fine without us. My mom also helped our anxiety by texting me at least two pics of him sleeping and having fun and that was helpful. He looked fine so I was able to enjoy myself.It was a nice break for all of us. My hubby and I really needed to spend quality time.

  19. Sandy127962 12 January 2015

    hey all just thought I would pass on some info..our crib was recalled here is some further info if you have a Jardine enterprises crib Jardine previously recalled the following cribs in June 2008: Berkley, Hilton, Positano, Spindle, and Windsor Crib Model Numbers: BC-23, BC-36B, BC-36G, BC-36P, BC-007, BC-010, BC-010C, BC-010HP,BC-010W, BC-017, BC-107C, BC-107CR, BC-110C, BC-110HP, BC-110W, DA617BC, DA620BC, DV730N, DV730W, DA770BC, DV830-N, DV830-W, 0113B00, 0113K00, 0303C00, 0303G00, 0303B00, 0309K00. The previously recalled cribs were sold nationwide from January 2002 through May 2008. For more information about this recall contact Jardine Enterprises (800) 646-4106 Between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. ET Monday through Friday and between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET Saturday Or visit Jardines Web site at

  20. AnnnSean 12 January 2015

    I NEED SOMEONES HELP!!! I have a 17 months old daughter, who from the time she was 3 months old, had no problem sleeping!! She LOVED to sleep...during the day, at night, it was great!! Well all of a sudden recently she hasn't been going to sleep at night...She has no problem when its nap time, but when bedtime rolls around, she starts screaming, crying, throwing a fit like nothing I've ever seen!!! I don't know what to do!!! I've tried bringing her into my bed, and waiting until she falls asleep and then putting her back in her bed, but sometimes she wakes up, and the screaming starts all over again!! The past 4 nights my husband and myself haven't gone to bed until 3-4AM!!! I'm lost and I don't know what to do, and I could really use some advice!! I also have a 5 months old, who thankfully sleeps through my daughters screaming fits!! Why won't she sleep at night?!? I dont want her to get used to falling asleep in our room, but I can only let her scream and cry to a certain point!!! Last night I waited almost 20 minutes before going in!! I've tried I think everything...I need some advice because I am at my wits end...I have no energy throughout the day, and then not sleeping well at night because of this!! This is all very new to me, and I'm just lost...HELP!!!

  21. april 13 January 2015

    My daughter will be 13 months on the 14th and she is still not walking on her own. (just holding onto things while walking) She also has yet to speek a word we understand. She is however very lazy (or so I think) she will not hold her own bottle (even though she could if she wanted to) and sippy-cup....forget it! She thinks it's to chew on, she only has 5 teeth as it is. Anyone have any comments? I am starting to get really worried, when I bring it up to the Dr. he just moves onto a different subject or asks...well, is she doing this? or that?

  22. Kirstykiteflyer 13 January 2015

    Ann-n-Sean-Rosalie did just the same at 9 months, it was a horrible shock to get no sleep all of a sudden and she was tired and clingy all day as well. The advice we had was to develop new sleep 'cues' and use controlled crying to get back in to good habits. The routine we got in to was to take her to her room, turn the light off and the night light on, give her a quick cuddle and put her in her cot and say 'night night, bed time' then leave. Leave to cry for 10 minutes, then go back in but DO NOT make eye contact or start talking, just lie your LO back down and repeat the cue 'night night bedtime' and leave again. It took us two nights, the first she screamed for two hours, the second for 45 minutes, and she's settled herself ever since. I think the 'cue' idea of saying the same thing is to do with neuro-linguistic programming. I'm there are lots of different techniques, but this worked for us.

  23. bennettsmom 13 January 2015

    Hi all I am from month 19. I am in the process of finishing my graduate degree and need your help with some data. My project involves looking at the relationship between postpartum body image and infant temperament. If you have a few minutes an you please fill out my survey: Thanks so much.

  24. i-am-pregnant 13 January 2015

    Tink- glad ya'll had fun!! Hope my lil one does good as well for 3 days... The texting sounds like a good idea!! River- A.Bear does the same thing, he doesnt have any interest to walk. He just crawls all the time. But all babies are different. I heard some babies walk until they are 15 months..

  25. lilmum2002 13 January 2015

    We all seem to be pretty quiet lol Do you know where Rubes is? Haven't seem much of her lately? Hope everything is good your way

  26. rubes 14 January 2015

    Ooh how u liking glAsses???? I'm glad everythings getting back on track for u must feel like relief!!!!

  27. rubes 14 January 2015

    Ok what set me off today???? Haha Mohsen's friend called me fat so I showed him my picture from 23 weeks pregnant (all went downhill from there lol) I had a belly great tits and a smallish arse he still called me fat =( I cried for like 2 hrs and refuse to see him again!!!! All I seem to do is cry, but today was major fucking arse csllling me fat im gonna egg his house!!!!!

  28. rubes 14 January 2015

    Im here lol sort of disappeared, but am floating around haha im going to go to my dr nxt week coz I been a bit crazy. Lilias not suffering though I always feel ashamed coz ppl think how I am affects her and my parenting so im a bit scared going to my dr again they judge u know??? Everyone busy???? I'm moving early feb and will look into baby clubs in my new area coz that eased my depression when lilia was younger. Just need to keep busy!!!! Is everyone ok???

  29. MargaretAnn 14 January 2015

    I can't believe the babies are over one!!!! Hope all the little angels are doing well. It's really getting fun now!

  30. KayandRysMoM 14 January 2015

    Does anyone elses LO have a gap between their front teeth? Rylees front teeth arent all the way in yet...maybe half way but there is a gap!! is this bad?? Kayleigh didnt have that! Please write on my page thanks ladies!!

  31. USMCwife 14 January 2015

    ahhh im here too i didnt come back bc everyone apparently switched months? Im not going to Atleast i have you ladies here with me! geeze i thought id never have anyone to talk to in this forum again!

  32. lilmum2002 14 January 2015

    I have to get glasses to Super I'm just too scared to get em checked lol. Kayla went to bed perfectly tonight WAHOO!! We usually go up a month around the 10th ish I think , you can stick with us if you want, not too many of us but that's ok WEll better go make Hubs happy lol

  33. emetyb01 15 January 2015

    anyone ever get any luvs diaper coupons ..that doesnt use them..i would love to have them ...message me please

  34. River 15 January 2015

    Riley is walking around a lot more now. When we go out somewhere he insists on holding our hands to walk everywhere- even though it takes 5 times longer and gets cranky if we pick him up again, but we don't mind because he looks so darn cute with his little bow legs! He is 14 months old tomorrow and starts day care full time next Wednesday when I go back to work Mon-Fri. I'm so sad about leaving him with other people for so long, but i know he loves playing with other kids. It is giving me an excuse to go buy new clothes and food/drink containers for him! I also bought him a little back pack and lunch box- so cute. I am 16 weeks pregnant and starting to show and feel baby move again- I just can't believe I'm going through it all again, it seems like yesterday I did it with Riley.

  35. xxsusiexx12 15 January 2015

    river im also pregant with a 13month old, im 10 weeks , so it wil be exciting 2 c how the wee man reacts when i have another 1

  36. tink21 15 January 2015

    BEAR: Jay my lol isnt walking yet either. He is having so much fun crawling that he isnot in a rush to walk.Hes pediatrician didnt walk until 18 months!!!

  37. ReadyForNumber2 15 January 2015

    River- you are just starting to show??? LOL. I am 25 weeks now but I swear you could tell at 12 weeks. So glad Noah is starting to want to walk holding my hand over being carried. Its hard for me to position him around the bump now.

  38. rubes 15 January 2015

    I want another baby but I read from a book u need sex for that to happen lol stupid medicine *angry face* Why u scared lilmum???? I can't believe I'll be 22 on Monday am dreading it told my mate to get me a 21 card coz Im not getting older lol

  39. rubes 15 January 2015

    I prefer smaller groups too think I may move on up early I prefer to move up with super and lilmum coz then ppl born later then lilia move on into my page and I don't know them lol does that make sense???

  40. lilmum2002 15 January 2015

    Haha I'm glad I got my tubes done too Super, I konw I'm done but sometimes I think aww wouldn't it have been nice for Kayla to have a sister and then I go nah I don'tlike the morning sickness adn stuff haha. I dunno I'm just scared they are going to tell me there is something seriously wrong with my eyes lol. Haha Rubes I'll lend ya mine if ya want him hahahahahahahaha

  41. lilmum2002 15 January 2015

    22 isn't too bad I'm only 25 I always feel really young around here, my closest neighbor is old enough to be my grandma lol Heck David's mom is only 3-4 years younger then my grandma would have been. And all the kids at Zac's school the parents are like the same age as my mom lol. The joys of being a teen mom I suppose. Hey super you got any extra mint cookies you wanna give away LOL today the kids have all woken on the wrong side of the bed, it's a constant whine! Is any one elses acting up or is it just mine?

  42. USMCwife 15 January 2015

    Yeah you few ladies i think are right around my sons age group too :) Im pregnant right now with my second one.,. i know i will want antoher one but im hoping the baby fever thing will not come up til four years or so after this one is born!

  43. lilmum2002 15 January 2015

    I have 3 kids and the first two are spaced out 5.5 years and then there is only 25 months between my middle and baby. I think they are both pretty good age gaps they seem to work for us.

  44. River 16 January 2015

    It's going to be interesting to see how our little ones go with another baby. At my antenatal appt the other day the midwife had a baby doll in the room and Riley loved it, so I said to DH that I would buy one for Ri to get him used to a little bub. That didn't go down well! I'm going to do it anyway LOL! Ready- I think it is just that a few weeks ago I wasn't sure if my gut was baby or just too much alcohol/first baby related! LOL, now it's definitely baby, so I'm just going to say that I'm starting to show now, rather than a few weeks ago!

  45. CohensMum 16 January 2015

    River - I'm pregnant too, but only 8 weeks. And going back to work after my Mat Leave, full time, on Monday.....very sad to be leaving my LO, but I have to go back full time so I can have my mat leave benefits again. I'm so excited to be pregnant again, but nervous at the same time about how my LO will react to no longer being an only child...

  46. tink21 16 January 2015

    Everyone seems to be pregnant again, Congrats!! I forgot to tell you all during our little trip to vegas I thought I had packed my birth control pills but apperantly I didnt. I told my hubby but he didnt seem to really care so, lets hope we're not pregnant again. I really wanted a 3yr gap between kids. But if we are we'll be just as happy....We will wait till the end of the month to test. Im so paranoid :(

  47. lilmum2002 16 January 2015

    Morning! I was just reading the paper and saw the news about Tunsia. I hope everyone of Mohsen's family is ok and thinking of you guys. I also saw that Oklahoma had a earthquake, is that where your from Super? I seen on Hunter's cake and stuff Oklahoma, I hope you guys are ok too.

  48. rubes 16 January 2015

    Thanks lilmum we think they're ok Tunisia dropped it's censorship ban so all kinds of shit is coming out!!! Was the earthquake bad??? We had one once and it was tiny but was felt like 50 miles away or something???

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