Month 13

The second year of life has alot in store for your toddler. He is moving from babyhood to childhood. It is important to give your child the love, support, patience, encouragement and guidance that he needs. Toddlers are a challenge and at times, he may test your patience. Continue to set rules and enforce them. Soon your child will learn his limits.

You might notice that your child has developed new fears. This is normal and should pass when she sees that there is really nothing to be afraid of. Some children are afraid of separation, change, inanimate obects, animals and imaginary creatures. If you subjected your child to these types of objects from a young age, she may not show fear. Respect her fears and gently tell her there is nothing to be afraid of.

Because your baby is probably standing and walking well, he does not like any type of restraint. Occasionally, there are times that he may need to be in a playpen for safety. Your baby is beginning to do things for attention and likes when you clap or acknowledge her cuteness. At this point, she is beginning to adjust to babysitters but she is still afraid of strangers. She will empty the contents out of anything that you allow her to. She likes to take socks out of drawers, pots out of cabinets, etc. It is very important that you have childproofed your home and made a safe place for your toddler to explore.

Language skills are developing and he will begin saying simple words. Sometimes he gets frustrated if he can not find the words to say. Your child will respond to his name and he will look in the right direction when you ask him where an object is. He has begun to understand the names of objects, foods, people and animals. You might notice that he has a favorite book and will want you to read it over and over.

Your child does like to play alone sometimes, but she really likes to play with you. She likes to hide and have you find her. Some of her favorite toys are push and pull toys, simple ride on toys, pretend play, building materials, crayons and paper, cars and trucks, balls and other bright objects. Providing her a variety of educational toys will encourage her learning. Help her build towers and play imitation games with her.

Sometimes it is hard for babies to give up the bottle or breast. Weaning from the breast or bottle should be done slowly. Many babies want to nurse or drink from a bottle before bed and when they wake up. Do not allow your child to take a bottle or cup to bed with her. By now, she can drink whole milk. Offer her milk in a cup and encourage her to drink from it. She will drink less milk as she is eating more foods. Soon your child will forget about the breast or bottle. Don’t offer it if she has moved on.

Developmental Milestones – 13 Months


  • Climbs onto a low step
  • Can stand alone
  • May walk well
  • Puts objects away


  • Can hug and kiss
  • Likes when people are near
  • Enjoys praise and attention
  • Is learning simple words
  • Can respond when her name is called
  • Waves bye bye


  • Shy with strangers
  • Likes other children
  • Will adjust to familiar faces

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Ride-on toys
  • Push toys
  • Puppets
  • Books
  • Balls
  • Dolls
  • Blocks
  • Chunky crayons and paper
  • Large trucks/cars
  • Nesting cup
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  1. excitedmistymisty 27 December 2015

    the vtech dog is ok...i don't really 'get it' so much, but samuel LOVES buttons and pushing things so he is really intrigued by it...he doesn't understand that it follows the bone, it's parents got it for him, and they were thrilled with it...

  2. mrsmyersJessie 27 December 2015

    So glad to hear everyone had a good holiday! Ours was pretty good. There was some drama-rama with my mama, but I won't even get into that. Wesley loved opening his presents, and our living room is a disaster area now, lol. We REALLY need to figure out where to put all these toys now! ----- Tina, I'm so sorry to hear that about Kylie!! I would have been scared to death as well. But Misty is right about the toddler beds, they're not very pricey. I was actually just looking at them online last night. I want to get Wesley into a toddler bed, possibly, to get him out of the habit of crawling into ours. Right now our bed is on the floor, and his mattress is on the floor next to us, wedged between our bed and the wall. He spends about 2/3 of the night in his bed, but then he wakes up and climbs into our bed. I'm hoping maybe with a toddler bed, he won't do that. ----- As far as words go, Wesley doesn't say much. He says dada, mama, and SEEEEE? when he points to things, lol. I think he's starting to try to say thank you when I hand him things. This morning when I was feeding him a snack, everytime I handed it to him, he said 'dane,' as if he was trying to say 'thank.' It could be my imagination, though.

  3. mrsmyersJessie 27 December 2015

    LOL, Ariana. I love the '7 is the new midnight' party idea. How true is that? Midnight?!?! Who is able to stay up til midnight when they have kids?!!?? LOL

  4. ari08ariana 27 December 2015

    Jessie: not me. we fall asleep at like 8:30-9pm. Tina:I know they back canopies for cribs for kids you climb out it keeps them in, but has really cool pictures or drawings or just plain. Rhys has yet to climb out of his crib which surprises me. We even stil has the bumper. I am nervous about moving him into a toddler bed because he still moves around * alot* at night and i think if it was closer to the ground he * would* climb out or roll out even with a guard. hehe.. Rhys keeps running over to the dog and giving him huge hugs and just laughing so hard. It's so cute.

  5. SPUDinTHEovenTina 27 December 2015

    Thanks ladies! I think I may try one of those crib tents. The toddler beds aren't super spendy, but I think that I'd be worried about her getting up and walking around at night if she was in one this young. I think she may be to little still. It's hard to know for sure though. I don't know what's best :/

  6. DoeysGirlCassie 27 December 2015

    Tina, I can't imagine putting Liam in a toddler bed! They're still our babies! Luckily he hasn't tried to climb out (yet!) Daycare has naptime on cots, but I've insisted he's in a crib still. His room is for one-year-olds, and there's big difference between in a one-year-old that's almost two and our kiddos that just turned one, you know? The thought of my little guy on a big cot is so scary!

  7. excitedmistymisty 27 December 2015

    i'm hoping to not do a toddler bed for awhile...he isn't a big climber, so it would be nice to keep him in the crib until he's 2...but we'll see!

  8. excitedmistymisty 27 December 2015

    samuel is becoming more and more sweet by the day!!!!!! i'm so thankful for such a sweet little guy...always hugging and kisses and when he hugs me he pats my back, it is so cute and sweet! he is such a big cuddler too! i never get anything done, but we have fun!!

  9. mrsmyersJessie 27 December 2015

    Isn't it the most amazing thing ever, Misty? Wesley is a big cuddler, and it just melts my heart. He seriously almost made me cry at the mall the other day. He wanted me to hold him, so I picked him up out of the stroller and we were just walking around, and he had his head on my shoulder. He kept his head on my shoulder for a good 10 minutes, then out of nowhere, he popped his head up and gave me a kiss! It was the sweetest moment I've ever experienced. It's moments like that which make all the stressful times more than worth it.

  10. SPUDinTHEovenTina 27 December 2015

    I wish Kylie was a cuddler, but she never has been. She won't even let me rock her to sleep at night! I should count my blessings that she is independent, puts herself to sleep, and doesn't cling to me.... but sometimes I just wanna cuddle and she wiggles out of my grasp :/ She's just like my husband, he never wants to cuddle either lol!

  11. mrsmyersJessie 27 December 2015

    So I know the conversation about it has faded, but the idea of a group birthday party in 2012 has had my wheels spinning all week. What do you ladies think about the week of October 7th, 2012? We could really do ANY week in October. I'm just thinking this would give us a chance to get home and recoup before Halloween. I'm TOTALLY in love with this house: I mean....COME ON!! It's beautiful! It sleeps up to 60 people! And it has a theatre! And foosball and ping pong! It's $790 a night for the whole house. If we got 10 families together for 5 nights, it would be only $395 for each family! It would be $493 per family with 8 families, and $658 with 6 families. So obviously, the more, the merrier. :) It's only 23 miles from SLC Airport too, which is serviced by Southwest Airlines, which has super low prices. We could carpool from the airport to save money on car rentals. The ladies can leave the men and kids at the house and go grocery shopping! I'm using far too many exclamation points!! But seriously, I want this to happen. And the fact that it's in 2012 will make it a lot easier for us to save for it. We can save for an entire year! Let's just ballpark it and say it'll be about $1500-$2000 per family for the entire vacation. 18 months of saving...$100 a month, or a little more. WE CAN DOOOO ITTTT!!! Who's with me??!?!? And we don't have to do 5 nights, I'm just tossing stuff out there. We could do 3 nights (that's the minimum for the house). That would be $237 per family for 10 families, $296 for 8, and $395 for 6. Any thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

  12. mrsmyersJessie 27 December 2015

    OMMMGGGG and how fun would it be to do a giant dinner one night? Each of us ladies cooks up a signature dish and we serve it up family style. We could have a little banquet, lol. The other nights, we could keep it simple. But we'd HAVE to do one night with all the ladies in the kitchen. I think it would be so awesome to taste everyone's cooking, and all the regional flavors. :)

  13. SPUDinTHEovenTina 27 December 2015

    Jessie, that place looks really nice! And SLC is in driving distance for us, about 6 hours away. So at this point you can count us in! (Eee, I reeeeally want to go, but I haven't even mentioned it to Dave yet lol!)

  14. LorelaismomAmanda 27 December 2015

    Omg Jessie, I love you! My only issue is that it's sooo far away! I really have to wait almost 2 years before I meet you?! And did I miss something? Where did SLC come from? I am totally down for wherever, I would just love for it to be sooner. :o) But I get the saving up for it thing too. I can't look at the link cause I'm on my phone, but the house sounds ridic!

  15. mrsmyersJessie 27 December 2015

    I don't know where SLC came from, lol. I just picked it because the mountains are awesome, and it's SORTA central, not really, though, lol. But who wants to meet up in the middle middle? Let's vacation in Topeka, Kansas~!! YEAH RIGHT!!! LOL. And I knowwwww, it's so far away!! But I really think that planning for 2012 would make it more attractive to more people, money wise, Robbie and me included. It's very difficult for us to save money with just my salary. BUT I'm paying off our debts with our taxes, so I'll be able to save after that! And you need to get online asap and look at the house. It's jaw dropping. Ohhhh and Tina! 6 hour drive ain't bad at all!! If I had the patience, I'd drive, because it would probably be less than flying. But I hate road trips, lol. I get tired and cranky and my butt goes numb.

  16. NIKKIbik 27 December 2015

    My son is about that size and he does a lot of the same things. He's advanced over all the kids in his mommy and me class and some are 2-3 months older he has about 30 words give or take and plays basketball on his new hoop he got for Christmas. He's so smart and I'm loving this age:)

  17. excitedmistymisty 28 December 2015

    I HAVE TO WAIT 2 YEARS TO MEET YOU PEOPLE! WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man...that's no fun...but the house is AWESOME, i looked at it last week...let me break it to eric :0) southwest airlines always has good deals! i already know what i'm cooking!

  18. DoeysGirlCassie 28 December 2015

    Good morning, ladies! :) I made it a whole day yesterday at work with no pumping! Wahoo! I felt like Dolly Parton (even more than usual) when I got home, but I did it! I didn't even bring my pump today. I feel so sad and liberated at the same time!

  19. i-am-pregnant 28 December 2015

    Wow, sorry i've missed a lot! I think I'm going to contiune to be MIA for the next week though =( My brother and his wife came to stay with us yesterday from Africa and will be staying with us for a week! They don't have kids and are watching DJ today will I get out of work at 2pm! I'm expecting a few calls at work today, lol! LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU! P.S. The trip sounds AMAZING! I just don't think there is any way I could convince Dave to save money to go stay with people 'he's never met'. It's not his style at all, boo-whoo!

  20. DoeysGirlCassie 28 December 2015

    Cheryl, have a GREAT week! How wonderful you get to see your Brother and DJ gets some quality time wiht his Uncle! I'm sure he'll be a natural today. :)

  21. DoeysGirlCassie 28 December 2015

    So yesterday we got another note home from daycare because Liam bit another child again! I thought we were over the biting because he hadn't had an incident in more than a month, and here we go again! When I see him do it or he bites me I put my index finger on his lips and say 'no bite!' sternly two times, and it seems to work for awhile. I don't want my kid to be 'the biter!' Anyone else having issues? Ideas? We teach kids to chew on pacifiers, teething toys, blocks, everything - how do you teach them not to chew on their friends?!

  22. ari08ariana 28 December 2015

    Wow-'i have a lot to catch up on. Jessie:I am def all for getting a get together together. The house looks amazing. I've never been to salt lake city. We are in NJ so it would def be a trip for us, I prob would somehow wanna combine it with going to cali to see my family out there. hmm. So.. is it 395 a night? or a week? for each family? I like the idea of a big dinner too. I love to cook. As long as the guys clean it all up. haha. just kidding, that would never happen. Tina: Rhys is not much of a cuddler either, he likes to give hugs and kisses but only on his own time, if i ask for one forget it. He does like to be held though. and whenhe is upset he will hug me really tight, but i only get love when he is upset or hurt :(. Cassie: Rhys just started bitingme again too, out of no where.I had to yell and put him inthe corner and walk away, he bawled, I waited 30 seconds then when back and just explained we dont bite and continued playing. we'll see if he does it today. Honestly- if he is getting close enough to a kid to bite him or her maybe they should be paying more attention! Is it getting teeth? maybe give me a litle advil before he goes so his gums dont hurt??

  23. highleeLisa 28 December 2015

    I would love to get together but I don't know if it would be possible money wise for us even with a year to save...we have solo many bills to catch up on once Cesar gets a job. I guess we will have to see what he gets maybe it will be one that pays $20/hour haha! So gaby got a saving account opened from her great grandma for Xmas but i still don know how much was put in lol, guess I should ask.

  24. DoeysGirlCassie 28 December 2015

    Ariana, apparently another child took a toy from him, and he bit them, so it was a defense mechanism. He's not teething now, but he has 16 teeth that we counted last weekend. Daddy wrestles with him at night, which they both love, but he's becoming quite the 'rough and tumble' kid, and he's really sturdy, too. I don't want him to be the bully! haha! He's definitely a lover, though. He'll give hugs and kisses and he blows kisses to everyone he sees - grocery store, the mall, the drive-thru at Starbucks. A total flirt! He loves our nursing/snuggle time like crazy, too.

  25. i-am-pregnant 28 December 2015

    Cassie, is it the same kid that he bit before? What are the ages in the room he's in? Is it 1yr till 2yrs? I'd be kinda upset if another kid bit or hit my 14mon old.... BUT they are only 1-2yrs old... they are going to bit and hit each other. It's hard, because you aren't there to correct the behavor. And of course he might not act like that at home, because there are no other children to play with... it's just him. So if he doesn't do it at home or DayCare THAT often, I think they are over reacting?! How many times has he bit another child, isn't this just the second time? I'm sure he isn't drawing blood here, I don't know Cassie, this is a tough one!

  26. SPUDinTHEovenTina 28 December 2015

    Cheryl- I'm worried my husband won't want to do the trip either for the same reason that he wouldn't want to save money to go on a trip with a bunch of people he's never met. He isn't much of a people person, he refuses to go to movies on opening day, gripes the whole time if we're at a party with my friends (or just won't go) When I asked him to go to Old Navy for me on Christmas Eve he laughed at me. He just doesn't like to be around a bunch of people he doesn't know, but it is frustrating sometimes

  27. ari08ariana 28 December 2015

    Lisa: What does ceaser do? tell himto geta job in solar. It is huge and just growing biggerand bigger by the day. If you know or can train in solar electrical work( or really anything in solar) you make a killing. Jed got his job when Rhys was about 5 months old and i think he gets 30 an hour. granted alot of taxes and stuff gets taken out in the end, but, it allows us to pay bills and have a little extra here and there, not much tho. but his company can hardly keep up with how much business they r getting. its a lot of hours away, but its a bomoming business!!

  28. excitedmistymisty 28 December 2015

    gosh, i don't know what to do about the biting're right, how do you teach a little one to bite toys not friends??? they have no concept! i think samuel is getting a little cold...eric has one and samuel has been sneezing all day...i REALLY hate cold season...we don't even go anywhere, i guess eric just brought it home from work...a gift for the whole family

  29. excitedmistymisty 28 December 2015

    my husband is the same way...we are home bodies anyway, but we had to stop on the way to Virginia to return a few items, and he elected to sit in the car with samuel and let me go in target and toys r us because he didn't want to 'deal' with the crowds (there wans't anyone there!!!) i'll see what the reaction is should be fun!

  30. i-am-pregnant 28 December 2015

    well my husband is being a complete dick head! I told him about the SLC thing and he says you know i cant plan in advance... plus it is 33 hours from here and he refuses to ride on a plane... you know what screw him count me in i might me stupid crazy but i want to go if i have to hire a friggin nanny to help me! Oh and the house is LOVELY!!!

  31. DoeysGirlCassie 28 December 2015

    Cheryl: The room is all 12-to-18-month olds. They don't make a big deal of biting because it does happen all the time, but we always have to sign an incident report for any injury or biting incident. I think he's been the biter three times and the bitee three times. He's had big mouth-shaped bite markes on his arms several times, and they turn into nasty bruises! I realize it's something that can't be helped, but I just wish it wasn't my kid doing the biting is all. They teach the kids 'no,' remove them from the situation for a few seconds to 'talk' about it, then have them apologize by hugging the other child and saying 'i'm sorry' in sign language, so he's learning manners, but still! Hopefully it's just a phase. Maybe I shouldn't kiss his toes and pretend like I'm nibbling on them when he's nursing? That's been our 'thing' since he was bitty. At least he doesn't take crap from the other kids and stands up to himself. I guess I'd rather have the bully than the wimp. LOL

  32. DoeysGirlCassie 28 December 2015

    Misty: We're total hombodies, too, though it might be because we're old. haha! We're done with the craziness and the partying. I even hate being out after dark. OMG. Did I just type that? That sounds like my grandma!!! Glad we're not the only ones! :)

  33. LorelaismomAmanda 28 December 2015

    come on ladies, we all HAVE to go! What if we did a weekend or something just the ladies? If the boys don't want any pay of it, then they can stay home with the kids! My hubby isn't the biggest fan of hanging out with people he doesn't know, but he knows how much I want to meet you crazy gals so he's up for it. Sara, why won't Adam fly?

  34. excitedmistymisty 28 December 2015

    glad you typed that before me Cassie! I HATE, and i mean LOATHE driving after dark with samuel in the car...i've became such a housewife...dinner's on the table at 6, we do a little family stuff, samuel in the bath at 7:30, reading and bedtime for him...and us not too long after! a few weeks ago eric and i stayed up on a friday night until 10pm...that's only because i made pudding and we were watching the book of eli...we are sooooooo pathetic

  35. excitedmistymisty 28 December 2015

    ok, i don't want to nix the SLC trip...but since sara's husband is being a pain...maybe if we had it closer to her she could definately come (and i could try to help out too since we would be coming in that direction)...kure beach? outer banks? myrtle beach? sorry to put you back to work Jess! i really want us to get together and whatever we have to do to make it happen...even if i have to meet each of you individually! PS Sara...i'm going to be in VA again in April and June...i know June is pushing it for you and your due date...maybe April you can go to VA too! i'll get you an exact date as soon as i can...we are throwing my soon to be sister-in-law a wedding shower so i should have the date soon

  36. mrsmyersJessie 28 December 2015

    LOL, it sounds like we're all married to the same guy. Robbie says the same thing when I talk about it. 'You want to go spend a week with a bunch of strangers??' LOL. Well how about we say screw the men! I can find a smaller house (in a different city, even, if SLC doesn't work for everyone), for less money, and we can do just a ladies retreat and leave the kids at home with the dads. Or we can bring the kids and just leave the dads, lol. We've GOT to make this work!! If SLC isn't ideal, maybe we can do Tennessee?

  37. excitedmistymisty 28 December 2015

    i'm up for parents gave us a gift certificate to go there as a christmas gift...and clarification...we had sex THEN we ate was tasty...and it was a real toss up whether to eat the pudding first or have sex since sometimes samuel gets up right after we put him down, we did choose sex was a tough call

  38. DoeysGirlCassie 28 December 2015

    Hahaha, Misty! Fantastic! We always choose the pudding! This is TMI, but I've kept track of every time we've 'you know' since we started dating (I use a special mark on my calendar), and we're up to a whopping 13 times for the ENTIRE YEAR! Yeah... lucky guy!

  39. ari08ariana 28 December 2015

    Funny-I told Jed and it, and it said' sounds good to me, count us in!' he thought SLC was a cool idea too. But we can do anyplace its so far away that we can save up no prob. Canyou belive when this trip happens our little ones will be turning 3!!!

  40. mrsmyersJessie 28 December 2015

    Oooh, ladies. I found a house that might convince the men! It has an arcade room! LOL

  41. i-am-pregnant 28 December 2015

    NO NO NO SLC is fine i doubt my husband would want to go either way being he owns his own business it is really hard for him to leave... so i thought i would find a sitter for my 2 oldest and take Colton and the baby and probably a nanny/sitter (wink wink) Amanda my husband is a total weirdo he is scared it would crash i tried telling him his chances are far worst driving that far than flying! Anywho Misty i will definately plan for April!!!! Whereever you girls decide i am game :)

  42. LorelaismomAmanda 28 December 2015

    Can't we convince the men that they're in this together? Why are the boys being such doodoo heads?! We should just plan a Vegas weekend, ladies!

  43. mrsmyersJessie 28 December 2015

    They ARE doodoo heads, lol. But I can see where they're coming from. Guys are weird, most aren't very social with strangers. So they're thinking about being stuck hanging out with a bunch of guys they don't know. Whereas we're thinking about meeting up with our best friends, lol. LOL a Vegas weekend would be awesome, but I reeeeeally don't think Robbie would like that one, lololol. I've been looking at places in Tennessee and North Georgia and found some pretty nice places for good prices. For some reason, I'm stuck on mountain places. I guess cause it's fall, and I'm subconsciously pushing to go somewhere with fall foliage, since I never get to see it. :(

  44. ari08ariana 28 December 2015

    well jeds in ladies.. sooo.. i think the guy would end up having a blast, although if there is a bar they could just all end up drunk and sleeping the whole trip... at least jed might...

  45. mrsmyersJessie 28 December 2015

    Why can't all the husbands be as free spirited and open to new experience as Jed?!?! Mannnn. Robbie will go, even if he doesn't want to, because he won't want to be left home alone. So we just need to work on the other husbands! Sara, I understand completely about Adam. When you're the boss, it's hard to get time off. That's a good idea about the sitter for the two oldest. I'd hate for you to be travelling alone with 4 kiddos. That would be a nightmare for you!!

  46. LorelaismomAmanda 28 December 2015

    Geoff's totally up for it to, he feels like he knows you ladies and your babies! Ariana, Geoff and Jed could 'man' the bar together! Lol

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