Month 14

Children learn through play. As your child becomes increasingly interested in more advanced toys, you can make some fun things for him to play with. Not all of his toys need to be store bought. They just need to be safe and stimulating. Your toddler might even be able to help you make something new! Parents and caregivers should play with their children and encorage active learning. When playing, it is best to let him lead the way. After playing for a while your child’s way, show him how to something another way. Show him how to combine toys to make playtime more fun. Your child may become aftraid of the dark and may stop playing in his room alone.

Your child is interested in small things. Bugs, pebbles, crumbs and other small items are fun for her. Your child can stoop and stand back up agian. Sometimes your child will drop things just to have you pick them up for her. If you are not careful, this will soon turn into a game that she loves!

Your child can let you know when she wants something and is beginning to increase her vocabulary. He likes to make sounds and might scream to let you know just how powerful his voice can be. He inititates games and will bring you books or toys that he enjoys.

By fourteen months, you will have to limit the amount of television your toddler watches. The television should not be used as a babysitter and the programs she watches should be monitored. Watching the television does not give your toddler a chance to explore and develop muscles.

A child this age is mobile and curious! Take special precautions to prevent poisoning. Everyday items can be poisonous if a child were to consume them. Colognes, cleaners, spices,garden plants, and lots of other items are dangerous. Keeping a clean and clutter free home can help eliminate hazards. Keep the number of the poison control center posted at each phone in case of an emergency.

Discipline can be hard, but it is an important part of parenting. Disciplining your child is important to help them grow into responsible adults. By fourteen months, your child already has developed a close bond with you. He knows that you love him and he trusts you. During the second year of life, toddlers want to please their parents by completing simple instructions. Your child will also begin to mimic your behaviors. Set your rules and stick to them. When your child is misbehaving, pull them aside and remind them of the rules.

Developmental Milestones – 14 Months Old


  • Can walk well
  • Climbs stairs with help
  • Slides backwards down the stairs
  • Can stoop and stand again
  • Likes to dance


  • Spends a lot of time staring at objects
  • Enjoys playing with other people
  • Likes putting sounds together
  • Learns new words
  • Tries hard to be understood


  • Does not like being alone
  • May be afraid of the dark
  • May scream to show power

Age Appropriate Toys

  • Ride on toys
  • Music
  • Push toys
  • Blocks
  • Building materials
  • Stacking materials
  • Shape sorters
  • Simple art supplies
  • Balls
  • Small climbing structures
  • Rocking horse
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  1. DonyaK 31 December 2015

    We are going to the first night parade then back home for dinner. Nothing big. NYE isn't a huge deal in our house.

  2. DonyaK 31 December 2015

    Maybe your pregnant - thats how I was when I was first pregnant

  3. Babywells1215 31 December 2015

    Guess I should have taken a nap when jeremiah did cuz i am sooooo tired and we have a looooong night ahead of us!

  4. acruz2343 31 December 2015

    im staying in tonight..dh has to work..first time in the 10 yrs ive know guess it was his turn..i intend to get in pj's have some wine and read or spend hours on the computer..i just get nervous that dh will be heading home at 1 a.m. just when all the crazies are getting on the road too..hope everyone has a great night!

  5. Gem 31 December 2015

    Hey ladies Happy new years I am not going to be on later... Hugs.... and my new years resolution is to be more independent and lose more weight... Independent meaning I get a job/ go to school and start helping paying bills in my house....

  6. Angie2008 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year everyone, it's only 6:50 here so we have a few more hours left. Bf is working til 11, he should be home by 12 though. His aunt is with us tonight from NY, we are in south jersey.I'm losing my mind trying to entertain her, she is 70 something years old. ANy ideas??

  7. nycmommy 31 December 2015

    Happy new year to all you lovely ladies in the U.K. Hope the new year brings you lots of blessings and happiness! 5 hours to go for us....

  8. DonyaK 31 December 2015

    Ava is MISERABLE tonight. Hopefully her new years resolution is to not have an attitude =)

  9. amycakes 31 December 2015

    Happy New Year! I'm not sure if I will be back on before midnight. Julian just went to bed and I think I'm going to go crack open a beer for the first time in months.

  10. DonyaK 31 December 2015

    bangel that is ava exactly. Now she is running around happy...I don't get it. The dog is extra annoying tonight too

  11. amber325 31 December 2015

    so excited me and DH went to lot of furniture stores today...and decided on a new sofa 2 piece sectional! :) It is leather and microfiber and soooo comfy! I love it !!! $1500...but soooo great IMO lol...we can pick it up next friday!! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR to us lol. our other sofa is was 300..3 years ago and under the cushions are wood slats b/c the sofa is collapsing on it self lol.

  12. daisymae 31 December 2015

    My nerves are shot. Bedtime is an absolute nightmare and I could just cry. What used to be a sweet, loving time between me and Brayden has now become battle! He'll scream like he's dying when I put him down. Granted it's only a few minutes but it's a torturous few minutes. Plus my hormones are all jacked up. I'm not supposed to start my period until next week, still have 3 days left of my pill pack, and have been bleeding on and off for 3 days now, I'm emotional, UGH!!! We went out to an early dinner tonight. Brayden has always been good at restaurants and tonight he was TERRIBLE! He wouldn't eat, threw everything in the floor, yelled. Thankfully we were in a loud restaurant but this has just been a hard day. I have a long history of bad new years eves(emergency appendectomy one year, grandmother died one year, just to mention a couple) but since I've been with DH it's been fun and undramatic but tonight has been quite a challenge so far. Sorry for the long vent.

  13. daisymae 31 December 2015

    Cookiejar- you look just like one of the mommies in my class. She has 2 girls and a boy. I have her little boy this year.

  14. daisymae 31 December 2015

    I love you ladies! Thanks for being there for the good times and the bad times of 2009!

  15. Angie2008 31 December 2015

    Daisy-hope your new years doesn't get worse! It's almost 9 and I think i'm going to take a nap, hope i wake up before 12 lol.

  16. DonyaK 31 December 2015

    Daisy - I hope things get better for you. We don't really go out to eat anymore because it's not worth it anymore. We do go to my parent's restaurant because she can run around there and someone will play with her so it's like being at home. I was just about to say something to dh how he didn't really help tonight with her and just watched batman but then he cleaned the whole kitchen and dining area.

  17. DonyaK 31 December 2015

    Oh so we went to the first night processional. We thought it was a parade and it was over in literally 5 min. Oh well now we know it isn't anything

  18. katiebear 31 December 2015

    sounds like many of the babies are holiday-ed out! tantrums, grouchy, bad sleep. awh routine and calm sound nice. the fireworks have begun and katie is sleeping through them. We will see what happens at 3am(seems to be her screaming time). I did move her crib. She could see us peak in at her or if anyone walked by so I moved it against the door wall with a blanket on the end so I can peak at her but she doesn't know ....maybe it worked??? Happy New Year to all you 12amers. only 950pm here!

  19. katiebear 31 December 2015

    *bangel*how do you get into medical encoding? and how do you read the handwritting? lol hub went shooting with bros and came home w/ the strangest story. my sil had a girlfriend over nad her Mom has her baby(15 mnths) for about 5 days. Her mom called and asked if she missed him and she told her Mom yes but she told my sil that she doesn't miss him one bit. can you not miss you baby? I miss my kid when I go to the store w/o her!!! AND he's a piece of cake perfect story book child ....what isn't to miss? My hub said my sil was speechless and so was he. it that strange or are we just crazy about our kid?

  20. katiebear 31 December 2015

    my doggie won't eat and he's hiding under my feet. poor guy is scared of the noises.

  21. DonyaK 31 December 2015

    I do think that is strange katie. I wouldn't let anyone have my baby for 5 nights. I am not ready to let anyone have her for 1 night. I'm the same way about missing her as you.

  22. DonyaK 31 December 2015

    We're watching Dick Clark's NYE. Did anyone watch last year when he messed up the countdown? He is so sick they only bring him out for 2 min and he messed that up.

  23. amber325 31 December 2015

    I am playing games with my hubby's friends girlfriend....Pretty good night! We are playing skip- bo ! Fun lol.....Funny thought...tonight 2 years ago....Liv was made hahaha

  24. DonyaK 31 December 2015

    We took games out of Ava's room to play. We'll probably play in a little bit right now he's watching tv and I'm playing on the computer. lol bangel - don't want to hear his complaining. I always bring up child birth when he starts whining about nothing

  25. Allynne7Jaime 31 December 2015

    Cicely bangs her head out of anger or frustration, either on a chair or the floor or she'll hit the side of her head. She'll also grab something and bite it. If I don't know what's bothering her I just pick her up and try to distract her. If she can't have what she wants and throws a temper tantrum and the floor is soft and carpeted then I just let her have her fit unless she's hitting her head too much or too hard. And she still nurses anywhere from 3 to 7 times a day. Some people give me weird looks for BF her in public but I don't care about them! The WHO recommends BF till 2 years so up till then I refuse to feel embarassed by strangers being uncomfortable seeing us do this in public. And I don't keep my mouth shut so people had best not say anything or make a face or they will hear from me! Lol!

  26. Allynne7Jaime 31 December 2015

    Can I please get some privacy in the bathroom!?! I go in, sit down and next thing I know there are little fingers prying open the door with the damn dog in tow right behind! Sheesh!

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