Month 13

The second year of life has alot in store for your toddler. He is moving from babyhood to childhood. It is important to give your child the love, support, patience, encouragement and guidance that he needs. Toddlers are a challenge and at times, he may test your patience. Continue to set rules and enforce them. Soon your child will learn his limits.

You might notice that your child has developed new fears. This is normal and should pass when she sees that there is really nothing to be afraid of. Some children are afraid of separation, change, inanimate obects, animals and imaginary creatures. If you subjected your child to these types of objects from a young age, she may not show fear. Respect her fears and gently tell her there is nothing to be afraid of.

Because your baby is probably standing and walking well, he does not like any type of restraint. Occasionally, there are times that he may need to be in a playpen for safety. Your baby is beginning to do things for attention and likes when you clap or acknowledge her cuteness. At this point, she is beginning to adjust to babysitters but she is still afraid of strangers. She will empty the contents out of anything that you allow her to. She likes to take socks out of drawers, pots out of cabinets, etc. It is very important that you have childproofed your home and made a safe place for your toddler to explore.

Language skills are developing and he will begin saying simple words. Sometimes he gets frustrated if he can not find the words to say. Your child will respond to his name and he will look in the right direction when you ask him where an object is. He has begun to understand the names of objects, foods, people and animals. You might notice that he has a favorite book and will want you to read it over and over.

Your child does like to play alone sometimes, but she really likes to play with you. She likes to hide and have you find her. Some of her favorite toys are push and pull toys, simple ride on toys, pretend play, building materials, crayons and paper, cars and trucks, balls and other bright objects. Providing her a variety of educational toys will encourage her learning. Help her build towers and play imitation games with her.

Sometimes it is hard for babies to give up the bottle or breast. Weaning from the breast or bottle should be done slowly. Many babies want to nurse or drink from a bottle before bed and when they wake up. Do not allow your child to take a bottle or cup to bed with her. By now, she can drink whole milk. Offer her milk in a cup and encourage her to drink from it. She will drink less milk as she is eating more foods. Soon your child will forget about the breast or bottle. Don’t offer it if she has moved on.

Developmental Milestones – 13 Months


  • Climbs onto a low step
  • Can stand alone
  • May walk well
  • Puts objects away


  • Can hug and kiss
  • Likes when people are near
  • Enjoys praise and attention
  • Is learning simple words
  • Can respond when her name is called
  • Waves bye bye


  • Shy with strangers
  • Likes other children
  • Will adjust to familiar faces

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Ride-on toys
  • Push toys
  • Puppets
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Dolls
  • Blocks
  • Chunky crayons and paper
  • Large trucks/cars
  • Nesting cup
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  1. lilmum2002 19 January 2015

    Super, that girl is on my list too and I just pretty much ignore it all. I mean it is pretty sick that the other person took her pictures of her kid and claiming it to be her own though. She just needs to ignore it and stop posting about it because the one doing the buggin is getting just as much of a rise from the attention. This site is supposed to be a great place and sometimes it gts a bit crazy. David makes fun of me for still coming ot this site everyday even though I'm not pregnant, nor will I ever be again but I love talking to you guys.

  2. rubes 19 January 2015

    Ah, man. Men have it bloody easy. I hate the 'I'm more tired' rows. =( Work and Home Work are both very tiring and difficult and each need equal amounts of time off!!

  3. lilmum2002 19 January 2015

    oh and Rubes I have virtually no desire to have sex lately so if you wanna send some this way I'm sure David would apprieciate it hahaha

  4. rubes 19 January 2015

    Shes on my list too lol its sick that some person stole pics of her kid and that but making so much attention of it is just giving the other person what they want.

  5. rubes 19 January 2015

    It's not funny =( I'm going to explode - quite literally =( I'm so sore from last night, but have enough sexual energy to power a small town =(

  6. i-am-pregnant 19 January 2015

    My hubby panics when he see's this site on my iPhone - he thinks it means I'm pregnant again!

  7. rubes 19 January 2015

    I'm usually the same re rejection and stuff. I usually have to wait for him to iniate it, because of his decreased sex drive coz of his medicine, but mines like RIGHT UP THERE, and last night, he got into bed and I took my clothes off and he's like 'why u naked?' and I just dived right in. I saw the fear in his eyes. PMSL. He's out again tonight, and his friends doing the old 'julie'comments in bacjground. I dared him to say a rude comment about my ex-best friend and see how friendly his matey boi is then!!!! But of course he wouldn't dare.... He's such a coward. I want him to pop down for a booty call before I sneak out to take myself a lurrvvveeerrr.....

  8. rubes 19 January 2015

    LOL, rls!!! I need to get my iPhone fixed still, but haven't rung the number because I've been too tired and stuff.... My voice had started slurring, yet I can still fulfil my daily tasks. It's annoying. I sound drunk. Lol.

  9. rubes 19 January 2015

    My poor restaurant and bakery is all I can say. I'm missing out on valuable coins!!! =(

  10. lilmum2002 19 January 2015

    I don't even have a cell phone lol I don't go anywheres lol David has plenty to share if your hubby wants it Super lol He gets mad all the time because I'm just not that interested and he thinks I should be, being as we're only 25 but I think he forgets thtat I'm up through the night and have the other 2 I;m just too tired come night time.

  11. rubes 19 January 2015

    ladies, I was doing my monthly round of hoe stalking, and noticed two new names appearing on her facebook -- two of mohsens friends. I don't know how to play this card. I want to blow him right out the water with my ingenius.

  12. babybuttercup 20 January 2015

    My daughter does not eat anything but cereal (like cheerios) goldfish crackers, and bread....She refuses to eat. She will also eat nutrigrain fruit bars. Is this okay? Im gonna ask pediatrician next week but i hope shes getting enough nutrition. She drinks whole milk and drinks juice. She is not too thin either. She seems healthy. But im worried.

  13. MargaretAnn 20 January 2015

    My son hasn't been eating as well either. His Dr. said it's because he is busy walking etc. and to base his nutritional diet on a weekly scale since some days they will eat more than others. Seems like since we all seem to be in a similar boat, everything with our angels is ok

  14. rubes 20 January 2015

    I'm guilty of being tmI myself but I do know when too much is too much lol I just don't reply. I'd never insult her for it. If you dont want to see it, delete her. I am feeling tired didnt want to get out of bed but lilia did so I had to! Sex drive seems to have disappeared and now I want to sleep!

  15. rubes 20 January 2015

    So, I mentioned that 2 of his friends were on that hoes facebook???? I'm going to do something drastic, and tell him 'Some of your friends are on that womans facebook. im not going to argue with you, im not going to question you, ive made peace with the fact you will mever tell me the truth. theres only two reasons how they became facebook friends -- either you lied about how serious u two were and introduced them, or your 'friend' is shit stirring -- i want her permeamently removed from my life -- so either you remove her by removing them, or remove me from your life. Call me when youve made your decision.' it will frighten him coz ive never fought back before. and if he chooses them, io wont have to leave, coz he did!!!

  16. lilmum2002 20 January 2015

    Mornin! Rubes in a way I hope he picks his pals because it will be easier for you to make it final if he's the one who made that decision. Super my kids do that too lol, it's just like shush and go to bed lol

  17. rubes 20 January 2015

    LMAO. Pellet gun!! Haha. I only rang him twice today, and he's rung me 3 times. That's a big feat!!! I'm proud of myslf, but God the urge to hastle him is strong!!! I added a new blog about Lilia's 12 month check. She's 21 lb now and perfectly happy and healthy. Yay!!!

  18. Bri 20 January 2015

    Well, just got back from Alex's one year appointment, a little late. He's 26lbs 6oz and 32.5in tall. Still a big boy but slimming down a bit.

  19. lilmum2002 20 January 2015

    I say we all get pellet guns haha I can borrow Zac's lol I have to get Kayla's too we're so behind but I hate the doctors down here. Way to go Jacob for being so cute!

  20. i-am-pregnant 21 January 2015

    Readyfornumber2- I will have 3 under two, and suprisingly, I am not freaking out at all... I think life is going to be C-R-A-Z-Y for awhile, but I know once they start crawling it only seems to get easier... that and this time around I will know what to expect.... and the most important thing that I have learned so far is- we are all going to survive! Everyone might not get held as much, played with as much, sleep as much (me), and everyone might cry a whole lot more (me included)-- but I know that no matter what happens, we will survive this! You are going to do GREAT, and think of all the added bonus's of having your kids closer together to keep you positive about it what you are going to experience!! xo

  21. rubes 21 January 2015

    LOL. Hope your tissue gets well soon...... I'm feeling better today. Much happier and confident. Think I'm getting another buzz. That, or the meds worked and Manic Ruby is 'Real' Ruby. Haha.

  22. rubes 21 January 2015

    Im fucking fuming. 146 fucking pounds to fix my damn iphone might as well buy a brand new phone im so pissed off and they expect me to go to the Apple Store in BRENT CROSS thats like 30 miles away wtf???????

  23. rubes 21 January 2015

    No I bloody dont! I stole the money out of the joint account I don't use so shhh dont tell my husband. Ill take it down in two weeks or something need to mentally prepare for THAT journey lol

  24. lilmum2002 21 January 2015

    Super my butt hurts in the exact same spot like right above, especially after I mop or something. THe other night I was stuck bent in half for over a half hour because I couldn't move. It's sciatica and my dad had to have surgery on it so I'm keeping an eye on it. Rubes that's insane for a phone. Well school got cancelled this afternoon for a projected snow storm. We were supposed to go to a therapist appointment but I cancelled it this morning since I didnt' feel like going in the middle of a storm

  25. lilmum2002 21 January 2015

    It's always quiet in here lol I just didn't think people'd want to hear me bitch some more about this moving in with my MIL shit lol. Have fun!! David went to go plow for this 'noreaster' hahaha we didn't get any here it's been raining all damn day! In town they goa bit but it's all rain now too. And I was looking forward to just spending a whole night with David. Oh well maybe tomorrow night

  26. Noahsmummy 22 January 2015

    Amandasmommy-i wouldnt worry to much about her not walking. They all do it at their own pace. Noah walked at 9 months!!! my brother walked at 18 months

  27. raeross76 22 January 2015

    hey ladies! Long time since Ive been on here. Absolutely no time at work and at home. I put a few new pics. Taylor had RSV and lost over a pound in 2 weeks. I got puked on 3x Christmas Eve, but he had a good Christmas Day. Took him to the ER New Years night with 104.4 Temp. FYI, albuterol can make them really hyper. He was exhausted but wouldn't go to sleep. His next 2 teeth are breaking thru. He's been so sick, I didn't even notice and he will NOT let you look at them. He started walking about a week after he turned one and is wide open. He is SOOO smart. I can't believe it. He is doing very well with sign language. But he is saying so many words, I don't think we will need it! Sorry to go on and on. Wish I could chat more. I miss you all! Rachel

  28. rubes 22 January 2015

    Did you have fun, super? Lilmum, bitch away! God knows I always do lol sooo lilia pulled herself to stand yesterday yay

  29. rubes 22 January 2015

    As always, tmI lol but I've got diarreaha =( it's a side effect of my meds i've lost like 3 lb in 4 days since I started medicine. Good, yeah, but not healthy!

  30. rubes 22 January 2015

    She stood herself to stand again!!! Yay!!! She was as happy as Larry, until she fell flat on her arse. Lol. She moaned a bit but I told her its all part of the learning process and she went to play with her decapitated snail!! =)

  31. lilmum2002 22 January 2015

    Yay Lilia!! Kayla finally learned how to stand by herself without using anything. I have a question, does anyone elses babes urine really stink? Kayla's is soo foul smelling it makes me cringe sometimes or even think its a poopy diaper. It's even worse in the morning and I know she's drinking tons.

  32. lilmum2002 22 January 2015

    Glad you had fun, it's always good to have a fun night. I've played just dance before, it's pretty fun. I decided to go to my moms tonight with the kiddos while David goes to work on the boat. I guess our romantic evening will have to be some time this week I guess :(

  33. rubes 22 January 2015

    Yay kayla! Glad you had a blast, super. I deactivated my facebook temp. Nothing but drama!

  34. rubes 22 January 2015

    Sorry about your weekend, Lilmum!!! Why don't you just organize it for next weekend and tell him 'this is how it is'??? Mohsen seems to be making more of an effort toward us. I don't know whether it's a good phase or a positive step.... We're moving in to the new place in the first week of Feb. The deposit has been paid (it's been paid for about 2-weeks now). This gives me 6-months to 12-months (because there's a contract) to figure out what exactly it is I want... Except for the fatigue, diarreaha, loss of appetite followed by a compulsion to binge, I seem to be OK. Happier within myself. I haven't cried since Monday. That's a positive sign.

  35. rubes 22 January 2015

    She's not sleeping!!! She's laying in her cot, she's finished her 9 oz bottle and doesn't want more, and has listened to 4 mins of Scouts 'bedtime songs'.... I'm leaving her to cry, because when I go in there, she screams when I turn on Scout and leave.... She's quieting down now.... Let's hope she's falling asleep....

  36. greenayed 23 January 2015

    I went to a children consignment store this weekend and was informed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act is attempting to make it illegal for parents to resell their gently used kid's clothing. As a parent in this uncertain economy, I shop consignment stores for my child's clothing. If this is passed, not only will it impact parents' wallets, but it will affect charitable organizations such as Goodwill, and online auction sites like Ebay. I am asking you to please sign the petition before February 10 and to send this to everyone you know. Thanks Click on 'Make Second Hand Kids Clothes Legal'

  37. PoppyEllaRae 23 January 2015

    babybuttercup! i thought i was the only one! my daughter is the same she wont eat anything thats not blended or she will only eat yoghurts! she wont eat any fruit or veg or anything healthy shes even started to notice if i try and hide it in a yoghurt and is refusing that now. shes a healthy weight now and looks very healthy i think that down to her milk iv been told to give her as much milk as she will take for the vitamins with her not eating healthily. havent a clue how to make her eat!

  38. i-am-pregnant 23 January 2015

    Jacob 'shares' his food, takes a nibble then offers it around and you have to pretend to nibble some too. Cute. Off to my great aunt peggys 90th today - looking forward to it even though it means 5hrs in the car!

  39. rubes 23 January 2015

    90??? Wow. Happy birthday!!!! Oldest person I know is about 88!! Lilia shares her food too, and toys, but she's started finding it HILARIOUS to share her food or toys then whip it away and giggle. SO funny!!!

  40. rubes 23 January 2015

    Is he smiling and laughing and does he mingle well???? If you're concerned, speak to your doctor, because I heard they have Early Intervention Centres for Autism in the States. We don't have them here, so kids with Autism are pretty much left to it until they start school.

  41. rubes 23 January 2015

    I mean, I'm sure it's nothing, but it's best to air your fears with your doctor. =)

  42. LeighsaMarie 23 January 2015

    Just wanted to share with you ladies that I have a lady on facebook who is making the most cutest tutus, tutu dresses with fabric flowers on them, headbands, birthday sets, favorite cartoon birthday sets, and soon little boy hats and shirts with ties..She can custom make them anyway you want them and post a picture so you can see it before she sends it to you and you can make any changes you want before they actually send out to you...She will keep you informed on their processes the whole time and usually has them made in a day or two and ready to be sent to you..I have order my little girl 2 already and have found her to be very sweet and great to work with..She is also the cheapest I have found online for the quality dresses she is making...Her tutu dresses go for 22 dollars and come with a flowered headband on them, her headbands are 1.50 and all interchangeable, hats are $5, and she discounts for orders over a certain amount..Her facebook url is: [email protected] She is definately worth checking out..!!!...Oh yes she crochets most of the actually hats, tutus headbands, and such..!!

  43. rubes 23 January 2015

    Super, is he double babbling like mamadada and baboosh? I was told at my 12 month check that they should be double babbling at this age.

  44. i-am-pregnant 23 January 2015

    Super - j hardly says anything either, cat a few times and dada but that about it, Ohh and a really annoying urgggghhh when he wants something we are taking too long to fetch for him. My middle one hardly said anything until she was about 2, really slow to pick up the verbal stuff but now she's 3 she's a little chatter box having been really worried about her for no reason I wouldn't take speech as any indication of anything anymore unless there are a collection of things you are worried about and speech is just one of them (m didn't talk but liked to play tricks on us, and play and cuddle etc).

  45. rubes 23 January 2015

    Lilia beat me up again today. She wanted to slide off the sofa head-first, but I wouldn't let her, obviously, and tried to turn her around, so she started flaying her head and slapping and biting me!!!

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